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The Unification Molecule of Miracles in Form! - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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The Unification Molecule of Miracles in Form!

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The Unification Molecule of Miracles in Form!

Through Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Raa


The St. Germaine IT-Self shares through Master Lady Kira Raa:

Beloved Angelic presence of in-bodied Crystalline light!

YOU…ARE… reading these words because the Presence of God within as your I AM Divine Mastery Presence, has begun the re-illumination of your Unification Molecule.  This means that you have been preparing, for what the illusion has construed to be a very long time, to assist humanity at her greatest moment of consciousness expanding …ever.

Your Miracle Presence is uplifting through the energy of the abundance of up-level frequencies to conjoin with the universal rays of freedom that ARE showering upon YOU…NOW.

The moment of Divine Action is fully upon us and to grasp the magnitude of the universe that is showering rays of FOCUSED AND DIRECT LIGHT toward the planet can be overwhelming during these times.

Bring your hand to your heart as you invite the gift of a full and expansive Avesa breath.  Invite these words into the deepest recesses of your Ascended heart presence where the Seed of Eternal Wisdom is igniting with the Golden and Violet Flames.  The journey of this worldly experience is a power-full mission that YOU…have discovered before… and will most certainly discover again.

IT IS…HOW the discovery arises that is the expansive moment at hand…

 for the ONE… and the ALL.

Through the unified field of consciousness, the ignition of the FULL remembrance of alchemical creation IT-Self emerges.  The transcendent smile of illumination that is NOW…HERE…and READY for YOU… to re-CLAIM.

Through this extra-ordinary gift of divine connection, YOU…KNOW… HOW your wisdom, courage, strength, talent, and gifts are to be shared during the coming months and well-beyond. ALL the Masters of the Universe are standing with YOU.

YOU… are not alone and YOU ARE the Miracle Maker in form

 as the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation!

Many are calling out for miracles to assist them. Many have surrendered their ability to manifest into the vast chasm of imbalance that has now birthed. Many are confused and have fallen into the illusionary experience of fear as the commander.  This is a choice! The gift of the master in form to discover through the fear… and there is so much MORE to discover once freed from this initial experience of formed potentiality.

IT IS…through this very specific fear experience of a planetary thought body, that the complexity of multiple energies are presenting.  Here…in this now.  ALL energetic forms without limitation to their expression are emerging due to the extra-ordinary potency of this field of magnetization.

Remembering that all energy is neutral and receives its “form” from the you that is actively co-creating, this experience frequently appears as debt, doubt, fear, ego-struggles and all of the energies that are ready to be HEALED and expanded through.  IT IS…literally a limitless bucket of divine experience that continues without regard for the cycles of repetition.  YOU ARE…the eternally patient BEing at this specific glorious moment. AND! This potentiality has attracted your full attention.

ALL of this is the dance that is continually calling out for YOU to REMEMBER, ARISE, and take command of this field of co-creation through conscious awareness.  To trust the divine mastery presence within. Smiling as the egoic nature of the self, relaxes into the ascended states of Peace, Love and Joy.  Aware of the smile that has arisen through the depth of the release of self-judgment and the gratitude to consciously expand beyond the limitations. Anchoring the Ascended Heart as the root chakra of the state of Ascended Presence in form.

The energy of this BE-Loved planet is IN-lightening ALL.  This divine alchemy is creating the perfect frequency of vibration for the final preparations necessary for ALL of humanity to navigate the Anchoring of Emergence of the Crystalline Light Codes of Ascension.

This moment of emergence in this field of potentiality that ignited the awareness of the Sea of Neutrality and is clearly focused. IT IS… the presence of the Divine MASTER in form commanding the body. To KNOW that to trust the essence of ALL that I AM is the gift of consciousness that YOU ARE…capable of remembering.

IT IS…valuable to realize that once an energy is placed into motion no-thing can prevent IT from manifesting into the physical in this potentiality. This divine experience is specifically for YOU to work with this energy in this experience of time… which is a variable that is uniquely a-lioned with this experience of an Earth.

IT IS… through thoughts, words, actions, and feelings that MIRACLE ENERGY FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL, is in-powered through the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation.  AS YOU say Yes to the gift of Divine Mastery Presence, the up-level experience of the gift of focused energy into manifest form becomes the viable daily moment expanding with every conscious breath.

Remember! YOU…CHOSE To arrive HERE…in this beauty-full experience of divine form amid one of the most power-full influxes of Light ever experienced.

The Unification Molecule is being anchored into this realm again. Most recently, it was in 2013 when this potentiality first ignited. The presence of the Unification Molecule is a blessing that calls forward ALL the ALCHEMIES for those ready to wield them once more.

In this moment the Five-Fold gift of eternal presence is HERE. The Masters that have stood throughout all of eternity are standing in readiness. They are awaiting YOUR invitation to enhance your ability to COMMAND THE LIGHT through the adaptation into multi-dimensional presence.

Powerful celestial a-lion-ments are occurring specifically in the experience of this potentiality. From the past to the future to the now… they have all-ways been in one form or another and are here to assist with the release of ALL the patterns of dysfunctional human beliefs and actions.

This is a humbling and power-fully sacred moment worthy of your attention.

