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  • Igniting Our Shields: Igniting Humanity!

    Igniting Our Shields: Igniting Humanity!

    A series of messages culminating in a profound video in-soulment.

  • The Mayan Elders Speak

    The Mayan Elders Speak

    presented by Sri and Kira We are honored to live in the highlands of Guatemala amongst the “Authentic Elders” of the Maya. These humble beings of great service have invited us to share the MOST IMPORTANT 8 REVELATIONS for this moment! These beautiful beings do not speak English and have no desire for worldwide fame,…

  • Our Crop Circle is HERE!

    Three years ago, Kira was given the image of a crop circle that would appear at a critical moment for humanity. On July 22nd, that crop circle manifested in full form and welcomed the Mists of Avalon journeyers! From Archangel Zadkiel: “It is within the gift of the 22 that you find us, the Archangelic…

  • Profound and Relevant: Welcome to 100’s of pages of Timely Messages

    On this page you will discover series after series of Self-Ascension Messages delivered through Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa. Gifts from the Archangelic realm, may your heart call you to decide which series and which message to explore first! The series presented here are: Living in the Fifth Dimension The Galactic Encyclopedia Revealed Embracing…

  • What is the Rapture?

    Discover answers within yourself!

  • Authentic Evolution:Spiritual Nourishment vs. Ego Nourishment

    Authentic Evolution: Spiritual Nourishment vs Ego Nourishment by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa True nutrition is that which expands balance and harmony, and thus expands true love. True love is all-ways non-judgmental, it simply radiates the energy of Light. For the body, true nutrition offers energy and is restorative without also delivering a toxic…