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The ESSENCE of UNIFICATION - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Delivered LIVE at Monday Mastery APRIL 10, 2023

Through Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Raa


The Ascended Masters Share through MLKR

This was a “surprise” sharing that offers in-depth teaching of the Unification Molecule. Delivered during a Monday Mastery LIVE community gathering, Sri Ram Kaa offers this sharing as the Insoulment began:  This is Master Lady Kira Raa Insouling. 

These slides were brought through to share with you ALL… so we’ll begin.

Welcome! Let us dive into the Divine journey of the Essence of Unification IT-Self.  Slide one.

In the beginning there was a single moment of experience. 

And in that single moment of experience, a sense of thy-self emerged from the non-emergent.

And in that moment, an eye began to open…and as it did, it saw the reflection of itself as its smile.

And in that smile the illumination began. 

And in that illumination…WE… ALL… said YES.


This IS the unification molecule of this realm of density.


In this realm of density, it radiates the frequency of blue, in the creation vibrancy of green. This unified field is held within the expanded illumination of crystalline light that is NOW emanating the eternal sense of BEing into the Divine field of KNOWING. This unification molecule first arose into BE-ing for this planet of form in 2013 with the pillar of Crystalline Alchemy at its core.  Patiently waiting for the potentiality of activation in this realm of co-creation.

NOW is the moment that the pillar of pure crystalline light, that will all-ways BE…has ignited through the momentum of Divine Mastery Conscious transformation. This momentum, through the Sea of Neutrality, births the open eye of the unified field as it invites it to lift into Awareness.

With this eye open to the Self, the moment of the transformation invites it to RISE and SEE Beyond the sense of “a self” into the expansion of unity.

Inviting your hand to your heart call forward a nourishing Avesa Breath.  Relaxing and fully receiving the invitation to lift your divine vision through Conscious Breath,  slide two begins.

And in the essence of the energy of slide 2 we become aware of that which:

I AM as You Are.

I AM as YOU Are.

I AM as YOU Are.

Because the two are reflecting the ONE.

I AM as YOU Are.

The eye opens from a reflection of self that has ignited into a pool of Oneness through re-cognition. 

The eye begins to see clearly as IT meets the illuminated eye of the unified field.

The essence of the opening. 

The brilliance of the re-cognition: within that ONE field exists the essence of ALL free from ANY that could attempt to disrupt.

Seeing and BEing the center of the portal…this IS the imminence before humanity. For this has yet to be achieved in this realm of potentiality. The moment of the intersection that sows the seeds of Divine human potentiality beyond the limitations of the current mind of form experience.

We come to thee today in the humble invocation that in this moment ALL that IS has arrived at this field of magnetized illumination to sustain the presence of that which has all-ways been.  

Gazing at this visual gift, that has been called through this form of beingness, YOU…ARE…seeing the field of potentiality expanding once more through the potentiality of the two that come together in the re-cognition of the ONE. 

IT IS…within this energy AS IT IS…that slide three begins:


Breathing ever more as the blessing of the unification molecule REVEALS ever more…IT IS…the diamond portal of Divine Grace that ignites. 


In the energy of the diamond portal of GRACE…ALL potentiality emerges.

ALL potentiality emerges. 


And in this essence of ALL potentiality, the diamond portal of Divine Grace spins, as the two eyes grace each other with the release friction. 




The ONE ignites for the ALL.  This is ESSENCE!

The space where the space ignites… and Divine Mastery Presence arises.


Humanity, through conscious awareness and expansion, has arrived at a co-created diamond portal of Grace moment. This portal can be sustained, and success achieved, through holding it open. To do so offers focused awareness into the sea of neutrality through those that are aware of that which has anchored. The key to initiating this realm of experience into perfect balance.

Spinning with the light of ALL, IT IS.. eternal nature the offers the gift. The divine remembrance through self-revelation to continue creating and creating, and creating, and creating.

IT IS…in the gift of this extra-ordinary Co-creative moment, that the Divine Mastery frequencies arise to reveal the ever-greater abundance nature of the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation.  

To fully RE-MEMBER that which did not know it existed it-self.

To illuminate the pathway for those that cannot see what they simply cannot see.  Then…to celebrate! TO KNOW that the portal is unable to successfully ignite through the GRACE of the divine while KNOWING HOW to call this blessing forward for the self and others.

This is the gift of those that are ready to BE in the ONE essence.

To fully and consciously ignite the crown chakra of this body of form. To call forward the Divine Mastery Presence energy of the crown chakra as the anchor of the ascended presence of ALL-ness. To consciously assist the Ascended heart presence to soar while in this form, through the blessed ignition of the ALL.  

This IS the illustrious moment of the energy frequencies that resonate with the renewal. The definitive experience for ALL that carries the essence of the revitalization, the resurrection, and the energy of the green!

Gaze at the unified field as the Diamond Portal opens the vast potentiality of forward momentum released of the need to reset.  The DIVINE Moment of integration.  The weaving of the universal threads of consciousness that have arisen for ALL. 

The gift of the potential to KNOW that the Violet Ray has called forward the unified ONE. AND! To fully be present for the GRACE of the experience of this unified field through the ignited presence of the crystalline rays, the golden ray, the density field of creation, the limit-less potentiality, the universality and the multidimensionality. 

ALL dancing with the infinite cosmic experience of creation that begins through the depth of unification beyond all fields of this specific experience of belief systems.

IT IS…from this glorious moment…which IS capable of being potentialized…that the greatest moment arises.

