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The Importance of Expansion:Anchoring Trust of the Journey - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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The Importance of Expansion:Anchoring Trust of the Journey

By Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa

Since 2003 we have been sharing the gifts of the Archangelic Realm to all who have felt the call to simply hear. Some of you found us during our first year, and some of you may be finding us for the first time as you read this sharing.

It matters not when you discover the gifts of Self-Ascension, for they are in all-ways eternal, and simply patient for the moment when the “you” that is experiencing density is ready to harness these perennial teachings once again.
Hummingbird by Noel Zia

As we write this sentence a beautiful hummingbird, brilliant in its blue and green effervescence seems to float above us smiling and affirming that each is on their journey of expansion in the perfect timing of self-discovery.

Many shifts have come forward during 2010: The Year of Divine Acceptance. As the Archangelic realm so lovingly shared with us all during late 2009, this year (2010) was one that would complete the “setting of the stage” for the balance of our earth plane journey.

2010 was THE call for all of humanity to allow, to be, and to take an active role in our collective future.

Had anyone (including the Archangelic realm) told us we would be moving to another country where we barely speak the language, we certainly would have been skeptical and somewhat amused.

Yet, one of the eternal gifts of spirit is that it will, in all-ways, keep each of us on a need to know basis! There is a blessing in allowing the experience of this life to unfold before us as active participants.

It is important to keep in the forefront that for every energy that we either give or call forth, we are met with the energy that will call us to ever greater expansion upon the journey of our soul in form.

We have discovered over the years (sometimes joyfully and yet, not always), that to argue with spirit is simply an exercise in futility! And, as we share this knowing with you, we experience Archangel Zadkiel laughing. A gentle and loving simple acknowledgment that perhaps futility was the energy that needed to be re-visited!

When we begin to pass judgment on others through the lens of our desires and needs, we begin to send out an energy that is inviting chaos to return to our lives as a reminder of the consequences of judgment. For all judgments are a signal to the universe that we are not yet ready to trust our journey, or that of others.

Archangel Zadkiel has so lovingly shared:

“If there is but one sin, as sin is a word of your world, it is to interfere with the path of another or to let another interfere with your path.”

Here is where judgment comes forward. For all judgment is interference energy and all judgment limits your ability to harness trust of your journey.

As we bring the year of Divine Acceptance to a close, NOW is the moment to simply smile at all the shifts of this year. NOW is the moment to allow yourself the gift of releasing all judgments that “things” should have been different.

Perhaps EVERYTHING that is in front of you NOW is to assist you to fully anchor your trust in YOUR journey. After all, the sum total of all experience has brought you here…NOW!

Allow yourself a moment to harness your full power of trust in your journey. Within that moment celebrate that every being and every experience has been so perfectly orchestrated that it brought you to this moment in your life. Send joyous waves of thanks to everyone you have ever interacted with. Let go of the energy of the interaction or what you perceive should have been, and simply smile that each being has perfectly played their role in your expansion.

And then, sink into the recognition that the more you trust the more you expand. And the more you expand, the greater your ability to manifest abundance in all forms.

Yes, it is that simple, and yes, you are ready.

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