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The Gateway: Mastery Presence - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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The Gateway: Mastery Presence


The Gateway: Mastery Presence

Through Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Raa

The T-12 Speak through Master Lady Kira Raa:

Divine BEings of Great Light, Love and Presence! The fluidity of the energy of Mastery Presence has abundantly ignited for thee through the great manifest realms of ALL Divine illuminated presence.

Agenda and Control

We come forward today with Presence! Presence.  Presence.  Presence.  Presence.  As ONE embodies Presence, walks with Presence, and offers Presence, then ONE is free from that which is commonly referred to as agenda and controlled outcome. 

These two energies are seeking greater immersion into this planetary experience.  Agenda and controlled outcome are demonstrating wondrous momentum.  They are a demonstration and manifestation of the extra-ordinary, limitless expansive energy of the ALL-ness. 

To move forward with an agenda limits expansion. 

To embrace the need to control an outcome also limits expansion.

To limit expansion is to say yes to repeating and initiating the four journeys…. again.

We have shared the four journeys[1] of this experience, and the remembrance that the repetition of a cycle is one of the journeys.  As IT IS…one of the gifts; is it not? 


To repeat any cycle, in any form, offers ONE the gift of expansion…again. 

To BE…consciousness that breathes… through the repetition of a cycle…

FREES the ONE from the repetition of a cycle.

The Energy of Presence

In the presence of your Divine Mastery expansion arises great freedom.  Great freedom.  Presence IS… an active energy.  An active energy.

   Call forth Presence.  BE Presence.  Live Presence.  Experience Presence.

Delight in Presence.  Move with Presence.  Choose with Presence.

Speak with Presence.  Act with Presence.

Breathe… again… with Presence.

Eat with Presence.

Speak only with Presence.

And! Relax into Presence.  Presence.  Presence.


The Energy of Agendas

BE-Loved ONEs, from outside the window of Presence, agenda appears.  And! Agenda carries many, many, many forms, nuances, manipulations, and experiences. 

Agendas are self-perpetuating and seek only to create itself again and again. This sustains the energy of lateral entrapment of agenda seeking another agenda.  The cycle of repetition is heavily woven into agenda energy. 

As the mass illusion creates mass hysteria, agendas arise as a pathway from the hysteria or chaos. A means for those who seek safety through the illusionary principles seeking distraction from your Presence.

As ONE…embraces the eternal connection of Divine Presence,

Energetic balance restores and distraction is not possible.

Many claim to only be disturbed by a certain energy or being or specific phrase or experience.  We invite thee to re-cognize that any distraction arises from lack of Presence.

To be distracted ignites an opportunity to arise with the illuminated love and recognition of Presence.   

Imagine your world…now… with every BEing trusting, living, expressing, eating, loving, full-filling and Knowing Presence. Through this experience of potentiality, the energy of agenda does not exist.

To see, witness, and understand Presence, is to BE the Pillar of Light for ALL who choose to

 remember and reclaim their presence of BEing…beyond distraction.

Distraction is a disruption that creates growth.  Disruption disturbs the balance of ALL. It arises and illuminates a pattern as the invitation to grow. From there it lifts ONE into Divine Mastery presence and illumination. 

If you are seeking, seek not to resist disruption. 

Seek to relax into the embrace of Presence.

The Action of Presence

Moving forward in your experience of this Divine illusion of beauteous and wondrous expansion, your capacity to ignite Mastery Presence is merely a breath away.  Just a breath.  Breathe deeply…now… BE-Loved ONEs.  Presence.

Let us share the re-cognition that as you reclaim Presence, YOU ARE…active. 

To reclaim Presence outside of active energy, carries inward the agenda of what Presence is.

“I will just sit and be,” in and of itself, is an agenda and need to control an outcome.

In the denial of the experience of disruption, to sit and be and pretend it has not happened, is a means of control. 

Better to dive into the energy of disruption than to sit and ignore.  And as you dive… how you navigate the dive is the gift of the greater presence.

Do you belly flop into the pool of distraction?

This could be painful; could it not? 

