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Medical Intuitive Internship

Medical Intuitive Internship


Supervised Application of the Medical Intuitive Wisdom with Mentoring.

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AMI Mastery Certification Level 3

Medical Intuitive Internship

Mastery Guided Private Internship, Medical Intuitive coaching with Sri Ram Kaa

In this INTERNSHIP a small group of AMI-2  Graduates will consult together as they support EXTRAORDINARY life change in their clients over a 6-week monitored intervention process.

Apply the information gained through the Avesa Medical Intuitive Scaning process into practical application to support healthy client change.

  • Develop and implement a treatment plan to support your client’s Healing Goals
  • Be an expert in specific protocols that bring harmony and balance to each of the 7 major chakras and offer the opportunity to reverse 
life-long patterns.
  • Learn advanced EFT methods to dissolve trauma imprints and eradicate a client’s resistance to change.
  • Discover a “power-protocol” that brings the client to immediate conscious clarity about their issues and resources at each level of 
being– physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
  • Learn how to orient the Avesa Balancing toward specific healing goals

The internship is personally supervised by Master Avesa Quantum Healer, Sri Ram Kaa, and includes personalized supervision and treatment recommendations for your internship client.

This practicum is a dynamic healing opportunity for both the client and the Healer/student.



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