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November- December 2020 Ascended Numerology Forecast - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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November- December 2020 Ascended Numerology Forecast



November & December 2020 Ascended Numerology Forecast

By Master Lady Kira Raa


Ascended Numerology works with ALL of the principles of nature in harmonic combination with Sacred Geometry and an ancient form of Arithmancy, (a system that assigns numerical values to letters).  This sacred formula opens the gateway of the Ascension vibration as Miracles in Action through the conscious connection with the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation. Ascended Numerology assists the Soul’s evolution into full Mastery while in form.

November 2020 Energy Flow:  CHOICE as Transformation through Timeline adaptation

December 2020 Energy flow: Awareness as Profound Shift

The energy flows for BOTH November and December 2020 are numerically identical. That means we can blend the two energy flows as One. THE CHOICE OF OUR AWARENESS OF THE PROFOUND SHIFT INTO A NEW HARMONIC EXPERIENCE OF CREATION!  This is HUGE!

This profound moment demonstrates that there is a “direct bond” between these two months.  The one is mirroring the other with identical numerical sequences yet vastly different energy flows!  This is far beyond the mind of form and thereby focuses all of the “energy” for the month on the up-level dates to clarify the moment at hand!

Both of these months invite a depth of mastery growth that is unprecedented. A bonafide moment to make the CHOICE and say YES to the extra-ordinary expansion that is yours to easily claim.  AND! Alongside this energy is the complexity of the co-creation re-organizing itself as a mirror that ignite a robust Burst or flame as the light reflects against it.

This is the MOMENT of the full integration of ALL THAT YOU ARE!

To fully say YES to YOU with the Conscious acceptance of the next cycle that has ignited!

The tangible shift in the experience of time calls forward CLEAR CHOICES in November.   AND! These choices will be fluid and without stability until they fully integrate into conscious AWARNESS in late December.  The moment of LIVING the blessing of Steadfast Commitment, Focused Awareness and Complete Trust is right now! Stay the course and success is assured.

November AND December are both the Number 7 – Prime!

The Harmony of the Master as the Recognition of Service

BOTH November and December are PRIME number (7) months.  Aligned next to each other, and repeating virtually as a seamless overlay, the prime energy is force-fully inviting the ALL to remember that this is a planet of great birth capacity. Gaia “seeds the universe” with its beauty and majestic life supporting capacities.  Are we as its habitants doing the same?

When this very rare double prime monthly sequence comes into form, it is the hand of the universe extended fully out and inviting all who are ready to say YES to the Law of Instantaneous manifestation.

The seven energy is here to assist all who choose to CLAIM DIVINE MASTERY!  Therefore, all that would seek to stop Divine Mastery energy from anchoring will also come forward. This is the moment to simply stop the cycle through KNOWING YOUR TRUTH without doubt!

To claim your mastery is to free yourself of being ruled by paradigms simply because they exist! There are many masters and there is much power. Only you can claim that which is yours.  Seven comes forward to simply say, “Are you ready to claim your power?” 

This is the sole purpose of seven; to assist you to remember that claiming your power and then implementing it with integrity is 100% your choice. Mastery has always been there, waiting for you to remember along with the recognition that as a master, you must frequently be the novice and the witness.

November/December Integration practice: The Mastery Breath

The process of the Mastery breath is to “monitor” the sequence of breaths as you focus upon the gift of your mastery.  Sit or lie down however you are called to do so.  Begin by taking in a deep breath and release as you Focus upon the word and the energy of “Mastery”

Then…scan your physical body and sense of being-ness, is there resistance?

Take in a deep breath and release:

“It is because you are a master you would have the experience of you believing you are not.”

Breathe again:

“In the mastery of you, it is time to allow the gift to yourself of experiencing as a novice.”

Breathe again:

“Are you a master of illusion?  Are you a master of Joy? 

Are you a master of creating chaos?  Are you a master of love?”

It is time to Free yourself, Free your mind, Free your soul.  You are the Master.


2020 = 4 + double infinite as Eternal Perfect Balance

As you connect with both the November and December charts, the energy of the double infinite is once again calling “THE ALL” outside of the known experience of form to once again support the creation through the expansion of conscious experience.

Notice that from the 7 the flow goes through ALL of the numbers between 7 and the 4. This is flowing in a clockwise direction and leaves the 5 and the 6 as “floating” energies.  As you gaze at the how this affects the physical incarnation, our third eye is being activated or “stimulated”.

For many this will increase the lockdown into mentalization OR ignite the flow of the experience beyond the linear to open the greater insights and intuitive nature contained within each BE-ing.

