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Weekly Practices - December 2014 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Weekly Practices – December 2014

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Suzie Steiner
Contributed by Suzie Steiner

from Embracing the Ascended Life Message 12

Breath in, this moment, exhale. We encourage you in this moment now to sit up straight if you can, to allow your breath to relax.  In this moment, just in this one moment, doubt does not exist.  In this moment, there is no doubt. None. You know and understand the gift that you are, and you are this expression in all fullness. You are fully supported and abundantly showered with all universal connection, energy, love, light, understanding, recognition, presence. Time stands still because there is none. Breathe in. And so it is.

Beloved Ones, the moment that you just gifted yourself has opened up a Divine Universal Portal of Energy that you can open up every time you simply allow yourself to breath in without any doubt. The more you do this, the simpler and the faster and the more beautifully you will transition from illusion, if you wish, and so we offer this gift to you.


from Divine Illuminations Message 6

And whichever hand that you have, (on your heart), as you gently move that hand, bring the other hand now and replace it where the other hand was. And the hand that was on the heart leave as if it is uplifted, pointing the palm toward what you would call heaven.

Breathing in again through this middle finger, this energy of divine recognition, you feel the In breath throught the finger and the Out breath through the hand that is upraised. The In breath through the finger and the Out breath through the hand that is upraised.

And with each In breath you feel yourself in-lightened – in-lightened – and with each out breath through the hand you feel the power of co-creative re-ignition…co-creative re-ignition.

Now we balance. We bring the hand that has been upheld back to the heart. Touch your heart with the middle finger of this hand and bring the hand that was on the heart outward. Uplift this hand toward what you call heaven and you again breathe in through this finger of the high heart focusing the energy, calling in the energy of the universal fabric of all that is, and you feel this illumination as the body lifts yet again, and this ignition of the Out breath through the palm that is help up in this profound co-creative majestic presence.

And you turn and gaze toward this hand that is upstretched keeping your other hand still on the heart, and you allow yourself to see whatever is ready to be for you now. You many simply see colour. You may see energy. You may see material manifestation. You may experience an energy. Allow your focus to be. And as you allow your focus to be, allow this beautiful hand to begin appearing as the fabric of the universe. If you were to ask that hand to offer you a great gift now, through the state of the In-lightened energy of the profound gift of the divine vessel of human form, then you ask this hand now to simply…Be.

Allow the divine fabric of the universe to reveal itself again. Allow the gift of reunification through the gift of the divine In breath of the universe and the Out breath of the universe. In breath of the Universe, Out breath of the universe. Breath again…In breath, feeling the ignition, of the Out breath.


Divine Illuminations Message 6 (following on from Week 2 practice)

And as you experience the reconnection, the reintegration, and the remembrance of the divine fabric of the universe, you bring both hands to your heart, and if you are not already, you close the eyes again, as you ignite Tri-A-Saa.

The Tri-a-saa is the powerful vehicle of divine illumination igniting the base pyramid at the feet. Drawing the energy to where the hands are right now (at your heart), you stabilize this beloved vessel as one with this planet of divine experience known as Gaia. And at the point of your hands, a pyramid ignites the point of this lower pyramid coming up to where what you call the temples, a most appropriate name, the temples of the head.

Feeling this energy lifting into the enlightenment, another pyramid begins at the temples and continues to above the crown of the head into what has become known as your Exploded Crown. Then you begin to feel the gentle spin of these top two pyramids, and as you feel this gentle spin, take the arms and stretch them out towards your sides with the fingers pointing down toward the earth, radiating this energy toward the earth with the fingers pointed down. You may even wish to have the arms pointed down slightly as if forming another pyramid, and you feel this energy offering to the planet the gentleness of the fabric of the universe.

And you feel a response from the energy of Gaia uplifting you again, a perfect harmonic balance of restoral, resurrection, renewal and indeed, Beloved Ones, rebirth.

And as you feel this energy, the top your head sloping down past your shoulders to your fingers becomes the top of a diamond, and the tips of your fingers sloping down past your feet into the earth becomes the bottom of the diamond. This diamond portal of multi-dimensional energy that is always before you now you can consciously call as a re-connective experience.

Calling this diamond portal to yourself, you call back again the energy of the In breath to the heart without lifting or moving the hands, and you begin to pulse this diamond portal out before you.

Pulse the diamond portal out before you.

With each pulse beat of the ignited In breath and the co-creative Out breath, you ignite the diamond portal before you, and before you, you see the earth of the fifith dimention already in full form, full expression, full energy, full presence. You carry her with you….

The diamond portal before you is one of great courage and great sacrifice, because to open this diamond portal is to let go of the pain of the experience of density through the gift of the understanding that defies understanding.

And as you ignite this diamond portal often, and as you continue to ignite this diamond portal often, you will discover that your portal will become larger because you will see the brethren who are with you now that are simply one dimension shifted from you…

Beloved Ones, all of you – we say this again – all of you who choose, can effortlessly, joyously, buoyantly, brilliantly enter into the Fifth Dimensional cosmic overlay planetary experience of Gaia as you ignite the In breath of the universe, the Out breath of the universe in conjunction with the ascended energy of the Tri-a-saa to unfold the diamond portal that enters into the multi-dimensional realms with the freedom, the love, the light, and the connection of all that has ever been.


Lessons of Oneness Message 7

Stop thinking, and start feeling. We offer this to you because we invite your selves to stop thinking and start feeling. You must then pay attention and observe.

  • Where are you feeling, from the emotional body or the spiritual body? Feel it.
  • What is feeling?
  • How does your Soul feel today?
  • How is your heart today?
  • How is your energy today?
  • How are your judgements today?
  • How is your Divine, extraordinary beautiful body today, as it houses your glorious Soul today?

There, Beloved Ones, in that moment, is the wholeness, the recognition of all Divine Union, the presence of all that is and has ever been, manifest through you, as you.

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