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October 2020 Ascended Numerology Forecast - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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October 2020 Ascended Numerology Forecast

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October 2020 Ascended Numerology Forecast

By Master Lady Kira Raa

What is Ascended Numerology?

“For the answers you seek are not outside of your own divine recognition, The answers that you seek come in the form that you are ready to accept.”

…Archangel Zadkiel

As a Miracle in Action you are the Living embodiment of Ascended Numerology. This ancient system that was practiced by the Essene brethren and the Mystical Magi. As a BE-ing was incarnated, the “wise ones” would arrive at the birth and create the sacred scrolls that would guide the soul’s evolution through this experience of form.

This “original” system was passed through generations of the carriers of this soul code system. Similar to the Dead Sea Scrolls, this system of calculations was care-fully transcribed and protected. Lost during the burning of the Library at Alexandria, over 750,000 papyrus scrolls were destroyed. This occurred shortly after the convergence of the Council of Nicaea. (*The council that determined which writings to include and discard as part of the official Bible.)

The modern revelation of Ascended Numerology as offered through Master Lady Kira Raa has come forward through Archangel Zadkiel, The Ascended Masters and The Essenah Brethren.  These combined beloved ones offer the foundation of clear and potent revelations of the Ascended Soul messages and applications of the sacred numbers 0-12. The full 13 spectrum of energy that offers the soul direct guidance and clarity.

As you connect with the ancient Soul Code Chart, you will discover within yourself your greater ability to unlock the deeper codes of each number. The practices that are part of the Ascended Numerology process assist with the opening to the deeper revelation of monthly number and are and integration of the energy.  Each practice, if undertaken with sincerity, love, and presence, will open the greater gateway of your Ascended Presence in form. Assisting you to flow with the energy of the month for ever greater illumination!

Ascended Numerology works with ALL of the principles of nature in harmonic combination with Sacred Geometry and an ancient form of Arithmancy, (a system that assigns numerical values to letters).

This sacred formula opens the gateway of the Ascension vibration for Miracles in Action. The Revelation of your Soul’s journey, and purpose for the moment, is charted.  Ascended Numerology is a system designed to assist the Soul’s evolution into Mastery while in form.

“Commitment is the recognition that deep beyond the body, deep beyond the egoic filter that assists the body to navigate density, is the Crystalline light; the pure energy that propels thee.”

…Archangel Zadkiel

October 2020 Energy Flow:  Experience as Visionary Transformation!

The flow of energy for October 2020 is a RETURN to the Flow that was being felt in Both March and April 2020.  This is so incredibly power-filled!  The Ascended Numerology of October clearly shows that the “seat of your power”, the unique piece of self-acceptance that brings it all together, is the energy that is going to have the greatest challenge to stabilize OR fly higher than ever before as dreams manifest gloriously!

October = 10

The Power of All Activity & Manifest Energy

Begin by gazing at the Chart for this month.  Notice that the ten is calling you to notice! It is the STARTING point, the place where this month begins, however it quickly calls forward extra-ordinary resources and sees the value of relaxing into “togetherness” energy.

This specific ten-energy is the Continuity of Infinite Creation!  An expression of the divine aspect of the soul, or the subconscious creation, that is fully aligned with the illusion!  Breathe and relax more.

When the release of the need to “know” the answer to everything arises from within, you reunify the gift of infinite creation as the Law of Instantaneous manifestation.

The ten energy is ever present as an expression of the physical form. Ten fingers and ten toes remind us that we are the abundant creators.  October calls forward the fullness of the experiences of 2020. An invitation for those who choose, to let go of the mind and invite the deepest infinite creative ability to flourish! Releasing all hesitation, now is the moment to empower clarity that is beyond the limitation of a mind of density.

October Integration practice: The Mudras of Divine Light

“These are the sacred mudras that have been in your world for many eons.  This movement of 10 brings you back to the stream of Divine light and beyond.  Back to the energy of only one life. 

One life with a memory of many lives, yet only one life.  It is a continuity of the one aspect of your Infinite Presence.”  …The Ascended Masters


By practicing this series of 10 mudras, (see photo), with love and presence you can easily let go of the mind and open gracefully to your Divine wisdom.  You may enjoy playing music as you practice.  It is fine to move your body.  Consider this as a Divine flow as your infinite creation comes forward and your clarity resurrects.  Allow the dance of the divine to guide you!

2020 = 4 + double infinite

Perfect Balance

As you move your eyes on the chart for October from the initial 10, follow the black arrows clockwise to arrive at the 4.  This is where the Quantum Time experience Jump first accelerates! Visionary transformation is the October experience and this transcends all ideas of time and limitation. This expansion energy arises the MOMENT this specific October meets this year, 2020.

The energy of this specific October IGNITES the prevailing 2020 perfect balance energy into ACTION!  Specifically sending it out into the void of creation before it returns into the harmony that will dance throughout the month.

This is the energy of the Continuity of Infinite creation….creating!  October carries the Ascended Consciousness expression of EXPERIENCE and this IGNITION OF CREATION is massive and all-encompassing.

October 2020 = 5 + double infinite!


Bring a hand to your heart and take a breath as you connect with this over-arching moment.  The TRUTH IS REVEALED.  Consider that for those who have been living with steadfast commitment, focused awareness and complete trust, the moment of Self-Revelation is here.  Bringing with it the peace, love and joy of the reunion.

