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An Invitation to Remember the Truth of Who You Are - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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An Invitation to Remember the Truth of Who You Are

Experience an audio journey of recognition and remembrance as Kira calls to the awakening Miracle Team!


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Namaste Beloved One and welcome!

When Archangel Zadkiel first shared with us the beauty and the blessing of
the Miracle Team, it as done through an invitation to remember, and we would
like to share that with you as your heart has found this moment to be with us
right now.

If you’re comfortable closing your eyes, please do so and simply take in a
nourishing breath. And as you close your eyes and feel the gift of nourishing
breath, remember a beautiful gift that you have held for eons. Deep within your
heart is a golden seed of light, and in this golden seed of light is the memory,
the promise, and the love that YOU ARE. Eons ago, in the crystalline temples
of light, together, one thousand energies stood and ignited this golden ball
of light. And in that moment, we knew that we would travel far and that we would
travel wide, that we would have many lifetimes and many journeys, and that at
a moment of divine harmony and reunification on a planet in our distant future
known as Gaia, we would come together again with open eyes and open hearts at
a time when we were ready to create miracles again, to transform our alchemical
density, and to be in the light of full creation.

Together, we would find each
other. Together, we would support each other, and together, through our awakening
and reunification, we would inspire a world at the brink of its own forgetfulness
to wake up again.

Breathe and feel the love of You in this moment, for YOU ARE a miracle, and
YOU ARE a Miracle-maker. Take in another breath beloved one and relax. Our one
joy, our one prayer, is that your heart, in finding this moment right now, has
re-awakened to the beauty that YOU ARE, to the love that YOU ARE, and to the
miracle energy that YOU ARE and have always been.

And as your heart recognizes yourself as one of these thousand points of light,
we invite you to remember even further, to come forward as a visible beacon
of divine love, to let miracles be your everyday guide, so that your presence,
your heart, and your love will ignite those around you without the need for
words, without the need for anything except your ignition.

Welcome home, beloved Miracle-maker. We celebrate your presence on the planet
and we celebrate YOU.

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