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The Day The Earth Stood Still: Again


By Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

2009 is rapidly handing out lessons and they are getting greater and clearer with each passing day. With two full months left in this year, we are at a crescendo of energy that is inviting you to pay attention.

The weekend of October 24/25, 2009, Kira Raa was deluged with visions and “visits” from the Archangelic realm and beyond. While we are still sitting with the content and full extent of all that was shared, there was one central message theme for all of humanity that was abundantly clear:


Our planet is actively and diligently offering us messages everyday that she needs our clarity and our support. This loving gift from our beloved Gaia begs one important question of self-inquiry:

How can we offer to our planet that which we may not be sure we can offer to ourselves?

While sitting with the deluge of sharing that was gifted through Kira in conjunction with the review of the 12 lessons from the Lost Books of the Essene, we fully and humbly recognize it is an IMPERATIVE moment to not hold back in anyway that which must be shared, regardless of any public or private consequences.

Often, when we arrive at that divine moment of crystalline clarity, the support systems of our traditional life and experience of life may feel threatened. This is a normal experience. Yet, it is an experience that can divert you from a focused pathway.

During our very mystical weekend experience, we were invited by our “visitors” to view the remake of the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still, with Keanu Reeves; a strange request, or so we thought. When this movie first released we had no interest in viewing it, and until this moment, actually forgot about it.


As we viewed this movie with the energetic eyes of Self-Ascension, what we “saw” was that embedded within the movie was what felt like a summary of the visions being shared with Kira Raa. If you have not ever seen this movie, (or even if you have), revisit it with a very open eye and heart.

Occasionally, whether intentionally or not, a message does come forward from a mainstream production, and in this case the message we discovered is clear: Must we come to the brink of our own destruction before we choose to shift from a life that destroys to a life that creates?

2012 is upon us. Are you ready? Do you want to be? Are you sure?

Then, beloved ones; FOCUS.

Try to break the loop that makes fear profitable. Allow yourself to fully embrace positive and passionate action vs. anger based activism. We are at a VERY IMPORTANT moment in our collective history. Pick something, anything, that your heart can believe in and feel as real, THEN BE SURE TO STICK WITH IT.

Many have written us lately with stories of being pulled off balance by well-intended teachers, authors and healers, some of these are very well known. Remember that ONLY YOU KNOW what is RIGHT FOR YOU.

Denial is a universal aspect of human ego. We all deny and discard information that is too overwhelming or too challenging to our personal stability. On the personal level, for example, we deny that our poor eating habits will result in ill health. Whether we demand oxygen bottles, insulin shots and scooters instead of taking time from our television shows to exercise and eat healthy nourishing foods, or simply rationalize that there is no time to cook a balanced meal, denial touches everyone in the mainstream. We are also all to lax in allowing pharmaceutical corporations define health and safety, while trusting a flu-shot more than our own ability to manifest the gift of living lives of greater harmony and less stress.

As part of our experience of density, at some point we have collectively and universally denied our empowerment as sovereign, whole and healthy beings. The only possible way to step out of the denial is to gift yourself with the first big step: un-plug.

This step is one that has become ever more challenging in a world of dependency oriented marketing and co-existence. Yet, to un-plug from your dependency upon outer resources, outside authorities, outside newscasters and all compromising relationships is the springboard to extraordinary personal freedom and abundant living.

An example of a compromising relationship is that job you really do not enjoy or a personal relationship that does not support your empowerment and spiritual growth. Yes! It takes courage to unplug.

True freedom is an inner commitment to set yourself first. For many people it involves a deep cleansing, or shamanic death, of our previous way of being as these old ways have defined us and become our means of creating safety, however illusionary.

The shamanic death refers to the death of the ego as it has been- this is part of the deepest unplugging. However, you can unplug from the unhealthy patterns and social groups without doing a battle to the death with your ego. It does require educating yourself and releasing limiting beliefs. It does require a willingness to let go of false security and discover that you are the authority in your life and that you can summon incredible spiritual power by calling in your spiritual resources.

For now, we simply wish to connect you to the depth of denial that may be at work in your life experience. Denial is a form of prison – it keeps you disconnected from your true strength by empowering a limited sense of self that is unwilling to face fear.

Are you ready to be free?

True freedom only comes when our love of truth and our trust in our own spiritual nature is greater than our fear.

If you have been blessed to witness anyone walk through fear, or you have walked through your own, that magic moment unfolds when there is inherent trust and inner essence, even if that essence could not be described. It’s the sense that; “I just knew that I could get through it, even though I feared I would die, I knew I wouldn’t”.

The moment of Divine universal support is available to you now in ways that it has not been before. Are you ready to move into your greatest freedom by unplugging from the illusion and taking charge of your life? Perhaps, the phrase, if not now when, has greater meaning in this moment than ever before!

That’s a snapshot of the personal level. What about our shared outer world?

Each and every day many dismiss confronting the serious challenges in our world and the lies, (often believed to be in our best interest), that are propagated by the power brokers of our modern society. The corruption runs as deep as the core of our existence – profit agendas have infiltrated every aspect of society and created a “norm” that is disconnected from wholeness and healthy balance.

Whether it is allowing soda pop and snack foods into our elementary schools or standing by while our country’s armed forces are encouraged and supported to interfere in the social and political development of other countries, we have allowed those who seek power and profit to manipulate our perspectives and corrupt public policy.

If you are ready to call forth self-honesty, you will discover that the United States is no longer the pinnacle of personal liberty, health and quality education. Many have looked the other way while corporations ravage our natural resources. We want to believe that technology will rescue us from the destruction of the bio-sphere. However, along with the economy, the world structures as we have known them are declining very rapidly. If you allow yourself the role of the observer, what you discover is that there no longer exists a true democracy in the USA, only enough window dressing to keep the masses quiet, and in denial.

