Consciousness Masterclass with Sri Ram Kaa

Consciousness Masterclass with Sri Ram Kaa


A Powerful Up-Leveling and Healing Event with Sri

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This special price reserves your place in all three video classes.  You will receive additional class information by email each Friday before the live event.

First LIVE Video Stream:
Discover your Quantum Power, Commanding the Light to release Pain, Access your Divine will
Second LIVE Video Stream:
Cultivating the Witness: Spiritual detachment as a Mastery gateway
Ego, the repository of pain,  Healing Reactivity, (the Inner Child)
Third LIVE video stream:
Sacred Union with the vessel; Healing your body through Ascended Presence
Divine Grace…your birthright!

NOTE:  If you enroll after the February 29th first class, you will receive a link to the video replay for the first class and then you can join the remaining two classes live!


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