Local Day Pass

Local Day Pass


Includes Observation + Access to TOSA Blue Mountain Grounds
During Ceremony Hours Only

Active Participation in Ceremony or Meals

Want to come for MORE than One Day? Add multiple Day Passes to the Cart


One DAY Pass*

Attend DURING Ceremony Event Hours on Day of your Choosing
Want more than One Day? Simply add to the cart the number of Day Passes you would enjoy

Be an Observer and Enjoy the Grounds of TOSA Blue Mountain.
NOT INCLUDED – Participation in the Ceremonies or Meals

Feel free to reserve a seat at our restaurant or enjoy the coffee house during your visit!

From the Heart of the World!!

The Drums will Beat
Our feet will stomp
Our hands will raise

We will unabashedly dance together..again…
In the Celebration of ONENESS


The Tribes come together…
AS the GIFT of PEACE EXPANDS through the Sea of Neutrality

Choose which DAY You Would like to Attend and come during those hours!
Want more than One day?  Simply add the amount of passes you wish to your cart!

Equinox Celebration
September 20th
3-7 pm Ecuador (4-8 ET)
Honoring of the Grandmothers

September 21st
3-7 Ecuador (4-8 ET)
International Day of Peace
World Peace Week Broadcast 

September 22nd   – Free Broadcast

7-9 pm Ecuador (8-10 pm ET)
Peace as Unification in Action
Consecration of the Pyramid  of Peace

September 23rd
3-7 pm Ecuador(4-8 ET)
Rising New World Consciousness
Expansion of Unification of Peace

September 24th
3-7pm Ecuador (4-8 ET)
Wisdom: The Medicine Now

September 25th
11-1 pm Ecuador(12-2 ET)
Closing Ceremonies and Unification of ALL
Special 2 hour Broadcast of Sri & Kira Live

*Local and Want to Be Part of the Entire Ceremonial Experience?!
Discover How, Please contact us at services@tosabluemountain.com


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