IT IS… in that experience… of that moment… of that which is rising… comes forward the birth. THIS IS…the birth of the oneness free from ALL judgment.

The birth of that which cannot ever cease.  The birth of that which has been before now endowed with the radiance of the unified field. IT IS…this radiance that has called the unification molecule to split, divide and grow. 

WE ARE…ALL…at the moment of Divine Mastery Unification. The energies of split, divide and grow, have now expanded beyond this specific experience of potentialized creation into the vast experience of separation. 


In this moment, IT IS… the clarity of cosmic consciousness, in complete relaxed harmonic trust with the body of form, that illuminates the zero-point gravity field of co-created essence. 

Reminding the ALL that …

We Are… as I AM…as YOU ARE…

Beyond any sense of delineation.

The continual creation that emanates from the essence of the zero-point ignition

 of the torus field of existence. To BE in the loving experience that is held… 

remembered, and fully anchored as Essence IT-self.


IT IS…the living experience of this ESSENCE that has NOW called forward the Unified Ascension Field of 2023. This field of extra-ordinary abundant co-creation is woven through the ancient codes of the now experienced Egyptian dynasties.

In this specific realm of potentiality, the year of linear experience currently unfolding as a 13-month cycle, EVERY-THING is arriving at a strong point of conjuncture. 
In the unified field of infinite expansion, humanity is rising through the rising awareness of essence.   

In harmony with the codes of creation, through the eternal seed of oneness, collectively the moment is HERE…to bring into this form…  the gift of the co-created experience of bodily presence… once more. 

To BE in the energy of your Divine Mastery Presence …NOW…is the perfect gift that preceded what the mind of form may seek to create. ALL co-created within form that seeks to bind and wrap around your Divine Mastery Presence inherent nature simply does not exist in the realm of truth. 


What is KNOWN… is the THE KNOWING of the greatest gift…You ARE…as I AM.

The full presence of YOU, your BE-ing, breathing consciously, smiling all-ways, 

while knowing the certainty of Divine Mastery Presence.


Humanity is in a moment where the molecule it-self is unstable. Where the focus of the eye that is just opening is still in love with what it sees in the mirror before it. The belief systems of density that seem real and entrap consciousness.

The celebratory moment at hand is to FULLY OPEN the eye to lift beyond the limitations and perceptions.  To clearly rise and consciously WITNESS what is right before thee. In-powering the ONE and ALL through the welcoming conscious moment of Divine Mastery Presence integration.

To join together in the essence of KNOWING that true birth 

is ready to begin again through the ESSENCE of that which YOU ARE… as I AM.

The invocation into this realm of potentiality, in this very moment of conscious awareness, YOU…the YOU…that which I AM…as YOU ARE…IS All-Ready 

in the experience of the highest potentiality for this moment of expansion.


YOU ARE HERE…NOW… simply because…YOU ARE READY… to BE… in the experience of awakened Divine Mastery Presence while in form,for the first time through this cycle of potentiality, in this experience of a planetary moment that many know as the pharaonic time of Egypt.

There were the cosmic born few… and they walked among… and the keys they left are ready to be birthed forward again. For YOU have arrived once more at the cyclical turn of this NOW.

These keys are far from hidden! 

KNOW that within your heart, within your library of the wisdom of that which YOU ARE, and have always been, and will continue to BE… is ALL that YOU… KNOW.   IT IS… the moment for the divine dance of the ALL to weave together as the grand culminating party…sustaining the field with expansive conscious awareness.   To re-cognize and remember beyond the perceptions of all fear, doubt and hesitancy. Flowing effort-lessly into the presence of the divine creator IT-self.

Commanding the light through the integrity of the divine gift of service beyond the egoic presence of a field of density. IN-powered and a-LIONed.  Calling forward the gift of alchemical creation as the bounty of the eternal heart of love and that which cannot ever be taken.

YOU…ARE…FREE TO BE!  IT IS as I AM, and the moment has come forward! How you move and how you navigate are the gifts YOU offer ALL.  From this we offer to thee ALL now the gift of the imminency of the codes of revelation. 

The knowing of all false prophets through the veil of consciousness that receives them. The relaxation into the experience and field of non-judgment upon a sea of neutrality that calls forward with each breath the blessing of your Divine Mastery experience.

YOU are as I AM…

the sustenance, the water, the air, the earth, the sky, the ALL… the ONE.

The capacity of your own divine mastery nature, the healing experience that is upon thee NOW defies any words… thereby we will not offer them.

We do share with YOU the radiance! The emanations through these hands to your hands with the blessing of the KNOWING that YOU are not alone.  We are limitless in number.  The truth of that which YOU ARE as I AM is upon thee now with the gift of the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation. The full presence of the sea of neutrality. 

And when enough say YES…the blessings become extra-ordinarily more abundant.  Feel the gift of the radiance of thy own hands, of thy own heart, of thy own BEing.  Notice the in-lightened energy of thy own form.  Notice the illuminated lifting presence restoring within thy own field of energy and light. Notice the radiance of the ignition raising of that which you call the body of form. Notice the energy field above thee, rising from the third chakra on third eye through the star consciousness. YES! Star consciousness. 

Lifting up…UP…through the radiance of the blessing of that which is upon thee now…in thy field now…in thy universe now…in thy consciousness NOW. From that space, YOU ARE READY, and the continuation is assured.  The Choice is yours! IT all- ways IS!  IT all- ways has been! 

In that choice may the joy be the celebration and expand the remembrance vastly so that ALL may be ready to receive…again!   And so it is!unknown.jpg

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