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2022 Ascension Uplevel Calendar - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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2022 Ascension Uplevel Calendar

2022 Ascension Uplevel Calendar

Suggested Donation $11.11

The twelve months of 2022 laid out in beautiful full-color Energy Art !

Your Donation supports a “World Free from Pain” – Clinical Linda is expanding to more cities!

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Suggested Donation $11.11

Minimum Donation $8.88


Discover the Energy Flows for 2022

Unique and Potent…the 2022 calendar is the unique blessing of incorporating the Up-level years 2020 and 2021, along with the expanded understanding of the preparation energy from 2019.
This is a rare combination of the visions through Master Lady Kira Raa from the Ascended Realms of Consciousness, and the guidance to share as ordained through the cosmic principles of Consciousness expanding.

This 2022  Calendar is a stand alone teaching!

2022 will require conscious attention as the Sea of Neutrality arises to be heard.

AND…once this conscious attention is anchored as “normal”… YOU…WILL… in all-ways BE… in the right place, at the right time. Invite your heart to guide as it KNOWS that ALL of your needs are in ALL-ways met! 100%

Thanks to YOUR DIVINE MASTERY PRESENCE AND SUPPORT,  2021 birthed the expansion of ALL things Self-Ascension!

The Law of Instantaneous Manifestation arises and anchors through your commitment to the illuminating mastery presence.

Your donation is a 100% donation to the Clinica Linda Foundation in Ecuador where we are successfully operating the first fully operational free pain clinic for ALL!  Your support matters.

Together we are making a critical difference!
Download the entire pdf document by making a donation.
A minimum $8.88 is requested for this beautiful ascension calendar!
“Concentric Dimensionality” and “Law of Instantaneous Manifestation”. are Service Marks of The Temple of Self-Ascension, describing metaphysical teachings.


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