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Oneness EXPERIENCED as The Truth without Doubt - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Oneness EXPERIENCED as The Truth without Doubt

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Through Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Raa

On Saturday, August 15, Master Lady Kira Raa was called to reconnect with this specific insoulment and to call forward the energy of THIS MOMENT to offer it as a gift of love to THE ALL from THE ONE!

 Bring a hand to your heart, take in a deep Avesa Breath, and as you let it out, remember to smile!

 We love you!

Archangel Raphael speaks:

Beloved Ones of many worlds, we come to you because your planet at a time of abundant healing.  So often we are with you.  So often you heal in many ways that are often perhaps unbeknownst to the will of a soul that is actively working with great healing.

The Great Moment:  Releasing All Doubt

We see many hearts, and many energies that spiral with golden recognition.  There is also what you would term resistance…known in your current experience of form as doubt.  The healing that is upon your world now, is the recognition that you are at the great moment of releasing all doubt.

Doubt is held as a gift. It is a way to embrace love.  It is a way to move forward.  It is a profound healer. When you doubt, you are offering to yourself a moment…just a moment…of presence.

Because you doubt, you are then present with yourself. Through the doubt experience, you open a great healing portal that is present to offer the release of doubt.

Your organs, tissues and bodies, have been celebrated forever, as you would say.  And! Found within the celebration of the forever-ness of your bodies, there is the great,

profound, and glorious healing that is upon you now. As you connect with this your heart is already reminding you that this is so, because you have asked for it.

As you ask, you do receive! The emerald light surrounds you with great abundance.  All you need do is ask for clarity. To walk without doubt.  And when you do doubt, it is a gift to assist you to recognize the healing principles of love in motion.

Healing the Brain

If your body has ever experienced illness or pain, if your body has been with profound love, joy and bliss, each is the same.  There is no difference.  It is the emotionality of this world that offers judgments or perspectives that one energy is better than another.  That one is more preferred than another. This is because it is inciting your energy field to Oneness. It is propulsion.

You are being invited and incited to reclaim Oneness.  How you respond, or as you would say RSVP, is your choice. AND we stand with you in all ways.  There are legions of angels from many worlds that are around thee now.  Legions! Legions!

The word angel, or the word Archangel, is a misnomer in many ways. And, we are offering you greater clarification for this world to assist a brain that is healing.  Your brains are healing.  And as your brain heals, your body will continually demonstrate where you brain is seeking ever greater healing.

The body is a servant of the brain, as the brain is a servant of you.  When you understand that this trinity can serve from great wholeness, then the understanding of Oneness is apparent, there is nothing logically to perceive.

Logic…the search for logic, the search for mental stimulation, seeking for the sake of seeking, and doubting wholeness, these are the energies that have brought your world now to the time where the brain can heal.

The brain is healing and is whole.  Within the wholeness and health of the brain, the vibrancy of the body remembers how to transcend… 

ALL… Realms.

Your tissues, your organs, your flesh as they say, become a unified presence of Divine Crystalline Light.  You discover within the unified presence of the Divine Crystalline Light that food calls to you with a much different vibration.

In this moment now, we come to you because you called us with a great healing call.  You attuned your vibrations for healing. You collectively opened up a portal of invitation. And! It was wrapped with the energy of a sincere heart. The energy of the call is the why the invitation is responded to in this manner.

Our beloved Archangel Uriel is also here.  The presence of Archangel Uriel invites you into the great recognition that your doubt is merely a way to move you through the illusion. To rediscover sincerity, love and presence as the key to mastery expansion.

Understanding Doubt and Pain

Let us share more.  Many cry out in pain. They ask simply for the pain to be removed.  “Take my pain”.  Whether it is a pain of the heart, or a pain of the brain, or pain of body, or a pain of any form of illusion; when a call is made to take away pain, the response is at the level of the body of form.  The consciousness of this world. And there are beautiful elements of this world that will help alleviate pain, many.

To sincerely be in the Oneness recognition invites the mastery presence that all is responded, received and understood. A call to take the pain denies the expansion. The call to invite the pain to reveal the gift is a sincere call to that which has called to you.

When you call beyond that which has called to you, you are denying that.  You are saying “it is bad”, you are offering it a judgment. And it is through this judgment the energy  anchors.

Call to that which calls to you! This will free the portal that re-opens the greater recognition and doorway.  There are many steps to Oneness, and each step is a profound rung on the ladder of your recognition.

