Monday Magic - Living In The 5th Dimension

Monday Magic - Living In The 5th Dimension

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In Depth Spiritual Education!

Unlock the Codes of Ascension within the “Living in the Fifth Dimension” series of teachings from Archangel Zadkiel

12 Monday Night Sessions with Handouts and Video Replay

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Suggested Donation $48.00


Monday Magic!

Living in the 5th Dimension

New Lessons every Monday Night – 12 Lesson Series

Join us at any time! You can view the Videos of prior presentations

Archangel Zadkiel Shares:

Give yourself the gift of feeling and understanding what the shift of dimensions is truly about.

You have come here at this time to be able to hold an energy field that has not ever, not ever been brought forth to your experience of the realm of density before.

It is your time to rejoice, celebrate and remember.


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