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The power of Mis-information and the Month ahead!


Namaste Beloved Community of Self-Ascension,

Feel our heart and love reach out to you with divine appreciation for taking the moment to connect with this sharing. For over 18 years we have modeled the gift of Steadfast Commitment, Focused Awareness, and Complete trust. We live the work of Self-Ascension with every breath and offer this sharing, anchored in authentic heart-centered knowing,  about the CRITICAL MOMENT AT HAND.

Please know that our sacred intention during this crescendo moment is to offer the World Service of Self-Ascension by sharing information and being available to as many as possible. This sharing is based upon our direct experience and first-hand knowledge. As with any sharing you may read, invite your heart decide how it flows for you! What we know is that we were strongly called to offer this to you…today.

ALL Beings have been called to service!

Throughout the vast expression of the All-ness, this call is universal and non-exclusive. To those who are choosing to further awaken and anchor in the Fifth Dimensional state of Compassion, this very moment is inviting you to STEP UP AND OUT of the density; to fully embody the service of modeling the Art of Ascended Living.

As the all-ness is calling ALL to service.  The Density level of consciousness has ignited an activistic energy that is supporting the rapid rise of extreme misinformation and inviting polarization. This is a GIFT!  Through this widespread, and very well organized misinformation, those who have yet to offer their ‘self’ the gift of truly breaking free of the illusion, (and the grip of its power), will easily fall into the Contraction energy.  They will find themselves offering justifications, rationalizations and affiliations that invite you to join them as a Partner in Pain.

Justifications and intellectual positions are created to support a hidden energy or agenda, not a truth.

The Truth does not need to be justified or “sold”! 

Ego-based world views are always self-serving and often disguised in language of ‘the greater good’.   That which is of the highest always leaves one feeling greater peace, love and clarity.  That which is of density, and the energy of separation from Spirit, will leave you with feelings of judgment, fear, or belief in hierarchy, (to name a few).  To navigate these times it is essential to pay attention to your heart’s response to information and interactions.

Starting as of, April 24, 2020, (beginning of Ramadan-from the Ascension Activation Insoulment), the May energy of Expansion and Contraction will begin rapid amplification! This will continue until the end of May.

The energy of fasting and offering Re-Spect as service to the Divine becomes the blend of the unified presence of Protection (Passover), Resurrection (Easter), and Service (Ramadan).  The moment at hand offers a Bonafide and Rapid Gateway for your Ascended Presence.

And; just as power-fully, the contraction energy of justification and polarization will be secured and amplified through MASSIVE Mis-information.

Here in Ecuador we are feeling so very blessed. We have been navigating living through Martial Law since March 16 and have honestly found it to be humane, well-organized and flowing as well as possible. People are harmonious and we live in a country where health is considered to be a basic human right and therefore most everyone is getting their needs met.

However, we are witnessing VAST false misinformation about Ecuador being spread by international media, for reasons that will most likely reveal themselves later. Perhaps the motive is to distract people from their local situations or is there a deeper motive?  Many people have written asking if we are Okay and we are stunned at some the attached “news” articles they send.

Having committed to international citizenry over 10 years ago, we find ourselves in the unique position of being “feet on the street” rather than watching from a living room. Here is an example: Yes, Ecuador has a slum in the large city of Guayaquil, about 5 hours from us. As the virus spread, this poverty-stricken crowded area was forced to place their dead bodies, (covered), in the streets.  This was because the locals live crowded inside shanty type structures with tin roofs.  With 100-degree temperatures, the bodies being left in the home was a far greater threat. The only thing these very poor people could do was put the dead outside. The government did respond and most certainly could have responded sooner, however once this need became apparent it was handled with love and support.  The problem was addressed and public agencies are responding.

The international media, continues to distort the facts, (seeking sensationalism or distraction?), and has falsely reported this story to the extent that the Ecuadorian government is officially suing ALL of the media outlets and rightly so!

We have also witnessed many of those who are steeped in fear.  The energy of contraction justifies limiting beliefs and decisions to flea to other countries solely based upon a perception that legitimizes their fears, rather than the honest truth.  A powerful teaching:  the fear-infused ego will employ limited perceptions, thoughts and beliefs that legitimize the energy of contraction.