“Who” do you call to?  In the time that you are in, in the moment you have brought forward, you are taking each step.  Sometimes the step is backwards, and sometimes the step is forward. Sometimes the step is up, and sometimes the step is down.  Each is a step, up-down, back-forward. Each has it’s own flow and it is a recognition that your brain is seeking the healing we share with you.

Understanding Dominion

In the experiences that you call Golden Ages, and there have been many, it is through the manipulation of healing energy that one begins the doubt energy experience.  It is through the seeking of dominion over another that doubt arises.

To seek dominion is a greater expression of a heart that says I am not enough as I am, I must conquer another, I must kill another.  This interesting energy of your current world experience has manifested in many ways.  It is complex and, in many layers, and has continually shifted with great ages.

In All of the Golden Ages, there is the REMEMBRANCE that…Balance, is the true power!

Many have manifested this as sign posts along the way. At a time of great Oneness, it is the balance that will find the way.  Ask yourself, where do I seek dominion?  Then ask, what you seek dominion of?  

When you cry out for help, are you denying that which is showing you the gift?     What are you crying for?

Indeed, your world is in bondage in many ways.  Slavery, as you would call it, is alive and well. Yet the essence of all slavery is self-imposed, and this is the gift.

What are you a slave to?  What or who is the maser of that slavery? For many, the revelation of the answer discovers that it is the mind.

The greatest embodiment or task master of this world, at this time, is not a government, it is not a country. It is not an energy that is found anywhere else except between your ears.  We offer this gift to you because your mind is healing. And as a mind seeks healing, it will fight for it’s life.

There is, in your world now, in this linear year of the calendar, many who are seeking to grab dominion of your mind.  In your heart is the true One that has the gift, the presence, and the right as you would say, to have dominion. Yet, your doubt interferes with this immutable connection.

Beloved children of a world in healing, claim your dominion, claim your truth, stand without doubt. When you cry out for your help, cry first to that which can truly help you.  The energy that has called forward the cry.

The Energy of Oneness

As you practice receiving gift after gift, after gift, after gift, then gifting becomes your life.  As you are…now….receiving gift, after gift, after gift, you are giving gift, after gift, after gift.

This is the energy of Oneness: when you can, without doubt, know your dominion without doubt. Know your truth without doubt. See this gift alive and well in those who have yet to see it alive and well within themselves. 

You will hold this energy for others only when you release the doubt of yourself.

This is not a small step. This is the giant leap across the cavern! Each will leap at the right time. Sometimes you leap and find yourself in the river at the bottom.  This is OK! All rivers have gentle streams, if you allow them to be.

Then you wake up and realize you are at the cavern again.  The key is to keep leaping.

Leap. Leap. Leap!  You are not at the time of hesitancy.  In the energy of your world now, the energies that are seeking dominion do so because there is an active war.

There is a great war in your world! The war for dominion of your brain!

This is the war and it is a great one. It is manifested in many ways.  We do not need to reiterate because you know these ways. They are all out there, and there are many.  Many.  Many.   Make your decision.  Claim your stake for the dominion of your brain.  Let the brain heal.  Let the energy balance!

Beloved Ones, when you seek, however well-intended, to assist another who has not invited your assistance, you are trying to claim dominion of their brain.  Claiming dominion of another brain is not yours to do.  To do so, fuels the great war. There are many who are fueling the great war with their brain.

BE..THE…ONE!  Let your words escape with kindness or leave them to yourself.  And as you do, ask yourself:  “Have I been inadvertently unkind in any way?”

Here is an example of inadvertent unkindness. Do you own a plant?  Do you water it, or do you watch it die?  That is to be inadvertently unkind.  Do you have a little animal?  Do you feed it, or let it go hungry?

Kindness is beyond words, kindness is your truth.

Within kindness there is balance.  Be kind to yourself.  Do you run yourself ragged as they say?  Do you deny yourself proper nourishment?  Do you think it is your birthright to live on a bed of nails?  Then we invite you to ask where the dominion of the brain is.

Be kind to yourself!

Your kindness becomes others. 

Seek dominion only of your presence, so that your presence frees others to have dominion of themselves.                


Be in Oneness!  Within oneness is the truth without doubt. 

Pay attention to your hearts. 

Have dominion for you!  Be the present for others!

And!  KNOW how loved YOU…ARE!

 Many Blessings to you!

We love you!

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  1. Wow. Thankyou for this message. I have been searching your site for it for a while. Guess it was only now that I was ready to hear it. I feel moved. My soul is celebrating.

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