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Miracle Team Message - May 2, 2011 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Miracle Team Message – May 2, 2011


Expanding through the debris

This Message is from the Ascended Masters
at Lake Atitlan:

Beloved Miracle of light!

Your crystalline power of Divine ignition is well in hand as you walk ever
more clearly through the debris field of energy that is being sloughed off in
record amounts.

This debris field is and has all-ways been present, however it is now voluminous
and no longer an energy in the waiting.

It is an energy that is present and asking for attention.

When you notice that which needs to be cleaned, how do you respond?

Do you walk away and pretend it is not there?

Do you sweep it under a rug and believe it is no longer present?

Do you feel it is someone else’s job to take care of it?

Or, do you simply roll up your sleeves and attend to the cleaning
that is needed?

The debris field of sloughed energy has grown and grown similar to a child
that would feel it is not being given enough attention. Eventually it will get
loud enough or cause enough interruption in your day that you can no longer
ignore its presence.

Every being of crystalline light that has chosen to be awake is able to walk
through the debris field without claiming some of the debris as their own.

And, there are those who will feel it is their job to carry the debris of others.

The gift of this experience is that at some point the debris will become so
heavy that the burden will create the greater opening for true freedom and empowerment.

To grow through the belief that you must carry the debris of another is a journey
within the journey. To free yourself of the debris while not adding it back
to the debris field is the journey of the master.

You are a master. Ignite your sacred container and offer all debris to its
sacred contents. You are powerful and your love will minimize the debris field
until …once again…it is simply part of the experience, not THE experience.

Reference: The
Container Practice

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