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Unification Molecule: Humanity's Moment for Culmination - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Unification Molecule: Humanity’s Moment for Culmination

The Unification Molecule:
Humanity’s Moment for Culmination

Tuesday, October 25 at 8am , Egypt time

is a GLOBAL MOMENT that WILL impact every person regardless of their level of
Consciousness and we invite you to PLEASE PARTICIPATE.

Connect to the energies on October 24th
or 25th and you WILL make a difference as an individual or as a group!

Are you ready to serve a greater
role in our awakening world?
Does your heart KNOW that it is TIME
to actively participate in the global awakening?


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It is time to COMMAND THE LIGHT that is streaming in from the
universe and to claim back Gaia from any and all energy that seeks to perpetuate
fear, doubt and poverty consciousness!

Your Unification Molecule is already awakening, and once re-ignited,
the STREAM OF LOVE, ABUNDANCE and UNIVERSAL SUPPORT that fills your life becomes
the momentum of the next phase of humanity.

As humanity reclaims the Universal Birthright of its Co-creative
and manifest love in conjunction with the Ascended Realms of the Universe, our
ability to Ignite the Sacred Shield of Divine Connection ignites a future filled
with PEACE, LOVE and JOY!

This is THE MOST POWERFUL TIME for humanity and Sri & Kira
have been traveling the world from July through October 2011 in preparation
to receive the MASSIVE ENERGY that is building toward 2012! Their service in
gifting the planet with the Opening of the Unification Molecule anchors 4 key
points as part of a larger Universal Infinity. The four points that form the
infinite energy anchors to expand around the globe and beyond are, London, England,
Los Angeles, USA, Vancouver, Canada and finally, Cairo, Egypt.

The time to assist in the new paradigm is NOW And the Universe
is speaking loudly. Collectively, how we gather and how we share our presence
is crucial. The greater consciousness is ready to place Spiritual Maturity into
action, and this invites us to be mindful of all our thoughts and actions!

This final activation is a CRITICAL moment that ushers in a wave
of FULL UNIVERSAL Mastery allowing all light workers to anchor their Miracle
Energy as Co-Creators!

This is a GLOBAL MOMENT that WILL impact
every person regardless of their level of Consciousness and we invite you to

Here is how you can participate in this important
moment for humanity:

  • Join us Live in Cairo….(this event is sold-out)
  • Join us energetically on Tuesday, October 25 at 8am Cairo Time or any time
    that day! Cairo is 5 hours AHEAD of U.S. East Coast time, so midnight ceremonies
    on October 24 would also flow beautifully with the Cairo energies.
  • Host a Unification Molecule Celebration gathering to share the opening
    joyfully with others, or participate in one of these gatherings!

We will be posting/sharing the powerful ceremony gifted
to the planet by the Archangelic realm for you to call forth this sacred gift
in conjunction with the world-wide anchor.


Each week in October we will share important information in our
newsletters and in November we will post the powerful Insoulments that have
been gifted with these worldwide activations, including the culminating insoulment
from INSIDE THE KING’s CHAMBER at the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Breathe into your heart now and smile! You are reading this because
your heart has called you to anchor this gift and we honor your presence.

With great love,
Sri and Kira

Anchor the energy on 11:11:11 via the FREE live webcast ceremony from Guatemala!
click to register for the link


“The Trinity of Origination”
Transcript of the October 2011 Archangelic Message
Message 10 of the Miracle of Service: 12 Steps to Ascension


Embrace and augment the activation of the Unification Molecule in your area as an idividual or by hosting a group!

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