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The 13 Cycles of 13:  The 50,000 yr. Moment of NOW - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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The 13 Cycles of 13:  The 50,000 yr. Moment of NOW

13 cycles of 13

TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary, Ecuador

January 19, 2023

Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Raa 


The St. Germaine IT-self through Master Lady Kira Raa:

Imagine you are the juggler of universal consciousness.  That your extra-ordinary zero-point energy is effort-lessly dancing and weaving as the kaleidoscope of eternal presence.


the energy of the Sacred Twelve through the KNOWING of the ONE…that IS.

To have consciously and fully illuminated THE… Self, with the ESSENCE of BEing.

To KNOW…beyond all doubt, that YOU…HAVE…. spent this entire life experience of potentiality, in the energy of Ascension, waiting for this MOMENT… of the NOW.

Notice your hands and gaze deeply into the energy field of YOU. Relax your breath into the zero-point generator within the torus. Inhale a deep Avesa breath and relax more as your Divine Mastery Presence RISES… as IT IS… continually creating…again and again and again.

I AM … Emergence:  the Essence of the unified field of the thirteen.

The frequency of perfect balance rising through the Sea of Neutrality into this field of conscious potentiality through Divine mastery Presence. The moment of Conscious Self-Ascension.

BE-Loved Community,

As we each breathe in the gift of this moment and the grace of the Ascended realms that are calling out with such love and presence, may we take the moments that are ours to claim and move forward with Steadfast commitment, Focused Awareness and Complete trust!

ALL of humanity… is in this very moment…is experiencing the UNIQUE MOMENT OF ZERO-POINT res-set.  We are feeling the strong pull of the first 13-month cycle of the next 50,000 yr. cycle heralding the ultimate choice point!  C/2022 E3 (ZTF), or Comet ZTF for short —  named  after the Zwicky Transient Facility that discovered it in March 2022 — hasn’t been in our cosmic neighborhood since the last Ice Age.  Really sit with that a moment.

As you bring a hand to your heart and relax into yet another Avesa breath and consider that ALL of humanity has been collectively moving into the experience of global shift as conscious co-creation is rising into ever greater awareness.

 These two experiences have meshed together through the planetary thought body as the moment before us unveils with stunning synergy the ever-present awareness:

 WE…ARE…living the Conscious EXPERIENCE of our collective CHOICES.

The energy of the 13 is the totality of balance. The ONE as the passionately active Presence in union with the Three.  The sacred trinity unified into form.  The acceptance of the Divine Nature of BEing into a body of form.

The One in full harmony with the three arises as the Four!  The ignition of the cross of perfect balance and ignition of the heartbeat Avesa. A moment of empowered humility for the re-membrance of the active presence of BEing.

This …is.. a GLORIOUS MOMENT for those ready to BE the open eye of the S.T.O.R.M.  To BE in the unified field AS the essential foundation at the close of one 50,000 year cycle and the literal start of the next!

February 1, 2023 heralds the next cycle as the Foundation of the Thirteen rises to support the sea of Neutrality. The restoration of balance through the Ascended Heart.  As of this moment through February 2, 2023, the energy of the “Green” comet will expand its illuminating presence.  The blessing of greater open portals of connection with greater ease for ALL as the dimensions open through this moment of re-set and welcoming of greater presence.

This is the dance and the kaleidoscope together.  Witnessing the way ALL the pieces …that have all-ways been there…are reshuffling …AND…most importantly…saying YES to the landscape of life experience they create!

Through this vast moment of conscious awakening WITHIN…  relax and re-member the PRISTINE planetary experience of this specific potentiality 50,000 years ago.

Smile consciously through a deep Avesa breath and SEE through the ignited support of YOUR Unique Divine Mastery awareness seeing through the eyes of this stunning body of form.

Humanity is expanding through a moment of growth that is far from the need for any-One to “believe” in its existence.  The moment at hand IS the MOMENT.

From the jettison that begins with February 01, many will suddenly begin to “feel what they may not have felt before”.  This is a profound moment of expansion as the initiation of the First active 13-month cycle of experience up-levels ALL during February 10-12 when the 50,000-year cycle has a mirror moment as thecomet will be visible very close to Mars.

2023 is the experience of the S.T.O.R.M. with the strong overlay of the Mars Affect.  The memories of many will stimulate throughout the subconscious that “an end” is near and this affect will be the challenge of those who are unable to See The Oneness, Reclaim Mastery.

The moment at hand is the ultimate blessing of claiming true freedom from victim consciousness once and for all!  The moment to SMILE BROADER and say YES TO YOU!

To sincerely sit with how extra-ordinarily blessed


in this potentiality…NOW!

Seriously consider…  in addition to having ‘sent ahead’ a Green comet that would arrive literally at the right moment…

YOU…ARE… potentially the LAST human to ever see it


in this potentiality!



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