This is just one example of many “reports” that are simply false and intended to assist as many as possible to continue to feed the planetary thought body with FEAR so that the Fear Dimension can continue to erode the gateway to Ascended presence and Mastery experience.  There are countless other postings within the media that serve to disconnect people from expansion and upliftment.

ALL of humanity is at a choice point!

Yes!  The world’s outer environment has changed, and with that the stages of grief are playing out in all aspects of the human experience. Each being will move through them as their consciousness invites. And…the collective energy is also navigating this as well.

Today, in this moment, bring a hand to your heart and notice what you experience and what is calling out to you. Notice what has your attention and then notice what you are noticing.

Consciousness is both what has co-created this moment and what will also move us through it!

We are ALL being called!  Together we can assist consciousness to lift, and the expansion that unifies to be felt and experienced by as many as possible.  Alongside, the level of consciousness that supports contraction and justification is also receiving its fair share of attention and energy.

In times of free-floating fear, Victim consciousness expands

Many find that they are feeling “strangely reassured” through the familiarity of the Victim-Abuser-Rescuer experience. Seeking to bolster one of the positionalities of the Victim Triangle , the ego solicits “Partners in Pain”.   Partners in Pain are partners in victim consciousness. This is the fuel of poverty consciousness, disempowerment, and the energy that seeks to keep your fear flourishing and your mastery presence at bay.

Only YOU can step out of the cycle of the Victim energy and fully claim Ascended Presence. The Victim-Abuser-Rescuer dynamic then transforms into the Teacher-Mentor-Healer. This opportunity to grow is influenced partially by what thoughts and beliefs you are choosing to fuel your density brain with, and the addiction to the outer drama.

What if today, for just this moment, you simply say YES to YOU!

What if for the 30 days ahead you make the choice to “fast” from the misinformation and mass media speculation to simply go inward and FOCUS upon your Ascended presence with enough trust to let it guide you?  Fast from all that would separate you from Union with your Soul!

As part of our commitment and 100% knowing that the focus on your Ascended presence DOES make the critical difference, we have committed to three weekly interactions to support all through this time and beyond.  Sunday afternoons from Noon-2pm PT we offer our Sunday Service via our radio/video show. We invite you to join us LIVE and to ask your questions, connect with positive community and discover a broader view.

Monday evening! After several weeks of offering the Lessons of Light and the truly beauty-full responses that are pouring in from our community, we have committed to supporting #MondayMagic indefinitely! This means that anyone who is interested in going deeper with the blessing of the Yoga of Self-Ascension can join us for our “classes”.

We are currently sharing deeper keys found in the Lessons of Lights. Next up, we are guided to begin teaching the Living in the Fifth Dimension series! These Monday evenings are donation based and you can join us for whatever your heart would like to donate. 100% of these proceeds go to Clinica Linda, (our free clinic for the Indigenous), and the blessing of this exchange invokes tears of gratitude on behalf of so many.

Tuesdays, 5pm PT, please join Master Lady Kira Raa for Soul Mirrors radio. Another opportunity to interact live and receive power-filled answers. Each show opens with a 15 minute update of the week ahead, and all-ways features inspiring co-hosts and timely information.

These three offerings in your weekly routine are 100% intended to be a “safe haven” with non-dogmatic and universal acceptance energy. This is the moment to make the decision once and for all:

Are you simply fascinated by the drama and the eternal click baiting to keep you in fear and doubt OR are you willing to do something that will open the greater portal of Peace, Love and Joy? Simply stated…are you watching or are you BE-ING?

There is so much more to share and we are committed to sharing it ALL without hesitancy. We 100% trust Source, and the Guidance and Information that has been shared these past 18 years. We KNOW that the information we have been blessed to shepherd is for THIS CRITICAL moment.

We love you beyond measure and honor your choice to be here, on this planet, right now.

So much more is before us and we look forward to sharing throughout our weekly service outreach and all of our additional classes and services.

From another stunning day here at our little garden of Eden, TOSA Blue Mountain….

With all our heart and a deep bow of appreciation,

Sri & Kira


16 responses to “The power of Mis-information and the Month ahead!”

