Global Meditation For Consciousness Of Humanity

Global Meditation For Consciousness Of Humanity

Suggested Donation $8.88

The July Mastery Super-Moon OPENS the STRONG moment of potentiality that will be “turbulent” until it Seals with the illuminated NEW MOON Of the 28th. THIS IS THE MOMENT where Sincerity, Love & Presence ARE the DIFFERENCE. REGISTER! You will get two recordings and PDF !! 

Join Together to Support Humanity to RISE through this Moment. You are registering for TWO sessions!
 All Materials PLUS the Recordings!  Read Below Full Description
Your contribution  is a donation supporting Global Minga Projects
Starting at 1 Dollar Shakti Exchange to Register

Suggested Donation $8.88

Minimum Donation $1.11


Global Meditation & Journey for Humanity!

A Global Minga for Positive Shift

Do You Know Things Can’t Continue the Way They Are?

Is there a deep seated feeling within you that Believes Things Can get Better?

Is there a part of you that is Ready to Do More than simply be here? 

1000 Points of light will change the direction of the world!!


If you are here, reading these words, feel your heart ignite
You are the One of the Powerful and Wise Lineage Holders and you have been called to action!

Are you a Lineage Holder?

Perhaps you already have a sense that you are here for a reason even if you don’t understand it.  Lineage Holders have power-full missions to help humanity! Often lonely but also never ALONE, the Lineage Holder knows there is potential for healing humanity.

Say YES and BE There! Tune into these two important Journeys for Humanity

We are gathering together the 1000 points of Light around the Planet!

Join us for these powerful journeys and open up to YOUR Highest Potential!
Receive additional materials, support and access to the live webinars.
AND Recordings so you will able to re-visit at any time and re-member more!

Your MASTERY PRESENCE MATTERS!  For as little as $1 offer yourself and all humanity the gift of HONEST SUPPORT.
Say YES to Humanity’s FUTURE and Register Above

You are here now to make the difference for the Planet and your children’s children

100% Shakti Donation as your heart calls!
Shakti is the gift of energy exchange in perfect balance of giving and receiving.
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