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The Choice of Spiritual Focus - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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The Choice of Spiritual Focus


Oneness, or the state of Union, is the peaceful recognition of the Divine expressing focus your attention on the Divine energy. Be enlightened by claiming your authentic soul as Self. This is the state of Beingness that needs no proof. Your soul is already enlightened!

Now, let your consciousness loosen its grip on the beli ef patterns and emotions that would keep you distracted from your Truth. Enlightenment is not a path, it is who you are.

Ascension Consciousness is a state of Being where the ego surrenders to the Unconditional Love of the Soul. Ascension Consciousness recognizes that it is not of the density world, yet finds itself here! How amusing! And shortly after the truth of that recognition is anchored without doubt, one’s vibrational rate will escalate very rapidly. Re-Union is available for all, yet not everyone is ready.

Some have their consciousness so fixed on other explorations and beliefs that they are not available to this gateway to Oneness. Each soul finds its own way home, and on its own perfect time; that is the nature of free will. Just as children might miss the call for dinner time due to their intense involvement in a game, so too will millions voluntarily opt out of this opportunity for reunion. This is not a loss, rather it is a choice to stay out and play longer.

The universe is infinitely patient. Yet there is urgency that comes from the recognition that we…as travelers…are at the time of Reunion. Together we are within the extraordinary gift of the cosmic journey that for us hits full speed at 2012, a moment of the history of Gaia that has not ever happened before! 2012 offers energetic support for this universal call home. The timing is supportive; and your success is assured, one way or another!

Where do you choose to anchor your success in this extraordinary moment on our world? Whether you decide to opt out or to opt in is not as important as your commitment to your choice. Honor all who have clearly chosen and are taking action each and every day to support their choices. Before you rest this evening, and upon arising tomorrow, pay attention to your consciousness, and allow yourself the moment of recognition, that with each day you renew your commitment to the choice that is being supported now with greater energy than ever before. Take action, Beloved One, to support your choice and celebrate that you are here now!

Starting the 25th of May, you can take action and join our FREE tele-call (see below) that is offered as a gift to support your loving presence in the world. We encourage you to join us, to share this gift with your friends, and to take a step each day that assists your journey to be ever more spacious, loving and joy-filled.

Many Blessings.

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