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Focus: The Manifestation of Miracles

What is it that YOU choose to focus on?

The Miracle of Focus

The Miracle of Focus
 in Action!

by Sri and Kira

Why do some people seem to have all the luck
while others seem to flounder?

What is the magic that allows one person
to succeed while another fails?

That magic is the gift of the Miracle of Focus!

For the past several months the Ascended Masters, the Archangelic realm and even the Mayan Elders have been sharing the same important information:

When we focus our attention and our energy, manifestation miracles happen!


Our world offers us so many varieties of information that the ability to focus has become challenged.  Even the length of this article will affect your ability to focus upon the message being presented!

It is a fact that the human attention span is now about 9 seconds!  Additionally, frequent visits to the internet for “surfing” will reduce that attention span.  It is fascinating to note that the attention span of a goldfish is also 9 seconds!

In a fast-paced, 24 hour news cycle environment, many are being conditioned to no longer focus on any one thing for any duration.  Did you ever wonder why?

The reality is that when you stop focusing and allow distraction to be your focus, abundance disappears.  And for the moments that you do capture abundance, it is soon lost as the cycle of non-focus will interrupt it. Over and over again.

Abundance is much more than financial.  Abundance is your soul’s nature.  You are naturally abundant.  It is only within the world of illusionary density that we believe abundance has a singular manifest form.

Your abundant nature is manifesting with every action…every day…every moment!

Abundance takes orders from your focus and therefore gets exercised regularly.  However, when you become abundant in the ability to create distracted energies, your life experience actually deteriorates.

You might already be familiar with that person who can tell you everything about everything; and usually with great authority. Yet, they are most often living in a less than optimal environment and carry their fair share of complaints along side their vast wealth of perceived knowledge.

Or, perhaps the person who is able to lecture you on their well-researched knowledge of every spiritual concept “on the market”.  They are the same ones that will forward you the latest email that everyone is “talking about” as the absolute best thing…until the next day or the next email.

While at times fascinating, what these energies are saying at their core is simply this:  I am distracted and unable to focus.

When the universe receives the message of distracted focus, then it complies by abundantly offering you the life experience of distraction and lack!  This is the cycle that constantly seeks without richly experiencing.  It is the energy that keeps you trapped.

  • What if you allowed yourself to fully focus on just one way of being?
  • What would happen if you honestly focused upon the mastery of a way of living that supported you abundantly?
  • What if you allowed it to actually be simple?

The truth is that when we say “YES” to one way of living, we send a signal to the universe that says I AM READY…and the universe responds.  Instantaneously and Abundantly!

To live with sincere focus does not mean to live with the judgment that only one way is the right way. Nor does it mean that you become unavailable to growth.

What is does mean is that you have a clear direction. This clear direction is anchored as your daily journey without the need for distraction.  Focus offers you the spiritual tenacity to continue the journey even when the moment may seem challenging.

Focus is the gift of mastery through the presence of awareness.

Perhaps it is simply waking up each morning and beginning the day with the Mantra of Self-Ascension.  Reading the daily meditation, and then taking in that first deep soothing breath.  Imagine your day when it begins with the clarity of focus that says to the universe, I AM here, I AM ready, I AM open, Guide Me!

Focus does not need to seek answers from another or discover the latest email buzz. Focus allows us the spaciousness and the soft smile of knowing that all is in divine order. It is the trust that the abundant nature of our soul is expanding with unconditional love and universal support.

As we all delve deeper into the expansionary energy of 2012, focus has come to the forefront.  Whatever you focus upon will expand, and in ways that it has not ever expanded before!

You are being called to make the greatest decision of all! 

What is it that I choose to focus upon?

The experience of your life will reveal itself based upon your answer to that question.  And, we are witnessing miracle after miracle of those who have chosen to focus upon Self-Ascension.

The power of focus and the gifts of Self-Ascension are available to you right now.  If you choose to take the plunge and focus, then you might just be delighted at the miracles ready to manifest in your life…this very moment.

We invite you to connect with community members who have discovered the power of Focus.

There is the sharing of a young couple who placed their very last dollar from their wallet to rent a room to offer an Avesa training with not one registration.  It tells of the profound power of their focus and the success that has come forward.

There is the sharing of another beloved woman in Europe who has unleashed her focus to release the life-script of “I’m not good enough” to become an attraction magnet.

And…there are others, just like you, who are experiencing the blessing and the Miracle of Focus in their lives…right now.

Every time we share the beauty of our focus we strengthen our resolve to universal abundance and harmony.  Now it is your turn!




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