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Re-Claiming Clarity and Purpose:Three Easy Steps that Move You Forward! - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Re-Claiming Clarity and Purpose:Three Easy Steps that Move You Forward!

Photo by Alaskan Dude

Archangel Zadkiel through
Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa

Welcome, and great joy to all of you!  We have much to share with you at this time of Re-awakening, Re-activation, and Re-membrance!

Enjoying and Understanding Body Shifts

As you move through this time, we wish to talk first about
your bodies. Having a body is great fun you must have fun with the body!  It is important to recognize that right
now your bodies are experiencing major shift. Because of this major transition,
much of what you thought you were over, done with, been there done that, is
coming back! Oh yes!

Dearest ones, we know that for many of you the prospect of
once again Re-visiting “old stuff” will indeed create an emotional tantrum! You
may say to yourself, “Wasn’t it just a few months ago I re-visited this?”

Yes!  It was
just a few months ago, and it is time to dance again! Sometimes, when you find
a dance you like, you do it again just because it is fun, no? As the bodies are
doing their happy dance of joyous Re-integration, you may indeed feel some
interesting things.  Know that
these interesting things gift you with the recognition that you are in a time
of great energetic shift!

As you experience this shift, you may experience many
sensations of the body. Many of you are now experiencing what feels like a
headache, and ask, “How come I cannot get rid of this headache? I have had this
headache for weeks. What is going on?”

You are all in the process of
mineralizing the bloodstream, and as you are mineralizing the bloodstream you
are indeed shifting and accepting an oxygenated crystalline system.   It is oxygenation that supports the multidimensional existence.

Since you are mineralizing and oxygenating the blood, know
that there are many things you can do to support this process.  With simple practices, you can make things easier, and become ever lighter.

The Process of Crystalline Energization

The energy required of the crystallization process must lift up through the physical body.  It must lift up.  This does not mean it is not capable of moving downward, it simply means that is MUST move up at this time to support your multi-dimensional expansion.  Your heart already knows this.

As this energy lifts up and out, it often gets trapped in the head because the head likes to trap things. The head likes to ruminate, and many of you have interrupted sleep patterns. You must recognize that within the sleep interruptions there are many other physical experiences that are happening. Many are now clenching their teeth in their sleep, and are waking with jaw pain, fatigue, and headaches.  Many are lying awake caught in a perceived stress loop, and pre-occupied with why they are “re-visiting” old patterns.

It is not about the stress of the 3D world dear ones. It is about the energy that is being released at this time.  This energy is simply trying to stay by trapping in the head.

Three Steps to Ease Integration

Once you recognize what is happening, there are several things that you can do to ease the process.

  1. Stay in high altitude or visit high altitude as often as possible. Over five
    thousand feet is very good for you.  If this is not possible, then we suggest pictures of high altitude places around you such as the Himalayas, Andes, Rockies, etc. Spend time daily in quietude with the high altitude pictures in front of you.

High altitude accelerates and escalates crystalline connection.

Is it any wonder why so many say, “I must escape to the mountains to go find peace and serenity.” 

  1. Continue to use deep, deep breath.  Deep breath brings forth many energetic connections. Deep breath, combined with high altitude, will assist to rapidly integrate the crystallization of the bloodstreams.
  1. Drink as much pure water as you can tolerate.  If you feel you are unable to tolerate much, than build your tolerance.  You are energy and the flow of your energy escalates and normalizes with water.

Harmonizing with Your Sacred Color

Many of you have been hearing tones for a very long time now and many of you are finally interpreting these tones.  There are also many of you who say, “Ringing in the ears, I cannot handle it anymore!”  We say, “Sing with the music! Clap with it!”

Give yourself the opportunity to be in joyous connection with that which is
connecting with you.  Do not deny it.  Allow yourself the opportunity to call forth your song. You are at the time of Your song.

Each soul song wishes to express again, does it not?  Yes, it does! Each soul song is
joyously expressing in the now, and it must have color!  Give it Color!  Take in Your sacred color, and do not
deny the color that appears for you.

Suddenly you find yourself attracted to a color that you
think is the weirdest ever. Perfect!  Or you are attracted to more than one color.  Perfect!  Or you
find yourself with many crayons blending colors. Perfect! Let the sacred color
come in for you, and let it be free form, do not restrict it. Let it be.  Let it come forward.  Be in great joy over the color that
comes forward for you, and through that color call forth the gift of great
connection through harmony.  Let
your song come forth. Each of you has a song.  Imagine all these songs being sung together. Yes! It is
important to do so. Give yourself the gift of teaching everyone to sing and to
find their scared voice.

Energize yourself as you call forth your Harmonic Song and
color. Begin by calling in a great spiral of crystalline energy effortlessly
beginning at the bottoms of the feet.  Feel it come up around the body allowing and preparing you to integrate,
to offer, to be, to enjoy, to dance, to love, to sing, to recognize, and to be
free!  Breathe in your color, feel
your song!

Taking Inventory:  Step One

Where do you wish to be?

What do you wish to do?

What have you been calling for in
your life?

Take inventory this month.

Begin by looking at where you live and take inventory. Is
everything serving you? Do you love everything that’s there? If you don’t, it
is time to say, “Enough!” It is better to be without that which does not bring
you joy than it is to spend even one more moment with it.  Stop compromising your joy.

