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San Antonio Palopo Update Continued Relief Efforts, September 2010 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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San Antonio Palopo Update Continued Relief Efforts, September 2010

24 Sep 10 014

Beloved Ones,
On September 24 we received this beautiful letter from our friend Thomas on behalf of the people of San Antonio Palopo. Thanks to the presence and generosity of the Self-Ascension community, record amounts of food have been handed out, and there is still tremendous need.

As you look at these photos and read these words, we invite you to allow the energy of these beautiful beings to surround you as we continue to hold presence for all.
We love you.

24 Sep 10 005

Dear Friends,
You have stepped up to the plate again. It is not surprising that relief support is slow in coming to our village after the second disasterous slide on September 10th. I was advised by members of the town council (alcaldia) that there was a danger of hunger here as resources have been incredibly slow getting here. You must know that the whole country is in need and so it is understandable that our friends abroad are feeling stressed; think of Haiti, Pakistan, China and the list goes on. However, I live here and you all know our people, and so here live my priorities.

24 Sep 10 020

Today, on behalf of Sri and Kira of the TOSA Group, you have given out 1200 pounds of corn, 300 pounds of rice, 300 pounds of black beans and a bottle of cooking oil to each of 70 +/- families. The portions turned out to be four pounds each of beans and rice, 18 pounds of corn and a bottle of oil for each family. The normal gift by other agencies is a pound of this and a pound of that, leaving the people hungry after one meal. This gift of the Friends of San Antonio Palopo will keep each family eating for about a week. Sri and Kira, the recipients, shown in the attached photos, sent to you and the TOSA Group there sincere thanks. I think one anciana wanted me to give you a kiss but I thought you could collect when you get here. lol I’m sure it was a kiss but my Kachequel is pretty bad. lol

24 Sep 10 017

Yesterday, we had a meeting with all the victims whose houses were lost. I am afraid to start again but when we asked what are their greatest needs that are NOT being met by other resources, the list reflects the need for looms and accessories, household items and for those who do not weave, some of their personal trade goods. Mason’s tools including a skill saw and others are on the list.

24 Sep 10 016

So, at the risk of losing every friend I have ever had I am asking you to come forward again. If you cannot, I will understand and I hope our victims will as well. You all have been outstandingly generous. So, I will leave it to you. Bless all your hearts.

24 Sep 10 004

All donations go directly support relief efforts in San Antonio Palopo.

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