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Unification is a Choice! - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Unification is a Choice!

Join in the energy of the Unification Molecule!
Human, Planetary, and Universal Unification
Planetary, and Universal Unification

Sri and Kira will answer YOUR questions before the live
video Insoulment
on Saturday, October 1, (Message 10 of Divine Service in
Action: 12 Steps to Ascension) and also before the Miracle
Manifestation Ceremony
on Sunday, October 2.

If you have questions about our changing worlds or how to navigate
these eventful times, please send them to

Unification is a Choice!
by Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

The path of Self-Ascension is a wondrous journey that opens multi-dimensional
portals of wisdom and love to the committed traveler. Self-Ascension supports
this commitment with the rare and blessed opportunity to experience authentic
energy while simultaneously experiencing the individuation that comes with a
human birth. As we relax the grip of density and embrace our authenticity, our
lives actually become less complicated.

Why? Because we have invited ourselves to be in the process of re-unification!

Let’s backtrack a moment to see how we arrive at our moment of Unification.

The simple truth is that ALL forms of Fear polarize consciousness.
Fear seeks out and will in all-ways discover an object (or focus) in the oneness
to reject. Through this process of rejection (judgment), one experiences a coalescing
of energy that at first offers a sense of substance or reassurance to the body.
(It validates the fear to the ego!) In fact, this sense of power that comes
with a reactionary focus is temporary and it is a way to summon energy for our
lower expression of flight or fight.

So, how can we move out of the fear based responses that feed the “lower”
self and experience the expansiveness of Self-Ascension?

Through our conscious call to Unification we can seemingly in an instant reverse
the life-scripts that are initiated by fear. Unification is a relaxing of the
boundaries of identification. The exquisite experience of a consciousness that
feels “at home” with all it sees. To the ego-self, this can initially
feel threatening, as if it were losing something. Yet to the soul, it feels
like Peace and Harmony.

Pure Unification energy invites all of the fragments of our energy to be re-united.
It dissolves the need for judgment and opens the door to the greater mysteries.

You have chosen a profound moment in “time” to be on this planet.
There is a natural evolutionary cycle underway that supports Unification in
a way that has not yet been experienced by inhabitants of this planet. Yet,
to participate with this energy requires that you say “yes” and
choose to heal any and all of the ego fragments that must resist! (Remember,
the goal of the ego is self-preservation!)

Unification is a choice! It is an act of spiritual courage. It becomes easier
and easier to lift into this ascended consciousness as we make space for unification
in our hearts and allow the energy of Unification to heal our lives.

The gifts of the universe are pouring forward with great momentum as we draw
nearer and nearer to 2012 and beyond! We have all been offered the opportunity
to fully Activate the Unification Molecule that is accessible to everyone who
says yes! This one powerful choice assists you to navigate the energies of this
planet without having to BE in the energy of the planet. The ability to witness
without judgment, and to offer yourself as the presence of light…the greatest
gift of all!

The Divine Symbol of the Infinite Unification was offered on behalf of all
who have made this loving choice. The planetary unification is one with the
human unification and the universal unification.

Imagine an infinity symbol that began in London, England in July, then continued
to Los Angeles, USA in August, will anchor again THIS FRIDAY in Vancouver, Canada,
and then complete its journey in Cairo, Egypt in October.

Many have committed to being with us in person at all of these critical openings,
and even more have been with us in spirit. To fully embrace this activation
without selfish motives expands your life experience 10000-fold!

As your bring your hand to your heart now, simply ask yourself, “Am I
ready to embrace the Unification, or is there something I need to complete first?”

Honestly pay attention to the wisdom that is seeking to offer you a response,
and then smile that you are paying attention.

Please join us in person or spirit THIS FRIDAY, 7pm in Vancouver, BC
as we energize “The Unification Molecule” for the third time. Discover
the power of this energy to heal the tissues that are holding fear. Allow yourselves
to anchor in the Peace that is your transcendent truth!

You can be with us in person, or connect with
us through meditation.

Then, allow your journey to expand even more by anchoring this energy in the
manner that calls to you! In Vancouver many are staying on to experience the
Blessing of Quantum Clairvoyance. In October we will share extensively how you
can participate in the culminating activation in Cairo, and then…with
great anticipation and reverence the next-level experience of Avesa will be
held in the Heart of Heart here in Guatemala and we invite you to join us and
to experience the profound beauty of a process that will lift your life and
free your spirit.

We welcome you home!
We love you!
It is our honor to serve you!

With great love,
Sri and Kira


the Unification Molecule
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September 23 in Vancouver, BC

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    Your weekly mail and videos are so precious and valuable to me…..As I live over in New Zealand, keeping these lines open have had myself in such a place of gratitude and appreciation of all the work Kira and Sri have been facilitating, I have been following their work and subscribed for a couple of years now…and my journey has unfolded in perfect aligned to their challening, and for sight, and connection of heart, I feel a true family in all that is given and taught…and to you the team, the back bone of allowing us all out there to be apart of all that is unfolding in your beautiful computer skills, graphics and updates, photo’s all you bring to us…Thankyou so much…Kindest Regards, Namaste Maree

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