Mystical Salon: An Intimate moment w/ Ascended Presence

Mystical Salon: An Intimate moment w/ Ascended Presence


Friday March 31, 7:00 pm PT…PRIVATE Location in Los Angeles will be shared after registration for In-person.

IN-PERSON or via PRIVATE LIVESTREAM,  the Blessing of Joining w/ others holding the Sacred Intention of the Highest wisdom IS TO BE…in the City of the Angels with YOU!  YES!  The ancient gift of Divine Sacred Insoulment is yours to Witness, Experience and BE! Together we will call forward and receive sacred messages from the Ascended Realms. You will have the gift of asking questions directly to the Ascended Presence. RARE in this world of form! Inspiring & Healing!

Attend IN-PERSON or via PRIVATE LIVESTREAM.   FULL INSOULMENT VIDEO is included as our gift.  


The Divine Convergence has lifted the ALL into the moment of Conscious Awareness. The Sea of Neutrality is HERE through the weaving of the harmonic gifts of Sincerity, Love and Presence.  The essence of Miracles in motion as the foundation of the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation.

After 12 years of living with the Indigenous in THREE countries, and being anointed into the sacred yogic traditions of them all…Sri & Kira are returning to the USA. Offering the blessing of DIVINE CONNECTION through the unified BEing of ALL who are ready to EXPAND beyond the paradigms that are HERE…NOW… for the resolution of the HU-man in this specific potentiality.

Join us with Peace, Love and JOY!  Gathering together in the energy of the ancient process of Divine Insoulment is rare and beauty-full!  Uniquely Sri & Kira’s gift to the world, let us join together and call forward the sacred wisdom from the Ascended Realms. An intimate Salon experience Friday evening, March 31.

Please remember that due to the energetic frequencies and potency that often emits through MLKR the in-person attendance is strictly limited to 40 persons.  AND…YOU CAN ALSO JOIN US VIA THE LIVE STREAM.

This is a truly inspiring and uniquely healing experience! The moment where the world moves from the Ascended energy of Awareness into the April moment of EXPERIENCE!  AND! If you are in Los Angeles to be with Sri & Kira, be sure to secure your space for all events by clicking here for the package all events.


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