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UPDATE on "A Humble Mayan ElderBows His Head and Speaks..." - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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UPDATE on “A Humble Mayan ElderBows His Head and Speaks…”

Sri and Kira share the experience of the ninth ceremony in the past 2 months!

Sri & Kira share:

Sri and Kira Share

Working with the Mayan priests is a honor and a privilege because they are
a living link to authentic wisdom. The true Maya embody their traditions as
a way of life, not a concept to be remembered.

So often religion becomes a matter of belief and faith. Belief systems and faith
are actually disconnections from true knowing. True knowing does not require
a belief or any form of rationalization. Knowing just “is” and is
demonstrated through presence. Similarly faith is just a stepping stone leading
One to authentic beingness where Truth is lived, not sought.

Our Mayan elder called us one evening and said July 13th is a good day to give
thanks for all the ceremonies we have done together the past two months. It
was a good day to honor the power of the family and to honor the support given
to us by our ancestors and to call in the full abundance of life and spiritual
mission. And so our hearts expanded again as we smiled and said; ”Yes,
please come and let us celebrate together.” Once again we saw a profound
wisdom at work, for every ceremony has been mystically perfect.

Giving thanks to our family and our ancestors is a way of staying connected
to the power of community and this includes our spirit guides. Many of the grandmothers
and grandfathers who have crossed over stand as guardians and guides for those
who are in body. To bring love and gratitude to them honors the love and presence
they offer to us.

And, the cycle of giving, receiving and gratitude continues to expand our hearts
and our consciousness. As we expand our circle of conscious connection, consciousness
itself expands . As we pause to honor the contributions of our family, we receive
the gifts of evolution and wisdom. Gratitude keeps the channels of communion
open for expanded connection. (continues below photo)

The picture here shows the wondrous ceremonial fire our elder carefully prepared.
This photo is a miracle in itself. We are prevented from photographing ceremonies
and elders to hold the pure energy. Yet, just prior to the beginning of this
ceremony, our beloved elder smiled broadly and said: "You must take a picture
of this sacred ceremony before we begin. Then send it to all who choose to see
it and they too will benefit from this powerful ceremony."

To prepare the fire is an important part of the ceremony, this particular
ceremony took almost a full hour to prepare as you can tell by the intricate
patterns and arrangements in the photo…indeed it was about the abundance of
spirit! The intention, love and order offered in the preparation is important
and magnifies the energy of the ceremony. It is the difference between a true
ceremony and a “burning”, as our beloved elder so lovingly shared
with us. A ceremony carries reverence and intent; a burning carries a disconnect
from clarity and does not uplift the participants the way a true ceremony can.

And so, on behalf of the compassion of the Universe which brings energy and
love into form, we offered this ceremony to the family of mankind. We are indeed
family….we are Oneness expressing through a diversity which indeed glorifies
the One. May we all feel the gratitude of our mutual service. As we completed
this ninth ceremony, we were given the full blessing of the elders to share
all that they have revealed and to continue on this journey as we soar toward
2012. We were asked to convey their message in person and will begin doing so
in Los Angeles, August 12. Our hearts reach out to you with love and may your
connection with this ceremony bring you peace, abundance and clarity!


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  1. Greetings Sri and Kira! Long time no see! I love this ceremony you did, and I love that it was on my birthday! I’m on a new journey, moved from Minneapolis to Northampton Mass.! Hugs to you, Faith

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