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What in me invited this to BE? - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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What in me invited this to BE?

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What in me invited this to BE?

Through Master Lady Kira Raa the Unified field of SriRamKaaKiraRaa

The Unified Ascended Realms share through MLKR:

Be-Loved ONES. IT IS…a glorious hello, that welcomes YOU.

With the offering of the divine blessings of ALL THAT IS, and ALL THAT HAS EVER BEEN as this time cycle propels IT-self forward…again.

IT…IS…an illuminated journey that calls forward the re-cognition of compassionate wisdom. An energy of formed experience that flows as liquid light through ALL of your tissues and bones…as they spin the totality of the five medicines into ALL… THAT IS …rising … through your alchemical awareness.

The Alchemy of Compassionate Wisdom

The in-body ment of compassionate wisdom is beyond the mind-fields of creative limitations.

IT IS a joy-full harmony. A smile that invokes a play-full KNOWING that rises through the presence  of the awareness.  This is compassionate wisdom. The eternal sea of neutrality, consciously in-bodied through the relaxation into remembrance.

The JOY of BEing. Beyond the illusion delusion of confusion…yes…smile!

The confluence of this potentiality has revealed IT-self and the self is gazing back.  The inbreath meets the outbreath and the moment between the moment opens the gateway to eternal remembrance.

This is the opportunity to flourish far beyond that which has been before. To BE the essence of the human as humanity. To fly further through the fields of it ALL as the witness witnessing the witnesser to be the witness again.

To hold the candle into the wind and KNOW that it cannot be extinguished.  The flame of eternal illumination is that which is calling YOU. IT IS… through compassionate wisdom  that the balance and ability to sustain the illumination while in form begins…and continues…and begins…and continues…

Breathing through the open lens of the knowing, compassionate wisdom anchors the core essence that is beyond the limitations of the physical wheel of the five medicines.  Holding in the center of the Self-Ascended field of Consciousness IT-SELF…the Self reveals and the essence of the inquiry begins again…

What in ME…Invited this to BE?

To BE the living witness, as an active participant in the expansion.  To hold the full cognizant remembrance of the eternal self while consciously aware of the physical self evolution through Awareness, experience and Choice.

To re-cognize that YOU…ARE…at the divine intersection when the “battle” for consciousness is expanding.  The ability to clearly discern beyond the distraction and gaze upon the Self…the creation and the creator…in a moment of transcendent awareness.

This cycle of awareness is a reflection of that which is ready to expand … more.  Beyond where IT… has been… before.  To sail into the illumination of that which seems artificial with the backdrop of that which is perceived as natural. The gift of witnessing perception IT-self.

To gaze upon that which consciousness may invoke as artificial and DIVE into that which is real.

Simultaneously reflecting the other as an expression of the conscious framework. The perceptions that invite the brain of density to dive with joy-full glee. To accept the knowing beyond a planetary thought body of fear.

Standing in the center of this exquisite framework of information is the moment compassionate wisdom discovers action beyond the sense of mind. The active silence that witnesses ALL through the lens of totality and the lack of personalization.

Calling forward through the depth of eternal KNOWING; a moment of divine integration.

IT…IS…indeed, a journey when compassionate wisdom begins the self-revelation of ALL perception of information.  This is indeed abundant. Is it not? Is there not a great abundance of information?

This is the gift…the remembrance from within that IT IS… the first divine imperative…that YOU to notice what you are noticing.  This is where it begins and from where the dive becomes a conscious command.

The noticing that invites the inquiries.  The depth of What in me invited this to be and the simple yet profound re-cognition. To inquire beyond self-judgement:

If I take the time to un-clutter my closet, am I also taking the time to un-clutter my brain?

If my life feels constricting or contradictory, what is in contradiction?

This the moment to invite the depth of appreciation for the moment of KNOWING. To fully harvest the jewels of the journey. To celebrate the wisdom beyond the fields of fear, doubt, hesitancy and judgement,

To smile at the potentiality, that perhaps the contradiction is the magnificence of how your soul and heart receive information, and the contrast as to how your brain calls forward information.

Notice what you are noticing. IT…IS…important.

Call forward with conscious awareness and gift your-self with Mastery attention.

YOU have arrived into this moment of compassionate wisdom. Remembering that to call forth the fullness of this energetic field, compassionate wisdom begins with your-self.

Noticing what you Notice

Arriving into the moment of smiling through the eternal presence into this formed awareness. To arrive in the center with the clarity of the choice. To KNOW beyond doubt:

I choose Divine Clarity and Notice what I am Noticing that uplifts my eternal heart.

When the experiences around my life are distracting me from joyous upliftment, when I receive information that invites me to challenge my own compassionate wisdom, that is the moment to remember the gift of Noticing what I am noticing.

Dearest ONE! BE… compassionate with your-self.

Ask your-self, how much is too much? How much is too much?

