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Thriving through Ascension Awareness!


By Self-Ascension Mastery Teacher Mary Jacobs

Namaste Beloved Self-Ascension Community!  The second week of August is upon us with powerful energies that are playing out to get our attention. This energy calls to my heart to reach out with LOVE and unconditional support during this significant moment of expansion.

Within each of us, there is the state of being known as True Fulfilment and Freedom. It arises from deep within as a knowing  that ALL is truly well! This divine state of being appears the moment we make the choice and decide to completely surrender the mechanisms of the density ego…to let go of ANY need to control and sincerely relax into “I’m okay!”

For many, as part of our journey we try on different ‘masks’ and act out in different roles, all to avoid rejection and judgement. And! If we allow ourselves to let down our egoic defenses and become honest as we reclaim our vulnerability within, the gift is that miracles really do happen!

Just as I did, I invite you to witness when your fears, anxiety and doubts  arise and then…CELEBRATE!  Why?  Because this offers you the blessing of becoming aware that each of these moments are wondrous opportunities to shift your perspective and honestly break free!

For myself there were many times that I judged myself and continuously replayed the negative tapes in my mind that sought to keep me in a repetitive cycle of chaos, pain and fear. While my ego reassured me this was perfect, I was inadvertently attracting more of the same energies that I did not want, and the momentum was huge!

What we focus on truly does expand! I smile now as I am aware that I needed many lessons before I could claim that fact! The beauty of these experiences was that they taught me how Powerful of a Creator I AM!

It was only when I finally was clear that I’d had enough of these experiences, that I relaxed fully into my own willingness and commitment to create anew.

It is almost impossible to share the energy that came forward as this was a major choice point! It takes courage and honesty with “the Self” to arrive at this profound moment of shifting awareness! And yet…finally…there I was.

With unconditional love, self-acceptance and commitment to Authenticity, I began healing my old Life Scripts[1]by taking responsibility for everything. I realized my habitual behaviors and thoughts along with my unhealed emotional body had been the underpinning theme of everything in my life!

I assure you that it was NOT easy because my EGO was completely comfortable with driving! There were moments that became VERY uncomfortable, and I experienced my share of wobble moments through the transition to Authentic Soul based living.

It was only through my commitment to Spiritual Tenacity and continuing to say YES to my own Self-Ascension that I was able to finally break free from Density Consciousness[2].

And! With all my heart, I can share that  anchoring on the other side within Ascended Awareness is worth ALL of it!

Yes…I still experience challenges, however it is the gift of knowing HOW to navigate through it all that is the blessing that continues to deepen and uplift.

This week I AM guided to share four practices that really assisted me to pop through and stabilize into Ascended Frequencies. For me, simplicity was important as I began releasing my entanglements.  The more my ego relaxed, the more practices I was able to add to my daily routine with Sincerity, Love and Presence. What I experienced,  as I continued my daily commitment to DO the practices, was a vibrant and harmonious flow appeared in my life!   I am honored to share these practices with you:

1)  The Container Practice.Free and offered on Sri and Kira’s website:

This powerful practice truly WORKS! The more you use it, the more powerful it becomes at removing interference energies and restoring your balance. This is a TRUE life saver!

2)  Meditation and journaling.These two forms of quiet contemplation offer the gift of introspection. These became beautiful opportunities to allow the ego, (inner child),to have a voice and to ask myself “How am I? What do I need in this moment?” From this space of honest transparency, I was able to offer self-love and self-care with ease as the resistance was minimized.

3)  Practicing LOVE of the body. I found any opportunity to say, “I love you beautiful body, thank you!” In the shower, in the mirror, in traffic, in line at the grocery store, everywhere and anytime! It is my mantra of LOVE! Applying this practice, my body began to shift in miraculous ways and so did my life! From the space of my physical body feeling safe and unconditionally loved, I found Peace.

4)  The Living Ankh Practice. Another free practice from Sri & Kira at:

This is a personal favorite for uplifting the mind, body and soul as you call in the Truth of YOU! A fantastic way to stay buoyant and refreshed during this powerful moment on the planet!

My heart is reaching out and inviting us all…together, to utilize the energies that are escalating around the planet and Arise evermore into the Truth of WHO WE ARE! May we laugh more, hug more, dance and spread the LOVE! Release being “normal” and invite your Soul to Shine! As a community of Crystalline Light, may we show the world how amazing this time truly is by having the courage to TRUST LOVE!

May we each breathe deeply and know, that ALL is, truly well!
With joy-filled Hugs!

[1]LifeScripts® are discovered in the Navigating the Inner Matrix Program from Sri & Kira

[2]Density Consciousness is the “entry” level of the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening.

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  1. Dear Mary,
    Thank you for this beautiful sharing- I could feel the depth of
    your words and felt a reflection too of my own journey-
    I am grateful for the illumination I feel reading your words!

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