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Private Mentoring Series with Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Private Mentoring Series with Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa

Private Mentoring Series with Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa


Discover the power of working with an accomplished Mentor!

Twice Monthly Live Private  Life-Crafting Sessions plus weekly email Personalized Coaching to support your Goals.



Personalized Life-Crafting Program Experience w/ Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa

Imagine the gift of Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa’s brilliance and Avesa Medical Intuitive abilities called forward EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU!  You will have weekly contact.  You will receive:

  • Initial Energy Reading/consultation  to assess your energy & goals and prepare for your journey!
  • You will meet LIVE with Sri, Two times per month for a 33 minute Video consultation
  • On Alternating weeks, (Two times per month), Email exchanges with Sri will assist you to stay conscious, focused and proactively energizing your goals.
  • Continuous Healing support as called forward from your consultations will be offered and consistently shared.

This is Comprehensive personal coaching and a wide variety of support is offered at all levels of your being. (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) This coaching is designed to support YOU! 

Sri has two Masters Degrees, and 22 certificates in healing modalities.  His experience spans the business world and the spiritual world.  Prior to founding the Yoga of Self-Ascension with Master Lady Kira Raa, Sri was former CEO of a public company and also student of HH the Dali Llama, Sri blends the practical worldly issues, empowerment, manifestation clarity with deep knowledge of emotional, psychic and multidimensional contexts.

There is so much more and your heart already knows the way!

Shakti exchange: $ 888 per month w/ two month minimum

Ready to Consciously Craft your Life?

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