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Soul Nourishment: Nature - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Soul Nourishment: Nature


Certified Self-Ascension Coach AR Ran Yah shares her experience with Soul Nourishment and Nature.

Nature is a gift from the Divine. It is rejuvenating and makes us feel alive, and connected to the Universe. In this modern day and age, we spend so much time indoors, focused on the business of our lives and disconnected from mother earth. But much of what we truly need to nourish our soul can only be found under the sky, alongside tall trees, on open plains, or in the sound of running water. Spending time in nature allows us to commune with other living beings and to find comfort in the nurturing embrace of Mother Earth.

Because we instinctively know that nature is good for us on many levels, it’s not unusual to feel powerfully drawn to it. Even if you live in a city or find it difficult to travel to a forest or the countryside, there are a myriad ways to reconnect with nature. Find beautiful pictures of the many glorious aspects of Mother Earth that can be found in books and on the internet. Select the one or ones which call to you, that make you feel like you want to be right there. Relax your body and allow your gaze to focus on the beautiful image you have chosen. See yourself in this picture. Feel the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the breeze, tickle of the grass under your feet, the caress of the water against your skin. Let your physical environment fall away as you are transported to the destination in front of your eyes. Pause for a few minutes, close your eyes and let your senses completely absorb your new surroundings. Listen and breathe deeply, until you hear the wind rustling through branches, smell rain on damp grass, and see the reflection of leaves brushing up against windowpanes. The sights, sounds, smells, and sensations that are a part of nature remind us of all the gifts Mother Earth grants us each day.

Spending time connecting with nature nourishes the soul, reminds you that you are never truly alone, and renews you by attuning you to the earth’s natural rhythms. We feel the life, love and support that flows in, through and around all of nature – the trees, plants, insects, animals and winged ones. Being in nature connects us to the earth. Surrounded by other living beings, both bigger and smaller than we are, reminds us that we are simply one form of life supported and housed by and on Mother Earth. Listen to the earth and the spirit of its many beings.

If you choose to, be adventurous and allow your inner child to emerge. Take your shoes off and walk barefoot on the earth or play in the rain for a moment. Let your body touch the body of the earth and its many elements. Take time to gaze at the sun, moon, stars and clouds. See yourself expand so that you are touching them and they are touching you. Acknowledge the connection and communion, feel the circle of energy that flows between you and the universe.

Know that you too are as much a part of nature as are the leaves on a tree and you are also a part of this vast universe and the Divinity in all.

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  1. Yes. Indeed nature is as much a part of us as leaves are a part of a tree branch. How divine. How D-‘vine’

    THis weekend, while attending the seminar, I will look for symbols of the universal love in nature. I will focus on the beauty. I will love.

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