  1. Halo Sri and Kira!
    Sending you SO much Love and deep heartfelt appreciation for your wisdom and reminders as we move “through” this most Illuminating time! We’re in it Now! Let’s rejoice and hold steady, WE KNOW, the picture is crystal clear, the Trust is rooted in Experience and Life’s lesson we have integrated within.. we are Unstoppable in our Light! Be brave, be authentic and speak your Truth, what looks like the end, is the beginning! Love for us all is the antidote to fear~ They thought we would crumble and look outside for help, we have everything we could ever need or want within! The last frontier!

  2. Thank you for all you share. The Monday teaching is a wonderful gift, always perfectly timed with our outward experience. Due to the time zone, I listen in from my bed and drift off to sleep absorbing the wisdom and magical energy. Love and gratitude. X

    • Namaste beloved sri and kira ..
      I also want to thank you and everyone who make it possible to bring us your show. ..your dedication and commitment to lead us through these times of change and challenges I am so grateful for. ..the connection with the community in the live chats … there is so much love. …in loving embrace from my soul to yours Always ❤

  3. Namaste Sri & Kira,
    I just wanted to say “Thank You” for all you have been doing. I am really new too all of your teachings and found it to be a blessing. I was just talking about how I quit Watching the news and feeding this fear based society. We love what you do and are blessed to have found both of you.

  4. Beloved Sri, Kira and this amazing community, I love you so much! Truly a time of being a Spiritual Gangster – not for money, but for love! The Lessons of Light Four reminds me that it is we who, so long ago, came here and seeded this planet with all the codes, a living library of Light, knowing we’d then come back in a complete veil of forgetting to Awaken with full support and assurance. Wow, the game of hide-and-go-seek doesn’t get better than that – how far away from the One can you go and then return to (hidden in plain sight!)? We are some crazy Light beings, and I know I asked enthusiastically to be a part off this (what was I thinking?! Bring it, Yes!). No wonder all eyes are on this planet at this time, New Earth a place of true love, peace and abundance for all beings everywhere, a galactic hub of remembering and having love for it all. This month I intend I fast from habits of grazing mindlessly – any news, social media, conversations or food. Eyes wide open to more than little me, all for love, in service to All.

  5. Namaste Beloved Master Lady Kira Raa and Beloved Master Teacher Sri Ram Kaa!! Feel my love gratitude and respect. Your work and sharing have been non less than miraculous for all who make the choice to listen respond and awake!! I have consciously disconnected from the media, friends and associates that feed on the frenzy of misinformation trusting what I need to know will come. I must add that consequently I live in a bubble of peace gratitude and love. The various services and classes you have availed anchor and solidify the TOSA Community especially during this period of “disruption”. Thank you for modeling peace love joy and conscious living. Know how much I love you both and recognize you as guiding crystalline light 💕

  6. Namaste Beloved Ones! Greetings on this fine day!!!
    My internet was out during LIneage Holders #3 last night – I was enlightened by the energies all afternoon ~ surrounded by the energiers of Beautiful Nature in my Garden surrounded by the Red Rocks of Sedona ~ sharing with angelic neighbors !!!
    I came in from a sunset walk and brought through more Light Language. DeLightFull!! Will enjoy hearing the replay and jumping with all.
    True gratitude for each and every one who gather round all that Masters Sri and Kira are able to bring in and facilitate for us ~ especially during this auspicious time 🥰💖💫

  7. Thank you for this thoughtful and compassionate article born from your dear and sincere hearts. Thank you for your world service; for assisting as many as possible to anchor in the divine presence of the All in All. Together, we ARE better!

    Blessings of Love, Health, Wealth, and Joy to you
    Sri & Kira, and to all.

    Mitakuye Oyasin.

  8. Amen! Amen! Yes! Count me in. And thank you is not even the right phrase to use, with unconditional love and soulful gratitude for your being and presence and trust and resounding yes to service, Sri and Kira you support this moment and all those who, with sincere intent you have shown and continue to be of highest service to show us the way. This morning I woke feeling energized in joy. Each lift and the sequential softening of the need to deeply examine and dissect the polarizing energies of separation as they come into awareness, gets easier and easier. You simply see it, give it thanks for showing up, give it a hug and send it on it’s way with highest intention. Power-filled!!! And what fun this last time-jump was/is! Anyone still feeling heaviness? Yes it’s heavy but you don’t need to keep it. It’s your job to see it, love it, thank it and trust and let it go! It’s like stepping in two streams one foot in each. We must get out of the flow that wishes to hold and control us and step into stream of consciousness that supports the flow of Source energy that runs through us and fills us with the overflowing abundance of Shanti, Bhakti and Ananda.
    Many blessings and love overflowing for you Sri and Kira and for all those who gather in authenticity! Let’s keep lifting each other up with steadfast commitment, focused awareness and divine Trust/Love with every exhale I set the intention for sending Trust/Love presence out to the world.

