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Avesa Medical Intuitive - Level 2 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Avesa Medical Intuitive – Level 2

Avesa Medical Intuitive – Level 2


Live Interactive Video Journey! Learn How to Scan and Interpret The Energy Field. EXPANDED 2021 Content! 

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Medical Intuitive Practitioner

In this series you will learn how to further open and strengthen your Intuitive sight and how to chart chakra energy flows. Beyond theory, these classes support you to gain the practical skills needed become a professional Medical Intuitive.

You will be taught how to “see’, evaluate, and SHIFT energy flows. Learn practical client counseling skills and ways to assist your clients to experience positive change in their lives.

This extraordinary wisdom will help you understand your own journey with a body!

  • Areas of Focus:
  • Scanning the energy field of a client, remotely at any distance.  Develop your intuition and learn how to ready energy!
  • Wisdom of the organs, the special role of the heart, lungs, and liver in releasing past pain and embracing full potential
  • Cataloging client energies into a format that will provide valuable insight for the client
  • “Professional Strength” Interventions to help rebalance energy flow and accelerate healing.
  • Deeper understanding of the interrelationship of the chakras to illness, emotional patterns, and past life energy.
  • Remote Healing techniques
  • Supervised small-group study

This program is a series of Video recordings and live sessions.  Students will work together in small study groups in order to enhance absorption of this powerful material.  Sri’s organization of the medical intuitive material will support you to become a professional medical intuitive in just a few short weeks!

NOTE: Prerequisite for AMI-2 is completion of AMI-1 Home-study

…and we strongly recommend completion of Quantum Clairvoyance

This is a thorough interactive training to help you become a competent professional Avesa Medical Intuitive.  Certification is offered.

You may continue to AMI-3 (a supervised internship)  after completing this class.  Optional mentorship classes in Practice Development are also available to AMI-2 graduates!


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