Do you have something hanging on the wall because your Great
Aunt Ida gave it to you? Now you know Aunt Ida never visits, but just in case,
you have it hanging.  It is time to
say, “Goodbye Aunt Ida, I love you and this is going into a box!”  Or, it may be time for it to go to
whoever can appreciate it.

When your Soul color comes forth dear children, the first thing you should do with this color is make it your pillow
case. Let it nourish you as you sleep. Let it come in for you.  Let it be with you. Let it nourish you

must be nourished by where you are living.  You must be.

If you sit on the fence long enough you will experience
pain. Yes! It is time for you to ask yourself:  “How much pain can I tolerate?” It is time for you to let it
go, and this is simply done. 

you need to do is get very clear, very nourished, and very available.

I am ready to be available! What a powerful mantra.  Because with the power and declaration
of the I AM READY, you offer yourself all new
energy.  Do not be afraid of that
which you must dispel of – in your heart you know what you must dispel of.  You know what does not serve you.  When you say, “yes” to the universe by
passing it on, letting it go, and moving forward, you open up infinite
multidimensional opportunities to come and fill you in ways you have yet to
discover. In ways that your heart dares not dream.  To that we say:

Dream!  Let your magnificence come in.
Everything is possible. Everything!

The Body Inventory Process: Step

After you complete the inventory of your home space the next
inventory to review is your body.  As you do this, remember:

there is anything you are not comfortable with,
  know that you have the power and
ability to change it.

Yet be careful! You must change it as the expression of your
highest gifts, not from what you are externally told it should be. We are
momentarily speaking primarily to women because many of you are under false
pretences of what you should be. In this society you are bombarded with a
falsehood. Yes? Many of you already know this.

 Do not shift anything because another
tells you to!

To begin the body inventory, go first into your heart. Ask
yourself with loving intent: “Does this body serve me? Am I able to accept that
this body serves me? Am I able to love this body which serves me?” Those are
the four questions. That’s how you begin your true inventory. 

Know that you will immediately know the authentic response
to these questions because your heart will immediately answer them for you. If
you are experiencing physical challenges at this time; hips, ankles,
bloodstreams, puffiness, whatever it is. If you are challenged with any
physicals at this time are you able to love these challenges for what they are
bringing to the surface? Honestly love them. Know that it is OK if you say, “No
I can’t love them. No, I cannot accept what is happening to me.” Good! You’re
not on the fence and you know exactly what you’re feeling. This is a great
place to start, and from  here you can move forward with the process. 

Global Inventory:  Step Three

As you continue with the inventory process, the next step is
to take a full inventory of how you want your time on the planet to look. All
so many of you say to us, “I want more money.  I want this job.  I want this house.  I want
this car.  I want this.  I want that.”  Okay!

really clear on what you want.

Today we offer you a paintbrush. As you read this, take your
paintbrush and hold it out in front of you. Know that there is a huge
paintbrush in your hand now. Let your hand swish it around in the air. What
color are you painting? What are you painting? We encourage you to take your
paintbrush out regularly and repeat this process with the same questions.

After you are done painting in the air or painting in real
whatever you want, write. Many of you dear ones are not really clear on what
you want. You have a fantasy of what you want, yet you have not really
committed to it. You must help us help you. Truly, we are able to support
whatever you want.

You are at the time of powerful
crystalline integration and as you call forth this crystalline integration, are
you really clear on what you want?

Take advantage of this time now! Are you worth one hour? Of
course you are! Know that it will take probably about an hour the first time
you do this process. There are some of you that will have to visit the process
again and again. This is OK! You can refine as you go. Get clear, and as you
give yourself the true gift of clarity apply it to everything!  What do you want relationship to look
like? So many of you talk to us about relationship all the time, so we
encourage you to ask yourself; “What do I really want in relationship? Is my
current relationship situation serving me?”  If it is not, is it able to help you shift? You must ask
yourself these good questions, and then write. You must ask yourself dearest
children; How do you want your home space to support
you? How do you want your emotional body to support you?  What do you want?

If you knew tomorrow was your
last day in this form, how would you live your life?  Then, ask yourself why you aren’t already doing it.

Remember dearest children; there is an hourglass in front of
you, and it is a joyous hourglass! With each sand that goes through it there is
a time of great freedom and great reunification. Honor this body. Honor this
life. Honor this beautiful gift of light, of life. This is an amazing and
marvelous time of being. What do you truly want to do with it? Pay attention to
the truth! You are all in another dimension in this moment right now. Many of
you see it. Pay attention. Know the truth.  Know who you are. You are loved, you are supported, and you
are blessed!

You are free and you have
Abundant and Infinite possibilities still in front of you. What do you chose
for them to be?

There are no accidents dear ones, you should know this! Give
yourself the gift of healing and receiving. If you do not already have pens of
many colors we encourage you to get them because you have a lot to write and
color is important! Use your paintbrush often.  Do not be so content with the old blue/black pen. Go get
some color and have some fun!

This powerful time of shift is a great gift. You are a gift.
You are precious beyond belief. If you ever forget that, call us up and we will
remind you.

are complete! As you are complete! You are very complete.

Many blessings!

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