As the year 2020 comes soaring back from the cosmic outer reaches from the 4 energy, it arrives fully and with great force into the 5!  Gaze at the chart and notice again the flow. Begin again at the ten, that moves grace-fully into the four. Notice how the four ignites the beacon that leaves the world of form and goes out into the universe to gather ever greater wisdom and clarity. Then…fully prepared… it dives into the Five!  This is the energy of the month of October as it arrives into the field of this moment…the now experience.

Five calls forward all energy and situations that have been hidden.  And, it is valuable to remember that based upon the level of consciousness that meets it, they may invisible to your conscious understanding.

This mastery knowing invites you to look equally deeply at both the truths around you and the deceptions.

When you say yes, and open your eyes to see the truth with the mastery presence of your divine nature, the star of the five will emerge from you and as you.  Through this experience of the October energy, the physical body is inviting you to fully embrace freedom from pain, chaos, and doubt.  This is the energy of eternal life inviting you to remember your ability to harness the alchemical nature of your BE-ING!

And…for those who choose to be unaware …the deceptions will rule and the dance will be one that will serve the essence of those who are here to fully evolve through density.

October Ascension Up-level Dates: 

October 01 2020 = 11 Micro Full Moon Uplevel

October 16 2020 = 7 Mercury Retrograde Illuminated Super New Moon

Eleven: Reverent Reunion  AND  Seven: Claiming Divine Mastery

Mastery Up-level energy is a moment of coordination between all the realms of divine love and presence.  This month we are greeted with TWO of these dates and a Mercury Retrograde that initiates within and ILLUMINATED SUPER NEW MOON! Wow!

October begins with the first up-level reminding us that this month is a RAPID escalation!  Everything that has been “stewing” will quickly over cook if not attended to!  And! That which is ready will be REVEALED AND APPRECIATED!  A moment to flourish.  The October 1 moment is about Reverent Reunion.

This is the month to STOP SEEKING AND START RECEIVING!  The divine love of the universe is offering you multitudes of gifts. As the One AND the One is the eleven, may the “symbol” of this number be your call to relax and allow your heart to lead.  Discover those around you who share your ideas, dreams and visions.  Open yourself to greater potential by calling forth the energy of your dreams.  Say YES to YOU!

This gift of energy of the 11 will continue to expand and will then blend with the energy of the seven as the October 16 Mercury Retrograde ILLUMINATES through a Super New Moon!  The seven enters into the energy experience and is coming forward to simply ask:  “Are you ready to claim your mastery power?”

To claim your mastery is to free yourself of being ruled by paradigms simply because they exist. There are many masters and there is much power, yet only you can claim that which is yours.  This is the sole purpose of seven; to assist you to remember that claiming your power and then implementing it with integrity is 100% your choice.

Mastery has always been there, waiting for you to remember along with the recognition that as a master, you must frequently be the novice and the witness!

Ascended Numerology and the Physical Body Ascension Energy:

The Code of the Soul is one with physical form.  Sharing the Sacred Union of body and spirit.  This illuminating presence ever-patiently experiences the depth of your “formed” experience.  As the energy of each month is revealed, Ascended Numerology also affects the physical body experience of the monthly energy.

October BEGINS as the Manifested energy of the universe! A gift that literally flows from the inspired realms into the root chakra of the body.  When received with joy, this energy invites AWAKENING into the energy of BEINGNESS!

For those who are deeply afraid this will actually “stoke the fear” as the root chakra is seeking to be SAFE!  The gift of this energy is that from the 10 of the universal manifest energy that is beaming into the First chakra of the body, this energy then moves back out to the universe to collect greater support and reassurance before re-entering the body at the THROAT!

This is ALL ABOUT THE TRUTH! The revelation of the deeper truth of your extra-ordinary divine nature as you choose to express it!  ALL voices deserve to be heard and regardless of the level of consciousness that is embodying it, this month, WHAT YOU SAY and HOW YOU SAY IT…matters and will affect the energy of the up-level moments as part of your life experience.

October 1 opens with the first of the two Ascension up-level experiences and this is directly affected by your ability to call forward Authenticity within as you relax and LIFT into the Divine energy of your mastery.  The 11 moment!

Calling this energy into your active life experience will build until we reach the Mercury Retrograde/Super New Moon IGNITION!  This is when the month will start ENERGIZING itself!  Calling ALL of the energy that preceded it into your third chakra!

Greeting this energy with openness and availability will assist you to expand your mastery presence with unusual clarity and competence.  And!  For those who choose to not “see” beyond the illusion, the collaboration of the month’s experience will close off the greater vision for all who are ready to dive even deeper into the density.

You are the master! You are the Spiritual Champion!  Arise and flourish! October has it all!


Master Lady Kira Raa has been working with Ascended Numerology for over 20 years and has witnessed thousands break free once the Code of the Soul is freed.  Best-selling author, Spiritual Mentor and top-rated radio show host, Join her LIVE Tuesday evenings 5pm PT USA! Soul Mirrors Radio at YouTube/OfficialSriandKira. Learn more about Master Lady Kira Raa and Her Husband Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa at  Visit Sri & Kira at their retreat center in Ecuador and let the magic of you EXPAND!

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