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Podcast: In-soulment April 24, 2010


Divine Illuminations Lesson Seven: Mercy, Compassion and Wisdom

The LOVE and POWER of this very special message was revealed for the benefit of all and the ascended focus of the synergy of Mercy, Compassion and Wisdom was the central theme of the message.

The T-12 arrived with unusual presence and the gift of showers of crystalline mist. As if that was not enough, they announced that there were still three more powerful attunements yet to be revealed and that Comte. De St. Germaine was to speak with us!


One response to “Podcast: In-soulment April 24, 2010”

  1. Namaste Sri and Kira,
    This insoulment was so beautiful, heartfelt and needed. My heart opens and extends to yours in gratitude.

    Love and Light!!

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