It is how we propel from the four to the 11 that will call us forward! This is the leap of faith that offers restoration, rejuvenation and remembrance. We just have to say YES!

November and December 2020 = 11 + double infinite!

Freedom through Reverent Reunion

Are you ready to honestly STOP SEEKING AND START RECEIVING or are you stuck in the appeal and addictive nature of the illusion?

Eleven reminds us that the One AND the One is the key to our freedom!  To reunify CONSCIOUSLY as body/soul, masculine/feminine…to call ALL into balance.  This is the year of perfect balance and as this year begins to culminate, this is the primary energy to offer your full attention. Are you ready and willing to call forward perfect Balance as the One with the One of the Self that YOU…ARE?

This gift first presented itself with October and is now expanding outside of the commonly accepted paradigms. A sacred moment where fear or fear-less-ness are simultaneously acting out and the CHOICES before you are revealing in new and fresh ways.

Your DIVINE Mastery is standing at the gates of the higher dimensions and your true freedom is waiting for you to simply say YES!  You know the way and you are ready!

November & December Ascension Up-level Dates: 

These dates amplify the mirrored affect of the “twin” energies of November and December.  The intense intersection of the moon energies, with the Mercury retrograde post-phase overlay, calls forward several distinct moments that set the energetic stage for 2021.

The energy of the New Year arrives into our field of creation on November 2 with the up-level event. Humanity is loved so much that we are being gifted with greater awakened preparation for the potent moments ahead!

The greatest distinction between these two months is that November completes with the “loose ends” of the energy of the 5 and the six. December COMPLETES what was “undone” in November by filling the circle and claiming the presence of infinite support.

Also notable about BOTH of these months is that they both contain a Full Moon up-level event that is the 8+0.  This means that BOTH of these months are inviting you to discover your answers outside of the “normal” or the “linear”. THE ANSWERS Are there and they are bounty-full…it is simply a matter of where you are sourcing them.  Simply gaze at the charts for both months and notice what you notice!

Mercury Retrograde ends + Up-level date:  November 02, 2020 = 9

Mercury Retrograde Post Phase ends: November 20, 2020 = 11

Full Moon Eclipse + Uplevel:  November 30, 2020 = 8 + 0

Illuminated New Moon PEAK UPLEVEL* + SOLAR ECLIPSE December 14, 2020 = 6 

The culminating moment of Three PEAK UPLEVEL EVENTS for 2020

Full Moon Uplevel, Final of 2020 and Initiator of 2021! December 30, 2020 = 8 + 0


Ascended Numerology and the Physical Body Ascension Energy:

The Code of the Soul is one with physical form.  Sharing the Sacred Union of body and spirit.  This illuminating presence ever-patiently experiences the depth of your “formed” experience.  As the energy of each month is revealed, Ascended Numerology also affects the physical body experience of the monthly energy.

November and December set the stage for GREATER Physical FREEDOM!

Gazing at the November/December physical experience chart you will notice that from the arrival into the Third eye, (7), we then are PULLED straight down into the Root chakra, (4)!  This is letting us know that the world of drama and density will be STRONG and do all it can to pull you down!


From the root chakra we are ALL Being offered a DIRECT UPLIFTMENT into the Divine Energy that is patiently waiting for us to claim. This left sided receptive energy that arises form outside the form experience becomes the jumping point for the unique journey of each month.

The November uplevel moments first unify the Divine energy with our High Heart! A conscious call to live from the Ascended Heart as your guide.  The second uplevel date RETURNS us to the Divine Energy to gather even more!  Such a blessing if you are consciously aware!

Culminating the month we are gifted on the 30th to arrive into the Lotus chakra about the crown. The Eighth chakra that then IGNITES your multi-dimensional stability to prepare the body to “do it all again” when December arrives.

Moving into the final month of 2020, we repeat the entire 7,4, 11 only this time, we move from the Divine Energy of the 11 directly to the center of creation, the second chakra!  This is the time to BIRTH YOUR DREAMS and to remember the Blessing of this life experience outside of the realm of density.


This is a moment of CLARITY for ALL HUMANITY and prepares us to carry our dreams and birthing energy into the Lotus Chakra as the month closes!

As the New Year moment approaches, the gift before us all is Crystalline Clarity and Radiant Abundance if we simply surrender what surrender looks like and say YES to the Blessing of THIS LIFETIME…RIGHT NOW!


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  1. Beloved Master Lady Kira Rafa-
    I offer my heartfelt love and appreciation for the DEPTH of understanding you are offering us all at this most amazing time. I personally have gained soooo much from these and all your sharings. You and Sri are a profound gift to this planet and Together We Are Better!!

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