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TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary

TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary, mountainside in Zinquir, Paute, Ecuador

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Welcome home!

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Grandmother San Pedro
“May your heart experience the blessing of home, the love of the universe, and the song of your soul.”
– Sri & Kira

Imagine yourself discovering ancient doorways filled with mystical stories. Tracing ancient 2000+ yr old petroglyphs as you connect with the Cañari and Incan heritage. Waking up in the Andes mountains breathing air that is so pure you can tangibly feel the sweetness of beloved Gaia as you are embraced by the love of the universe!

In early 2017, Sri & Kira were loudly called to what would be their permanent home and sanctuary for the full expression of the Yoga of Self-Ascension. After years of anchoring crystalline light portals in New Mexico, Guatemala and Uruguay, a series of events carefully orchestrated by the Ascended Masters, brought Sri & Kira  home to TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary.

This original homestead property nestled in a stunning Inter-Andean valley has been a cradle of abundance for thousands of years. Once more finding themselves living among the Indigenous, Sri & Kira are honored to be custodians of this bountiful and sacred land.


ancient doorway

There is a peace and tranquility here that defies words and is waiting for you to connect with once more! Abundant trees of stunning varieties, flowers, birds and stunning views are all here! As a property of nearly 25 acres and cradled on the Andean mountainside, there are onsite hiking trails, waterfalls, 2000+ year old petroglyphs and so much more for you to explore!

Shortly after arriving, Sri & Kira set to work and restored the main structure that is approximately 150 years old. Built from mud, straw, bamboo and other organic materials the compatibility with ascended frequencies is rare and beautiful! You can feel the love pouring through what feels like a living structure!

They constructed a fabulous water therapy center with ozone-purified swimming pool, far infrared sauna and an ozonated Hydro-massage.  Continuing the vision of a holistic wellness resort, they installed a greenhouse and gardens to accelerate natures’ bounty.  You will be enjoying fresh and bountiful food grown onsite in addition to the local indigenous farms that border the property. Ultimate high vibrational  nutrition!

The Central courtyard is filled with Angel Trumpets, A crystal garden and the blissful sounds of the Shiva Linga Fountain created for Sri & Kira specifically for this property by their dear friends in India. The Linga is a rare and very large Black Narmada stone set into a hand carved marble base! Such infinite presence and healing emanating for the blessing of all!

This popular and magical gathering space is also your gateway to both the Violet Ray Shiva Temple and the Cosmic Blue Shiva temple and meditation room. Here you will also enjoy your meals in the original homestead structure which also offers a lovely solarium to sip tea, converse, or simply enjoy the beauty!

It is a rare and wondrous blessing when you can have the spaciousness to be available for even more! To be aware of breathing pure fresh air as you relax into the depth of who YOU ARE. Inviting yourself to go as far as you enjoy and to feel safe and loved through the process of experiencing the Art of Ascended Living.

It is often during these wondrous moments we may discover that a greater insight is being birthed or an old wound has surfaced to be released. The blessing of being onsite at TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary is often enough to support you through, however when you decide you may want just a little more, Sri & Kira are available to offer the level of support you are seeking. From simply being co-residents at the sanctuary or sharing a cup of tea or coffee in the afternoon to private healing sessions tailored to your needs.

TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary is a scenic and easy drive from Cuenca, Ecuador and you are welcome to join us for a personal retreat.               Click Here to make your reservations.

Gift yourself with authentic soul connection as you deeply unwind and relax into the tranquility!


Allow your breath to be spacious and your heart to open! Discover the depth of your soul in your private nature sanctuary!

If you would like to join us as an onsite guest please note that we do invite you to consider a minimum three-night stay. (A one night option can be made available).  Click Here to send your questions!

Enjoy your time here in a lovely & beautifully appointed casita. We are an all-inclusive experience.



The authentic wood-fired Temescal built on an energy vortex,  offers a sacred circle for ceremony and meditation.

Your Rate Includes:

  • Unlimited access to all Temples, Trails and grounds, gardens and meditation areas.
  • Live attendance for Sri & Kira LIVE radio every Sunday afternoon.
  • Twice weekly guided  meditation time with Sri & Kira
  • Three vegetarian meals daily and snacks, PLUS unlimited PURE Crystalline drinking water!
  • Double Occupancy in a private room with shower, hot water, internet access and in room coffee/tea bar.
  • Private room options are available, please inquire.
  • Optional offsite excursions with Local English-speaking guide available to:
    • Ingapirca, the Machu Pichu of Ecuador!
    • Cultural tour of Local Artisan villages & Orchid Farm
    • Piedras de Aquas Thermal hot springs
    • AUTHENTIC Panama Hat factory… Your hat will be custom made while you wait, you cannot find this anywhere else!
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We look forward to welcoming you and are open year round. Please note that we do fill quickly and encourage advance planning to assure your dates can be confirmed!

We invite you to download both of our full-color pdf brochures to learn more. They contain rates, services and other helpful information.

Your questions and inquiries are invited and please just click here to ask!

Download TOSA Details and Services

Learn More About our San Pedro Visioning Journeys

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