Or do you fear-lessly walk out to the end of the high board, grasp your hands in a prayer position, and with sincerity, love and presence declare: “I am yours,” inviting and trusting the flow of the Universe to Guide you lovingly and safely into the pool?

How you enter is how you ignite!

How you swim in the energy is the expression of your gifts of light, love and presence.

The Soil of Judgment

In this world of density experience, there are limitless agendas. Seven billion of you, yet limitless agendas.  Consider the multiplication energy, the infinite amplitude of agenda energy.  A miraculous energy that propagates it-self perpetually.  Continually propagating and finding welcome fertile soil in the hearts and minds of those who live among and carry judgment. 

ALL agenda is birthed upon the fertile soil of judgment.

As judgments are the fertile soil of the agenda; the emotional body left unchecked, is the fertile soil of the judgment.   Offer yourself the wisdom that arises through the ignited presence of a divine heart. The ever-infinite expanded illumination to free yourself from dogmatic traditions that hold you captive.   

ALL dogmatic traditions carry the energy of agenda

regardless of the emotional energy that placates those who question.

Invite yourself to a spacious breath of Presence. 

Crystalline Connectivity

We offer an opportunity to reclaim ever-greater Presence and the experience of freedom!  As our eyes connect with your eyes, we have ignited the 33rd Crystalline Dimension realm. Simply smile and receive the seeds of divine light for those who choose to receive. 

You may feel or see around you now great illuminated crystalline energy.

You may simply have a sense of it.

As you are aware, first notice your lungs or your breath.

Avoid holding your breath.

Be spacious with your breath. The opportunity to create the container of illuminated presence

 cannot be done through the words of any being.

It is a tangible experience of Divine Light that can be tangibly received,

welcomed, loved or dismissed.  It is always your choice.


Experiencing Crystalline Transmissions

When the crystalline realms come forward for connection, as has arisen in this potentiality, the world of density experiences this in many ways.  It is the same as your beauty-full body temples when you begin cleansing them with water. 

If you have experienced the ingestion of junk food, as you say, laced with chemicals that do not support the expansion of consciousness, invite this moment to IGNITE Presence for this body. Your body has taught you discomfort…has it not? 

You may feel sluggish or tired as these energy fields release.  This is the moment to remember the blessing of water.  Simply drink more water, in the re-cognition that… as YOU clear…MORE…then, YOU begin to truly see…Again as your breath and Presence restore. 

We offer this example as this planetary potentiality is receiving great vibratory crystalline light…NOW! Gaia her-self is clearing ALL that is outside of balance, so that she may fully restore.  This is not difficult to understand.  Simply look beyond any agenda.

When a universal energy of pure crystalline light and love is transmitted directly to thee, what does your emotional body feel?  What does your mind do?  Notice! 

What does your breath do?  Notice…more. 

Any-thing outside of divine joyous receptivity is the beauty-full gift of the overlay of agenda that is silently waiting within the tissues of this form of existence. Far from a shortcoming or some-thing that has been done wrong, IT IS… the re-cognition, that YOU ARE consciously navigating density and doing it well.

As the need to judge is released, the fertile soil that offers the agenda

its limitless cycle of repetition, transcends.

YOU! BE-Loved ONEs, right now, now, now, now, now, now, now, right now, must decide:

Is our cocreative, limitless experience of consciousness ready to move forward with the full presence of the agenda energy, or the full presence that calls forward stability through unification.

The reason, if the mind seeks a reason, that we offer this to you now is because this world experience is calling out for reassurance…and… She will continue to act out until the reassurance is received. 

She is purging, Beloved Ones, the same as your bodies would purge when you cleanse them. 

Great floods of water will cleanse your body.  Why would it be any different for your planetary experience? 

Great floods of water.  Do not lament.  That which is cleansed and is in the process of cleansing, will all-ways find a new way of BEing.  Bringing a hand to your heart, take in a deep breath and exhale with a smile. 

The Expansion of Presence

We offer the re-cognition that YOU…ARE…HERE… on this glorious journey of expanding consciousness as the divine reconnection of your own choice.  The choice of an individ‑u‑will is made from the spirit ‑‑ we use this word ‑‑ from the spirit of the heart, not from the mind of the heart.

