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The Seven Polarities of Freewill and the NOW Intersection - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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The Seven Polarities of Freewill and the NOW Intersection

7 polarities

The Seven Polarities of Freewill and the NOW Intersection

Through Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Raa


The St. Germaine IT-self shares through MLKR:

BE-Loved ONES! From the realms of the vast unknown to this world of form…we ALL bow before thee! With the smile of eternal re-cognition and the abundance of universal co-creation and cooperation, we welcome thee…into this sacred container of celebration, support, and universal love.

Relax into this moment with the depth of the smile that is aware of the celebration. To KNOW that ALL has collectively ignited. Thereby having called forward this most specific Unified field of Divine Mastery Presence.  A rare blessing indeed.  

This expansive awareness of conscious experience is here…now. This energy is expressing as the ever-refining spiral of The Seven Polarities of Freewill that have now fully evolved through the field of 2022 that completed February 01, 2023. 


You may ask: 

What does this mean? 

Most simply, it means the energies of Trust and Fear have evolved. 

As consciousness IT-self ascends through THIS experience of potentiality, most recently through the Ascension escalator of 2015-2021, the Quantum leap was ignited and is now sustained.

This up-level moment invited the direct experience of Conscious Awareness into form. The essence of the Yoga of Self-Ascension. To BE the open portal of EXPERIENCE, Consciously AWARE of the ability to SOAR beyond the boundaries of perception IT-self. 

Breathe. Receive. Smile. Relax.  …Do that again.

AND! During that momentous experience of linear time, there was MUCH that was received yet remained hidden…until NOW.

As the collective consciousness sustains the frequencies of the Sea of Neutrality, the expansiveness continues as the dance weaves the essence of the ALL through this co-created miracle.  

IT IS…this miracle that arrived here… at the vast unknown to this world of form,  as a homing beacon that ignited…and is HERE…NOW…because YOU ARE READY to REVEAL to thy-SELF…ALL that has been received. This timeline is continuing!  CELEBRATE!

 Your worldly experience of form through this specific experience of linear time is entering a vast expanse of form-less form that is arriving into the proximity of the perceived now.  YES! Another crossroads opening as the energy of the chalice GROWS and EXPANDS.

Breathe in, smile, and relax any need to remember. Experience the KNOWING that within this time construct of the perception of recent history, crossroads moments were strongly present in 1917, 1931, 1942, 1975 and 1999.

August 2013 was another crossroads moment. The balance of this collective future of the now experience having been ignited and chosen by ALL of humanity.  This energy increased completely into the crossroads moment of 2017 and the culminating crossroad of 2022 from the Ascension Escalator up-level. 

As your Divine Mastery Presence is HERE…connecting with this, remember…

There exists simultaneously the collective future of this potentiality, AND the eternal expansion of your Divine Mastery Presence expression.  ALL perceptions of futures are an exquisite dance and part of the illusionary expression. Each of these futures are yours to journey with. Your divine spark of crystalline light will guide YOU outside of ALL hesitancy.

Of this… YOU… can be assured.

Through the in-body-ment of this divine KNOWING, freedom through this specific experience of form rises as the anchorship of TRUST as the foundation.  The moment when the body relaxes into the acceptance of your Divine Mastery Presence as the guiding Active illumination.  

This is the moment your heart stabilizes as the root chakra of your ascended state of BEing…as YOU…LISTEN and call forward attentive experience into Passionate Action.

What is it to fully listen within the experience of form that seeks to distract ALL with its divine complexity and tapestry of in-sight? 

What is the Conscious Experience that invites YOU…To honestly…LISTEN?  L.I.S.T.E.N.

LLook …deeply and outside of judgement


SSit in Stillness … BE Divine Mastery Presence

T Think…beyond the limits of perception and beliefs

EEngage Essence…say YES to your true nature

NNourish…through KNOWING…the comforter of the ego

As the gift of listening is received through the awareness of Divine Mastery Presence, the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation anchors. Miracles seemingly appear with greater ease and pace.  

This miracle acceptance may feel as if out of place. Remember that within this moment of the density experience, the rapidity with which the 7 Polarities have FULLY ANCHORED can seem at odds through the lens of densified reality.

Bringing a hand to your heart, relax and smile that YOU…ARE HERE…NOW!  Wondrous!  Every-thing that has called YOU forward into this moment, this very sentence, is BEing engaged because YOU… SAID YES! Happily, and Joy-fully! 

This is a vital awareness. The 7 polarities of Freewill, in this moment of potentiality, are firmly anchored within the experience of the polarity of Fear or Trust.  Returning your hand to your heart, breathe in deeply connecting with the depth of an eternal smile. Release the fear…more!  Let go of any pre-occupation with futures of any creation and BE HERE…in this stunning and glorious moment…now!

Soaring in the blessing of this moment, call forward or imagine freedom from the self-imposed container that paralyzes your alchemical abilities.

As the energy of fear is released from the attachment to the cycle of victim consciousness, ALL can begin to see it as the illusion it is.

This is the gift of the NOW Intersection.  

The rising awareness of the expansion of consciousness that supports your Divine Mastery Presence of I AM…as YOU ARE.  Free from self-sabotage to lovingly and joy-fully sustain the energy of TRUST as the in-body-ment of universal unconditional LOVE.

This moment is ALL about YOU…the MASTER in formed conscious awareness commanding the body of formed awareness. Or!  The body will act out, as if a child seeking to discover its boundaries. Inviting the ego to make choices in density fear, based upon the frequencies of emotions as the foundation. 

This potential for disconnect from Divine Mastery Presence is woven within the expression of the seven polarities. In this realm it finds a welcome partner in the energy of depression.  This is most commonly how the energy arrives at the frequency of the formed moment.  

Gazing at the polarities on the chart as an expression of formed awareness, first notice freewill has 7 polarities. Each its own energetic expansionary experience as well as part of a collective energetic team. In this realm of formed experience, all polarity is foundationalized upon Fear or Trust. This is the intersection that has arisen. Inviting humanity to NOTICE and L.I.S.T.E.N. …NOW.

Are YOU…living/seeing violence and intolerance, or are you living/seeing Peace, Ascension Awareness, and acceptance? Peace or hate?

With the 2015 MARS influence carried humanity into this moment of Ascension Renaissance, IT IS… your TRUTH at the fifth chakra carrying the balance of the Jupiter energy that incarnates the energy of TRUST IT-self into the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation.

The YES to the self that reflects the energy of LOVE through Self-trust.

This is the moment to invite the self-inquiry of:

Why am I still saying NO to my-self?

Why do I still deny what I know is True?

Why do I discover excuses to limit expanding beyond where I AM… NOW?

Greed or Love?  Fear or Trust?

YOU ARE…Divine Mastery Presence in form.

IT IS…the moment that deep within your conscious awareness you have prepared for.

The party is yours to IN-Joy and the dance is weaving beauty-full flow for ALL.

May your heart dive ever more into the eternal essence of YOU as the blessing of 

Peace, Love and JOY open YOU to L.I.S.T.E.N. and RECEIVE with ever greater KNOWING.

We are here as YOU ARE.

And so it is.



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