  9. Namaste Sri and Master Lady Kira Raa 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️

    Your e-mail today came at a MUCH needed moment for this time for me . I had been feeling dizzy and really OFF physically and was beginning to be in FEAR about what was happening to me !!

    Then this morning I realized it was the Density energy trying to drag me DOWN and Constrict me … then your Blessed e-mail came in at the same moment !! 🙏🏻❤️

    I started chanting the Mantra of Self-Ascension and Affirming : I CHOOSE CLARITY !!! I immediately felt much better and the weight lifted off me and I was feeling lighter !!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you 🙏🏻 🙏🏻🙏🏻 for your most timely and spot-on sharing now !!

    Much Much Love ❤️

    Mary Anne

  10. Namaste Beloved Sri and Kira,

    A Radiance of Love to you from Chiangmai Thailand! I am savouring every word you speak here. Stunning Truth, exquisite in its non complexity!

    We met in 2010 and this is year 11 of Being with you. Your integrity, unwavering commitment and loving example of authenticity touches the innermost chambers of my heart, now more than ever.

    I Love, Honour and Appreciate all that you offer to humanity, me and mine included, in this extraordinary time of exponential expansion and up-leveling. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Your service is tireless and in my humble estimation without peer in its numinous support.

    Change and Impermanence is an integral part of Life. Anijang is the word in Thailand.
    The antidote to Fear is All Ways being fully Present to this precious moment, this very nanosecond, this heartbeat, this out-breath. Your Mastery and sharing this mastery with us in service to No Fear, No Doub is a gift beyond measure.

    Your ongoing weekly programs offer a steady focus in our journey of claiming and owning our Ascended Presence in that upwardly moving ascension spiral of Love, only Love. I am inspired, deeply inspired!

    In Gratitude and with Love and Aloha, Ken

  11. Mahalo Sri and Kira for your unconditional love and guidance. Your letter was amazing! It should be in every newspaper in every country. I have not watched or read one bit of the news since this started or before. I have felt and lived everyday with such peace, love and joy in my heart and radiate that out to everyone. That is my daily service. I love you both! Aloha!

    • I agree that the message should go out for everyone worldwide to see!!! Yes our life is a service by being here, open, ready and guided , always🙏

  12. Namaste Master Lady Kira Raa and Master Teacher Sri Ram Kaa. I am very grateful and honoured to receive your teachings and offerings. Your modelling of steadfast living the Ascended Life with enthusiasm is dearly felt and appreciated. During my day (every day) thoughts of you both along with the teachings guide me to navigate with tenacity an ascended presence. Many seem to be falling apart at the seams in fear and additions, while I am able to offer a peaceful smile, share loving words of appreciation and of a willingness to step out and create. I am inspired by your work and offerings. You shine a bright light in my life. Thank you.

  13. Namaste dear Master Lady Kira Raa and Master teacher Sri Ram Kaa. I bow before you both with a sincere and grateful heart for all the beautiful messages and teachings you share. I am so grateful for Being in Trust and Love while maintaining equanimity. The witnessing is simply experienced, with pure trust in knowing that if any action need to be taken I will be guided to do so without much effort. This truly is a miracle ( for in the past relentless effort was a trajectory that took away all joy and peace) , for now I know with all my heart and soul that all is truly well. Stillness is speaking and my heart rejoices! Namaste and soo much love to both of you!! ❤️

  14. 2020 blew apart any remaining veils left on 3D. ….(edited)

    I have lived through and experienced every single moment of your sharings in real-time these last 2 years. You appeared on my journey exactly in Divine time of desperately needing a sign to keep going.

    …And here I AM. May you know – truly- that your purpose and calling helped another Soul make it Home. and will go on in the time left here to be of service more than ever from this foundation. And with this Truth, I am eternally grateful you held my hand, you held my soul to arrive. In humble awareness and Divine Love, Lori IAM Freed.

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