When the spirit of the heart reignites while you are in this form, Mastery Presence becomes an effort-less moment, an effort-tless gift, an effort-less experience. 

Your Mastery Presence is ‑‑ we say this again ‑‑ your Mastery Presence IS…

the ignition that ignites others.

Presence is…action. Presence is…movement.

Presence is… the divine re-cognition that ALL is exactly the way it has all-ways been,

 is now, and will all-ways be.

Presence is… without the need for the repetition of a cycle, and IT IS… the witness of ALL cycles. 

Presence is…flow. Presence is abundance.  Presence is joy.  Presence is love. 

Presence is YOU…as YOU…ARE…PRESENCE. 

The Peace of Presence

Within the container of your sacred environment on Beloved Gaia, there is much disturbance energy that has arisen from the convergence of many agendas.  When many agendas converge, there is a struggle for the agenda to emerge. 

When there is a struggle for agenda to persevere agenda, Presence is lost in the shadows…with the lack of Presence peace is challenged to manifest.  To fully call forward the Peace you seek, begin with BEing the Presence. 

As you call forward your Mastery Presence, and hold that experience while in form, as YOU… live and love with Presence… Peace is all-ways present.

To experience an agenda that seeks to struggle for its survival is outside the experience of peace-full Presence. Witness and smile rather than struggle with it.  To struggle with it is to create ever greater disparity within the harmony of your own BEing. 

Can you step outside of all agenda without any judgment of what you feel you must do about it?

The mind of this realm of potentiality has a doing principle. The mind is addicted to its doing principles. It finds joy in waking you up with its doing principles, guiding your hands and life experience with doing principles. 

Guide your life from the doing principle of Presence. YOU are able to funnel the energy of the doing principles of the mind into the Mastery Presence. As you claim this, you will…again…discover the mountains of golden light, abundant streams of flow, communities of wholeness, and the experience of the expanded Presence of consciousness.

YOU ARE the Divine Presence

In the eyes of the Presence to the Presence, in the re-cognition of the ONE and the ONE and the ONE and the ONE… YOU transcend ALL limited perception and step fully into Divine Presence…YOU.

Yes! YOU…ARE… Presence.  You have all-ways been Presence.

And! In this speck of linear time in a world of Divine experience, before you now is a choice, whether conscious of it or not, IT IS…your choice to make. 

Is my consciousness expanding through the agenda energy, or  Mastery Presence energy?

IT IS… important to re-cognize ALL choices are Divinely illuminated.  Each sustains the choice of another.  Those who step fully into Presence ignite others into Presence. Those who step into the agenda assist those who have chosen Presence to continue choosing.  Each helps another.  ALL have divine experience.  

In your world experience of this now, the agenda preserves the energy of a need to save those who do not align with an agenda. Relax, Breathe and Release the need to save any.

YOU…ARE… all-ready saved, if the doing mind must hear those words.

YOU…ARE HERE..NOW…YOU ARE all-ready saved.

The playground of the Universe is yours to command as YOU dance through a life of potentiality

 on a planet of experience.  Smile gently as you relax into your next experience, celebrating experience it-self.

As the container of this experience of density arrives into this moment of Divine culmination, with vast expanding energies illuminating, IT IS… your Presence that will dance you through.

You are FREE to choose form of dance you enjoy, as this dance is outside of all agenda.

If you like to tango…tango.  If you like to rock and roll… rock and roll.

 What matters is the dance.

What matters is the celebration.

What matters is that YOU…ARE…PRESENT for this experience.


Whether you are conscious of this Presence or not, IT IS… the inescapable truth of life in form

in this potentiality.  How you call forward your Presence is a valuable gift from this exquisite experience of form.


We love you, and you are loved.  We salute you.  We hail to you.  We feel you.  We delight in you.

From the rays of the Divine Crystalline Light, we have this moment through these eyes to see, and for this we are great-full.  Our Mastery presence is to BE in your presence.  We love you.

[1] Found in the Lost Books of the Essene, Book Eight. Free PDF at or direct link

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