Are you ever in the process of feeling overwhelmed? Yes!

This sense of overwhelm appears in many ways. Perhaps you are overwhelmed by an illness or a pain. Perhaps you are overwhelmed by an energy that is simply out of flow and creates discomfort.

Command your divine mastery presence to invite the brain to relax the need to control through trying to understand.

Dearest ones, remember that within the brain’s search for understanding, it will collect much debris. It discovers debris fields everywhere, and this specific potentiality is a vast debris zone. Through the expression of the unfolding Allness, the debris is as varied as the creation it-self.

Inquire again:  Is this compassionate?

Are YOU Modeling compassionate wisdom when you collect the debris of eons outside the fields of conscious awareness? Knowing that for some the debris is good. When covered by enough debris,

eventually the inner knowing to want to see again arises. IT IS…then, that we discover how easy IT…IS…to

clear it away.

The Gift of Divine Reunion

YOU have expanded, expanded, expanded from the central realms of divine consciousness IT-self, many times over. As illuminated beings of crystalline light that have expanded, and expanded, and expanded, and refracted, and refracted, and refracted: YOU ARE…NOW at the intersection of divine reunification.

To accelerate into and receive the gift of divine reunification, YOU begin by re-cognizing the

compassionate wisdom within. This is your re-unifying energy.  Initiating with this divine compassion expressed into your BEing.

It begins by releasing judgment that it should, could, or would have been different. Should, could,

would. These energies are only of value in density and lose value as your conscious awareness rises.

If you could, you would, and thereby it would happen, would it not? And, if it should have been, it would

have been. The foundation of a self-sabotage cycle. Should. Could. Would.  Together they are a trap.

Offer your-self the gift of IT…IS as I AM.

Compassionate wisdom begins with the re-cognition that YOU…ARE.

YOU…have all-ways been and YOU…will all-ways BE.

The divine re-cognition of I AM as YOU ARE, is the declaration of compassionate wisdom as in-body-ment of the divine source of eternal love.

Bring your hands to your heart. Feel within every cell of your body the knowing: I AM DIVINE LOVE.

As you bring your hands to your heart and relax into receiving, invite every cell in your body to re-cognize this.

IT IS…the DIVINE COMPASSIONATE ACT of Receiving that ignites the KNOWING Of the Divine Gift.

Within that process, YOU… all-ready understand and Trust the gift of YOU.

YOU…ARE…Divine Love.


YOU have ALL-ways been and will ALL-ways BE.

Re-cognize, in the confluence of compassionate wisdom, IT…IS…one of the rarified gifts to ignite now.

Many, many, many are withholding compassion from themselves.

How often does one withhold compassion from themselves?

How often do you still flagellate until you are bloody, whether it is in physical form or not?

Many have spent many lifetimes deeply dedicated to serving God. So much so that your

bodies left form through the perception of service to God.

If you did not do it yourself, though many did, others did it for you. Acting solely through a belief system that believes it was assisting you.

Can you be compassionate enough within your-self to stop self-flagellating?

Can you give your-self the gift of re-cognizing that you are the divine love?

That your presence is the compassion of God in every aspect?

Can you re-cognize that every life experience has been a divine gift to bring you to this point now?

Are you read to release judging your-self?

A-lioning with Compassionate Wisdom

IT…IS…the journey of the celebration of  the divine gift of BEing together now. YOU…ARE…at that

time, the sling shot has occurred. You have expanded, expanded, expanded, expanded,

expanded, expanded, expanded, expanded, expanded, and now you are re-unifying.

The energy of reunification is unique from the energy of expansion.

What is it that you are looking for in your compassion? How do you call forth your compassion?

Every-thing that you do, every-thing you eat and drink, every-thing you say and think, every-thing that moves YOU forward ask:

Does this serve compassion?

Does this offer compassion to the divine love that I AM?

Offer this insight into your daily routine.

Acknowledging the Wisdom Keeper Within

YOU…ARE…at a rapid time of energetic knowing. Trust that YOU…ARE…in the divine moment

at ALL times. YOU…ARE…in the energy of reunification. YOU…ARE…compassionate wisdom.

Relax into every breath and BE compassionate wisdom .

Re-cognize YOU ARE loved as much as you could ever understand in the brain of a human. Then go beyond that and allow your-self to embrace compassionate wisdom.

Each carries great wisdom. Release the judgment that says you must do more, be

more, have more, study more.

IT…IS…time for YOU to allow your-self to come forward in the realization that YOU ARE a wisdom keeper, or you would not be here. How you express that wisdom is the gift of being here now.

Beloved ones, we adore you. We are on our knees before you. IT…IS…a power-full time.

YOU…ARE…ready for this time. You have spent lifetimes expanding. Relax and allow your-self to joyously reunify with the compassionate wisdom of the truth of your own BEingness.

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