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Releasing the Illusion of Density; Embracing Divine Recognition - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Releasing the Illusion of Density; Embracing Divine Recognition

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Re-Leasing the Illusion of Density: Embracing Divine Re-cognition

Through Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Raa

Delivered at Sunrise, Crop Circle Center, July 24, 2011, East Kennet, UK

Unlocked April 01, 2021

You can download a formatted pdf of this In-Soulment by Clicking Here

The Blue Starborn Speak through Master Lady Kira Raa…

Beloved ones of great light, great love and great cosmic energy. Indeed! The divine moment is at hand for thee.

This divine moment is not for one. IT IS…for ALL.

Before us is the great re-cognition of divine light. Call this light forward for thee and for ALL! To re-cognize and to BE with. 

Beloved angels of a great world of service and divine union…the divine union now at hand must be with ALL of the creations of your expansionary experience of light. 

The limitation placed upon thee is a co-creative manifest limitation. This has been brought forth for thee to have the experience of great density. 

Within the great density, IT IS…NOW…the moment of divine illumination that is transcendent beyond that which is created in a mind cell. It can only be created through a universal cell.

Within the cosmic consciousness of ALL that has ever been, and ALL that will ever be, you sit all-ways within the circle, within the circle, within the circle. 

To say that one must to come here to find this energy is a universal giggle. This energy is in ALL-ways at hand. Within your world, the slumbering is at a moment of divine drowsiness. In the divine drowsiness many are seeking awaken-ness, as many are seeking great slumber again. 

Indeed, the cycle of shift is upon thee.  IT IS…upon thee in a way that cannot be expressed through the words of your genre.

The words of your world will expand great confusing energy in the next what you call year. There will be great confusion spread. This is the gift that you are able to claim as you allow your-self to simply feel energy rather than to seek to talk about energy. 

To seek to have great conversations will call forward great confusion for many. 

Offer the energy of divine love through your sacred heart. This simple shaft of wheat that we gaze at before us now, through the eyes of this one who allows us to be, is filled with the sacred heart.

Gaze into one grain. Not at the shaft, not the formation, not the the leaf, not the stalk. Within that one grain, you will find ALL that has ever been, and ALL that will ever be. 

The great universal eternity that exists within thee and has all-ways been.

YOU…ARE…in a world experience, now, that seeks to confuse many. There is great confusion energy fueled through the energy known as fear.  Fear is manifest with great rampant abundance on your planet because it feeds the confusion.

Gather your energy.  Gather your clarity. Gather your heart as a unified stream of ALL hearts.  Within your heart is the answer that you seek and the universe that exists within a simple grain of wheat.

There is nothing you need to take.  There is nothing you need to own.

There is nothing you need to do.  We offer this through thee, for thee, with thee, and as thee. IT IS…a simple message. IT IS…a profound message for the coded heart that is ready to open.

In your world now, the confusing energy of fear will expand infinite-fold. Only those who do not engage this energy in great debated conversation will walk silently among without the need for fanfare, without the need for great attention. Your energy will expand infinitely as you offer the gift of this divine service, through thee and with thee.

This world is representative of this circle.

In the outer rim is Unification. All Oneness contained within the one grain. 

Then you walk through the Pyramid of Illusion, starting at the greater foundation and walking through each level of ever-refining energy, until without any doubt or fear, you step into the Great Unknown. 

Then you swim in the sea of the Great Unknown while you carry a vessel of divine energy and allow that vessel to acclimate. Sometimes you may feel as if you are drowning in that energy, as if you will never breathe again… as if you are swimming upstream… as if you are unable to breathe again. 

And then, as if a miracle, you come out of the ocean and refreshed! The light shines upon thee again. You notice a Cosmic Center that has waited for thee to simply remember and lift up to it.

You have all-ways and will all-ways be supported on your journey. Your path is the gift. Your journey is the gift. There is not a destination. There is the universal harmony that sings through thee and allows the congruent energy of all divine Oneness to be. 

You are the Oneness as you are expressing the Allness. As you swim through the cosmic ocean and find the center again, you discover you are right back where you started, in the world of divine love with great harmony and great knowing.

Upon the planet of density of great co-creation that you have been living with and gifted with experiencing now, the time of great confusion has already begun. In the world of great confusion, many will be eloquent in their words of confusion, and many will seek the dominion of your own wisdom. 

This is yours to give of course if you choose. IT IS…also yours to claim if you so choose. There is not a right or a wrong; there is only the expansionary experience.

We simply offer you the re-cognition that you do have the great choice. Humanity has all-ready made many great choices that have brought the time of great confusion to the planet now.

Lift beloved ones! Feel the energy of your feet ignite! ALL true healing begins at the feet and lifts up. Lift up through your feet, through your legs to the base of the column known as the spine. Carry the energy of the white and the gold and spiral this energy up your spine and bring it up and out of the crown of the top of the head that you consider to be physical. ( This is the Living Ankh practice and assists to hold this energy.  You can learn this at and click here.)

Bring your hands above thy head and feel the expansion of your divine form. The skull that contains the matter you call a brain is merely a representation of your divine form. Expand into the divine form that you re-cognize and re-member. Deep within your heart, you understand this.

Feel your fingers expand. Feel light ignite and come through them, if you so choose. Feel the healing heart ignite. Feel a beam of golden-green energy come in through thy heart now as you feel our blue essence around thee.

There is only ONE. Separation is a perception through the illusion of this world now. Walk silently among. Smile and invite your presence to ignite others. There is no need for the fanfare. There is only the need for the silent heart.  The humble heart.  

The heart that anchored in sincerity will lift through the confusion.

To step into the confusion is to feed the confusion. Your heart and your sacred wisdom are not confused. Unify the white, gold, green and blue. 

Bring these energies in and you will find the violet that has been ever-present transmuting until this moment of divine declaration.

Walk the sacred circle. Navigate the pyramids of life. Swim in the sea of universal compassion and dive into the center of the universe. We welcome you Home.

You have ignited the molecule, the unification, the knowing, the BEing.

You are here…now…because your heart has called you. Many hearts will be called through viewing a photo, or being in the Presence, or simply connecting through closing the eyes, breathing in the gift, and understanding the Presence. There is no magic at work. There is simply the divine remembrance of the truth of that which you have always been.

Gaze into the grain, the single grain. Take not. Simply Be. 

May a grain at all times be with you. Whether it is this grain of wheat, or a grain of rice, or a grain of corn. ALL divine wisdom has their grain. 

See it not as a way to fill the body. See it as a way to ignite the soul, for your soul is divinely ignited again.  The divine healing destiny of your wisdom is fully ignited should you so choose. 

Seek not confusion which will come in many and all forms.

Simply allow wisdom through your smile, through your silence, through your presence, and Be.

You can download a formatted pdf of this In-Soulment by Clicking Here

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