Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension

September Equinox - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Unifying Through Peace

Join in Person or Virtually
TOSA Blue Mountain Ecuador
September 22-25

Pre-Event Equinox Sept 20-21

From the Heart of the World!!

The Drums will Beat
Our feet will stomp
Our hands will raise

We will unabashedly dance together..again…
In the Celebration of ONENESS
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The Tribes come together…

AS the GIFT of PEACE EXPANDS through the Sea of Neutrality

The consecration of the Pyramid of Peace is a Divine vision gifted through Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Through the The St, Germaine IT-SELF as a tangible experience for ALL to TOUCH the GIFT of Divine PRESENCE…again. The celebration of the arrival of collective consciousness as the active presence of Ascended form and action.

With a deep bow to all who will be here live! Or supporting this MASSIVE moment for humanity

Consecration of the World’s FIRST 72 Foot Tall Pyramid for Peace!

Unifying Through Peace September 22-25
Pre-Event Equinox Ceremonies 20-21

Schedule of Events

September 20th

3-7 pm Ecuador (4-8 ET)
Honoring of the Grandmothers

September 21st

3-7 Ecuador (4-8 ET)
International Day of Peace Equinox Ceremony World Peace Week

September 22nd

7-9 pm Ecuador (8-10 pm ET)
Peace as Unification in Action
Consecration of the Pyramid of Peace

September 23rd

3-7 pm Ecuador(4-8 ET)
Rising New World Consciousness
Expansion of Unification of Peace

September 24th

3-7pm Ecuador (4-8 ET)
Wisdom: The Medicine Now

September 25th

11am-1 pm Ecuador(12-2 ET)
Closing Ceremonies and Unification of ALL Special 2 hour Broadcast of Sri & Kira Live FREE Broadcast

We will have some FREE Broadcasts happening during our Event.
On the 20th, and 21st as well as 25th.

Be There Live or Virtually!

Join the FULL Ceremony Experience at TOSA Blue Mountain! 
September 22-25  Full Access  Ceremonies and Consecration of Pyramid $444 
September 20-21 Equinox Ceremonies $111
Want to include a Room and Stay?! Amazing Hotel Package with Full Ceremony Access!

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STAY and Celebrate!
In-Joy a Room with Full Accommodations
Beautiful Hotel with full Amenities
Shuttle to and from Event

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Observe and Admittance to Grounds Does not Include:
Active Participation in Ceremony
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Virtual Ticket PLUS Recordings $33

Livestream Access
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Virtual Ticket LIVE Stream $22

Livestream Access
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STAY and Celebrate! In-Joy a Room with Full Accommodations
Beautiful Hotel with full Amenities and Shuttle to and from TOSA Blue Mountain and Event. Participate in All Ceremonies 


Live nearby and don’t need the hotel?
Participate in all ceremonies. Drive to and from TOSA Blue Mountain with Full Access Ticket. Or get a Local’s Day Pass! 
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Hosted at TOSA BLUE MOUNTAIN Ecuador

Part of peace week 2022
global minga projects for humanity

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