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  • Start your 13 days of Creative Passion!

    The Ceremony of the Blue Flame: Trece oxlajuj Ag’ab’al (Thirteen Agabal) by Sri and Kira

  • Magic, Mysticism, and May Revelations!

    What is magic and how will it manifest in your life? Sri and Kira offer powerful insight into world events and the ways that the energies of our world and beyond are affecting our experience.

  • Where, How, and What do you want to be?

    Where, How, and What do you want to be? Vital questions for the next 3 months to shape the next 5 years! In this month’s  message, Sri and Kira disclose that Spiritual Ascension requires that we become very clear with ourselves especially where you want to be, how you want to be, and who you want […]