Even the champion of hope, Barack Obama, has renewed the provisions of the Patriot Act which would have given back some personal liberties to the American people. This only brings to light that Obama, like most all modern politicians, was forced to comply, and in some fashion, sold his ability to act in full integrity to the hidden power brokers who profit from the current levels of corruption.

Terrorism is a false enemy – it is a war that is impossible to win. Investing in schools, health care, roads and factories in other countries builds trust and interdependency . Spending billions on troops, bombs and flawed military strategy instead puts billions of dollars into private hands and creates a scenario that will insure conflict for may generations.

Conflict is more profitable than peace to those who choose to pull the strings of any society. Ironically, peace would produce far more economic growth, due to the building of social, educational and medical infrastructures. However, those investments would not be as centralized as the war machine.

As you are reading this, chances are something is stirring within you. What a wonderful gift. Please know that we are not politically motivated and have no agenda to promote in this writing other than: “Wake Up”! It’s not about being angry at your government. (Though many could focus on the bad faith and manipulation and feel outraged.) It’s not about picketing your bank or mortgage company or workplace or local hospital although most of these institutions have placed short term profit above global harmony, true compassion and sustainability.

These institutions are merely an honest reflection of our mass denial. We co-created the very situation we seek to avoid. And, if we don’t immediately re-prioritize our energy and attention, then WW-3 is a certainty. There are those who look forward to the conflict and have a subconscious fascination with the notion that great war will arise in the Middle East and trigger the return of a Savior.

The myths run deep in the human psyche. The denial runs deep. And, human beings tend to re-injure themselves in a tragic attempt to heal unconscious trauma. We are at the bar none most important collective moment ever, what do you want it to look like?

In our prior incarnation, (Su’Laria), we co-created planetary destruction. And whether you remember or believe that story, you will likely agree that deep in your own psyche is a deep sense that global catastrophe is likely. We seem to know that something terrible can occur and we’d rather just place our attention elsewhere, or simply believe that somehow, magically, we won’t be affected, that it will happen “somewhere else”.

So, in global denial, coupled with corrupt power holders, our earth’s peoples will likely further polarize and unwittingly support a series of wars and earth changes that will devastate the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Death and destruction unlike anything witnessed in our recorded history are possibly just a few years ahead UNLESS we shift our consciousness.

Imagine how the various governments of the world will respond to ocean water levels rising 20 to 40 feet? Do we have the resources to move whole cities? Do we have the health organizations that can offer any true solutions? Presently, we don’t – the only thing we can offer is martial law, is that really the option we want to bring forward?

The ice caps are melting far faster than predicted. Volcanic activity on the ocean floor will certainly generate several (MANY) Tsunami’s. Yet, our governments need to still invest heavily in armament, so they divert our attention by arguing about the truth and solutions of global warming, argue about the need to continue manufacturing land mines, and we continue to dump city waste off barges onto the ocean floor.

We are at the moment where we are being invited to fully break free of all illusions and face the revealing self-truth:

In the end, it will not be an environmental crisis that will cause our destruction. It will not be a planet colliding with the earth, AND, it is not the fault of any government.

In the end, we will come to once again realize that it is our co-creative choice to live in denial, to refuse to dissolve fear and instead distract ourselves from the essential that will manifest as our self-destruction, IF WE CHOOSE.

  • What if you knew the world was going to end next February, (or any specific date)?
  • How would you live between now and then?
  • Would you still do things that dulled your Joy?
  • Would you compromise your freedom?

We live each day with spirit blessing us by literally keeping our expansion on a “need to know basis”. Tongue and cheek perhaps, however if we all knew the hour and day of our earthly departure, would we learn as much, would we embrace as much? A powerful question and certainly fodder for another article at the least.

Yet, the truth is that if you knew for certain that it all would come to an end in four months time, then you would try to make peace with your emotions. Chances are you would do the things that were truly important to you. And, in the end, deep within your heart and spirit, a great recognition of Divine experience would awaken inside and You might even celebrate a little!

More than ever, the sacred intention of the work of Self-Ascension shines in this critical moment of human history:

To listen, To love and To hold the space of enlightenment for all.

As we carry forward the Sacred Intention of Self-Ascension in Guatemala over the next six weeks, we will Celebrate MANY ceremonies on behalf of the energy of our world and the times just ahead.

May you fully recognize THE IMPORTANCE of YOUR ROLE in the next two months of 2009 and our collective future together.

2 responses to “The Day The Earth Stood Still: Again”

  1. Wow, After watching the movie and reading the whole article here, wow.
    Yes, a lot to take in.
    I quit watching movies like and similar to this. Today, I rented with an open heart.
    When the guns came out, my mind immediately wanted to go to,’see how humans are,,,’.
    Today, I could watch as an observer. I recoginzed my memories from other endings I witnessed was triggered before and feeling the pain of that end time.
    Yes, There is a lot coming through this movie.
    I do suggest watching and feel for yourself what comes forward.
    I Trust that these feelings and memories my heart brought forward for me will bring this journey to greater light.
    Importantly, to become the observer and not getting caught in the soup of fears.

    Thank you.

  2. You are right, the movie is profound. I feel it deeply throughout my body. My son said it had had bad reviews when it came out. He wondered if it was because it was too thoughtful, too close to the truth.

    Another movie that affected me greatly was the Last Mimzy. I had a huge waking up experience watching it. When I think of the way our would could be, one of the images that comes to mind is from the last scene of the movie with the teacher teaching the children telepathically in the meadow.

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