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Shakti Exchange and Your Abundant Flow

Prior to the advent of a monetary system we offered each other services and products in a balanced manner for the energy offered. This is the gift of Shakti. To exchange Shakti is to recognize the blessing of all energy and balanced exchange.
balanced Shakti

WAdi Shaktihat is Shakti and what is a Shakti Exchange?

Let us go on a mystical journey together in this moment. Simply take a deep loving breath and exhale.  Then, invite yourself to remember the energy of your divine cosmic heritage.

The place where your soul flies free and your abundant nature is ever expressing as you manifest the dreams of your life creation.

This is the place of pure Shakti.

For many this is expressed in the form of the divine feminine aspect of Shiva.  The recognition that Shakti is the female divine force and the restorer of balance.  The gentle knowing smile of universal compassion and oneness.

When we realize that the Shiva energy can be experienced as the “father”, and the Shakti as the “mother”, we bring forward our abundant nature expressed through our chakra system of the body of form.

Easily stated this offers us the clarity that beginning with our traditional root chakra at the base of the spine we discover our beloved mother offers us everything!

She gives us this planet, food, shelter and the gift of life in form!  This is the eternal Shakti that is ever present and steadfast in her ability to give to us.  To open to receiving from our beloved mother is to say YES to the fulfillment of our worldly journey.

Once we say yes to Shakti we are then full within ourselves and ready to realize the vast limitless abundance of the universe that is delivered from our Father energy…the Shiva.

This Shiva energy is ever present and can only be called into our life experience through the receptivity of the crown chakra.  This abundance is poured forth to us and offered as the gift of Sacred Union with our Shakti.

To exchange Shakti is to recognize the blessing of all energy and balance. the mother Shakti continually assures us that our basic needs will always be met.  The father Shiva energy is our co-creative partner calling forth experiences  that enhance our joy and capacity to serve.

It is the opening within ourselves to Sacred Union with the mother and the father that frees us to fully remember oneness.  Shakti is cosmic existence as well as liberation.

Through the pouring forth of the mother we are full, and when we harness this fullness and lift our hearts, we open ourselves to the full abundance of the universal father.  It is then that our journey shifts to one of abundant flow and creative recognition.shivashakti

Prior to the advent of a monetary system we offered each other services and products in a balanced manner for the energy offered.  This is the gift of Shakti, an honoring of the balance of all exchanges and the ever-present gentle reminder that we are ever abundant.

All of our services are offered with great love and wholeness as a Shakti exchange.  Your tuition payment is your gift of Shakti.

Our gift to you is the return and energization of your cosmic Shakti 1000 fold!

This is the union of Shiva and Shakti.  The Sacred union of the soul that is free to give and receive as the mother and the father.  To once more dive into the mystical space of your divinity and create from this unlimited pool of manifest energy.

With each conscious gift of our Shakti exchange, the universal father sends ever more flow into our life and our life creates ever more balance in its daily expression.

With great love and abundant Sacred Union,

Sri & Kira

4 responses to “Shakti Exchange and Your Abundant Flow”

  1. Thank you for this description (including the funny typo in the third bolded paragraph!). I have been experiencing this balance for the masculine and feminine within myself for some time and understand this sacred union more deeply now than ever before. Thank you as always for all you share with us.

  2. Hello,sri and kira

    I love this magical loving letters that you bring us all the time. But today my face was cover with lots of smiles
    When I saw over the picture ” It is then that our journey shits to one of abundant flow and creative recognition. ” the word after journey, looks out place, but fascinating, because many people feel exactly like that in these days

  3. Beloved Ones! Ahh the magic of typos and what they inspire from us! 🙂 We have now fixed that fascinating blip and appreciate your sharing, Indeed your shakti exchange on this issue is loved and appreciated! Feel my love and joy around you now! With the blessing of Self-Ascension, Kira Raa

  4. Hello Sri and Kira,
    I would love to share with you that I have found that when I mindfully connect and use the term Shakti exchange with the programs I’m offering my clients there is a deeper level of stability and confidence within my root chakra… I feel the connection and the flow coming through my crown. I also feel it has a lot to do with my RRST… lifting, stabilizing this flow throughout my entire energy and body.
    Thank you once again for all that you both share, it is a blessed gift to connect, learn and expand with your guidance.
    Love and Light

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