Private Personal Mastery Coaching w/ Sri & Kira

Private Personal Mastery Coaching w/ Sri & Kira


The Master’s Journey with Sri & Kira, a four month private coaching program

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Claiming YOUR Master’s Journey!

Ready to Power Your Highest Potential for this Lifetime?

This is the divine journey with Sri & Kira that has it all!

Your journey will be fully customized, personalized and include Readings, Ascended Numerology & Strategies for Ascended Living!

Hand in hand w/Sri & Kira as your personal guides, it is the moment to MANIFESTATION OF YOUR LIFE’s VISION!

The combined wisdom of both Sri & Kira is undeniable!

You will benefit from the vast experiences of two former CEO’s and Master teachers as they call forward ALL of their divine mastery to call out YOUR HIGHEST SERVICE AND POTENTIAL FOR THIS LIFETIME!

Together they are able to assist you through ANYTHING!
This is a combination of live calls twice monthly, mastery practices for YOUR specific journey and weekly email support!  A four month commitment to your growth.

Shakti Exchange: $700/month for four months or single payment of $2,400

Ready to get Authentic about achieving your life’s goals?

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