2024 New Year Ignition Three Part Live Zoom Journey

2024 New Year Ignition Three Part Live Zoom Journey


 SOAR into 2024 from the comfort of your own home!  The Spiral of Alchemical Transformation New Year IGNITION three-part LIVE Mystical Journey Via Zoom from TOSA BLUE MOUNTAIN SANCTUARY, ECUADOR.
3 days of 3-hour journeys in the comfort of your home…or you are welcome to visit TOSA Blue Mountain and participate onsite!
Registration includes all Three Live journeys, Three videos & PDF Resource Guides, PLUS the 11th Annual LIVE INSOULMENT New Year’s Eve…Your discounted $99 donation supports Global Minga!



 SOAR into 2024 from the comfort of your own home! The Spiral of Alchemical Transformation New Year IGNITION.  A 3-part LIVE Mystical Zoom Journey from TOSA BLUE MOUNTAIN SANCTUARY, ECUADOR

Download the PDF with All the amazing details of your Three Day Zoom Livestream Journey

Or… you are welcome to join us in person at TOSA Blue Mountain.  Reserve your room by Clicking Here

Your Magical Journey Day by Day:

Friday,December 29: Navigating the NEW World – How to identify & stop “Targeted Possession”

Saturday: December 30 Alchemical Transformation & the TRUTH of Sacred Union & Divine Partnership

Sunday December 31:LIVE Insoulment for the World

Monday January 01: AVESA Divine Mastery Presence

3-Three Hour Journeys, Three full color PDF resource guides, Nine hours of video + Live access for $99 minimum Shakti Exchange donation for Global Minga!

PLUS! 11th Annual New Year Insoulment & VIDEO INCLUDED!

This UNIQUELY SPECIFIC cycle of Ascended consciousness has birthed a rare and sacred moment. The culminating experience of 2023 IS the ASCENSION CHOICE of 2024 that is playing out…RIGHT NOW! Supporting the divine flow of Ascension Resurrection energy, remember the GIFT OF YOUR DIVINE MASTERY as YOU move through the fluid gift of the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation KNOWING YOUR unique Spiral of Self-Ascension Mastery.

The Cosmic Initiation shared through Sri & Kira that will culminate this journey is being gifted for the FIRST TIME…and… IT IS ONE that YOU have had before and are ready to REMEMBER and 2024: Ascension Resurrection IS the ULTIMATE MASTERY CHOICE!

Eleventh Annual New Year Manifestation Celebration & Worldwide Insoulment at TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary The EXPERIENCE of 2023 ignites the CHOICE that REVEALS IT-self in 2024.

We are fully beyond all sense of a “red pill/blue pill” moment, the eternal truth is yours to Claim and Command! Remembering that discovering YOUR TRUTH and FULLY CALLING that gift INTO In-formed Awareness for the HIGHEST SERVICE OF ALL… IS DIVINE MASTERY PRESENCE. This unique moment is Affecting ALL of creation/humanity in ways yet to be determined and that are able to be commanded through honoring the frequencies of Sincerity, Love and Presence!



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