Diamond Ray Experience - Reservation Deposit

Diamond Ray Experience - Reservation Deposit


Reservation Deposit for the Live Interactive Diamond Ray Experience  and Uplevel at TOSA Blue Mountain

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The Diamond Ray experience is hosted at TOSA Blue Mountain from December 29, 2021 to January 4, 2022.

During this sacred initiatory experience you will be with Sri & Kira and the Archangelic Realm to receive energy transmissions, wisdom teachings and live Insoulments. This is an immersive, transformative experience!  Diamond Ray is available to those who have completed the Golden Ray 2021 Journey

Each day will support you to more fully anchor your Ascended Presence.  Each day includes activities designed to help you m0re consciously feel, know and anchor your Mastery Presence.

New!  “Triple Goddess Pools” & Labyrinth

New!  “Light Body Activation” with the Epoch 980 nm Laser

New! “Yoga of You” – calling forward the Mudras of your Mastery Presence

Come and CELEBRATE as this moment is a miracle for Humanity.  Join with spiritual family as we witness with Joy the emergent Presence!

This is a a Non-Refundable Reservation Deposit. Once you reserve your place we will place your name on our Altar and begin sacred  preparations to receive you at TOSA Blue Mountain!

The balance due to complete the Shakti Exchange for this Immersive Experience is $600.00

You can remit the balance due by Clicking Here.    

Should you prefer a 50%  payment plan, please Click Here.


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