IT IS… the moment of new beginnings that have begun before and are ready to flourish again! The ALL has been growing through a purging process. This gift, while perhaps not recognized, has called forward to the surface any-thing outside of the continued highest good. This often-necessary cleansing process is often confusing and sometimes even overwhelming.

May your heart receive and know that the support to walk through it ALL is yours to claim and all-ways HERE and available!

As Masters in form walking in the experience of this potentiality, remember that the universe supports spiritual growth through the expansion of consciousness.   Dysfunctional relationships and negative situations are a profound blessing of the density experience and merely one aspect of this gift of form.

IT IS… the greater unfoldment of Illumination that births the awareness of Ascended Sanity and lovingly calls forward the gift of commanding the ego to relax and for YOU to fully remember WHO YOU…ARE… and WHY YOU…ARE… here.

The time of multi-dimensional remembrance is upon thee now.  The Divine Love and Presence of the Divine Master in form is activating a much greater level of harmonious expression.  The gift of KNOWING that YOU are far from a fragmented, fear-based human ego.

YOU…ARE… the Light of the Universe!

YOU…ARE…the gift of Divine Co-Creation!

YOU…ARE… power-full beyond the knowing of a brain of form. 

IT IS…together, that the unification molecule expands the expansion. The glorious moment that humanity collectively says YES to ushering in this new era for the highest service of ALL! Outside of the victim energies of the planetary thought body that trap fear.  FREE to Claim the Blessing of full. Awareness of Divine Mastery presence while in THIS Form.

IT IS…with great love and reverence for your presence on this planet…right now, that has called the unification molecule into the active awakening of expansion. The choices are unfolding with greater awareness and the moment of unification awakens the experiences that are actively healing.

The gift of your multi-dimensional awareness is to HOLD the presence of your alchemical mastery as the witness of the balancing moment at hand.  When you see heightened polarity…this is the seven polarities of freewill re-balancing as a ONE experience of the ALL.

This is an energetic expansion for ALL to discover the power of Fear or Trust as the base line of energy that sustains the experience of this creation. This robust energetic moment offers ever greater clarity and freedom through the awareness of the polarity of Peace or Hate.

You are going to see either the violence/intolerance, all of that, that was happening in 2015, and then look over the right side, here’s the good news, we are seeing all the Peace, all the Ascension Awareness, the acceptance, the growth, but at the end of the day it’s Peace or Hate.

This the where the gift of the open fifth dimensional gateway offers its hand for you to accept. The moment to fully embrace the Divine Mastery Presence as IT IS. To BE…the incarnated energy of TRUST IT-self.  Free from the limitations of fear, doubt and hesitancy and FREE to say YES to YOU!

To stand outside of all doubt and self-judgement and lovingly self-inquire;

Why am I still saying NO to myself?

Why do I still deny that which I know is True?

Why am I limiting all that is happening around me?

Why do I keep coming up with excuses to stop going beyond where I AM… NOW?

As you offer your-self this gift of movement into your Alchemical activation of the Law of Instantaneous manifestation IT IS…essential to remember that the energies of Trust or Hopelessness have brought ALL to the top of the mountain!

Some are dancing in the divine illumination of arriving at the top! Ready to soar into the depth of the universal knowledge that is just beginning to reveal it-self and eager to co-create.

Others are at the top looking down.  Ready to jump into the cavern through the deep well of despair that has arisen through the affectation of the fear-based planetary thought body.

What is most inspiring for this potentiality is that ALL are at the top of the mountain!   This is a moment that is awe-inspiriting and invites the witnessing of the Master within to arise and say hello.

CHOOSE to KNOW that every-thing in your world experience NOW is perfect as is!

TRUST YOUR Divine Mastery presence as the guidance for the words

and actions needed in ALL situations. REMEMBER that every moment, every breath is

lovingly supported by the ONE who truly loves YOU!

Breathe in Divine Mastery Presence as YOU notice what is in your awareness. As YOU sustain the experience of this body of form, in this potentiality, as an ever-refining spiral of the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual, YOU ARE… continually spiralling.

The radiance of your Divine Mastery Presence is continually supporting ALL experience, regardless of the experience of the sense of a self is having. Consciousness is here to support YOU through this moment, and you ARE the unification molecule in motion.

Imagine a world where EACH is holding the Highest for the ALL! To BE that which I AM as YOU ARE.

Breathe that in and here is the secret to use that word.

Living in the illuminated life experience of the highest for ALL is as simple as releasing the energetic frequencies of greed, jealousy and competition. Invite the self to sit and receive this with a smile of mastery presence. To re-member that if any-thing less than a divine smile meets this awareness, to celebrate that aspect of the ego that is still in resistance.

To remember how strong YOU…ARE…relaxing ever more into YOU.

As the Divine Master in form, there is a response mechanism that has been ingrained solely through attenuation into this potentiality.

To re-cognize the awareness, that in this experience of form, the way that you are controlled… is the way that YOU…control your-self.

To fully remember that in a free will zone every-thing that is experienced by All, is an aspect of Self.  And then! To re-discover the LAUGHTER within as it ignites the unified field. The gift of KNOWING that YOU ARE sustaining the alchemical BEing of YOU as expanded into the ever-present blessing of NOW.

And so it is.

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