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Miracle Team Message - July 11, 2011 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Miracle Team Message – July 11, 2011

This Miracle Team Message is from the Essenah Brethren.

Essenah Smile
Essenah Smile


This Miracle Team Message is from the Essenah Brethren!

Beloved children of the waking earth whose sandals of gold have ignited themselves
now…we say hello brethren…hello! To walk among those who are sleeping and
those who are just awakening is a great and noble mission and we honor your

The energy that has clouded your universal re-connection has cleared a thousand
fold and those who have held presence for you while you have been on this journey
are ready to reach out and offer you the wisdom revelations for the journey

Deep within your soul’s seed of all divine wisdom the golden energy of universal
connection has birthed itself again through the heart of those who seek sincere
In this moment of remembrance, may your ancient wisdom and full knowledge come
forth like a lotus through your heart as you bring your presence to those who
are ready to receive it.

Be patient, beloved brethren for the Essenah have in all-ways walked in silent
presence while offering the gift of love to the open hearts who receive them.

Your presence on this planet is a miracle that has continued to unfold and
your life is a miracle that will continue to bring great blessings to your soul’s
journey and all those who have the miracle of knowing you in this form.

Breathe in and close your eyes.

Feel the gentle breezes that float from the universal sea of love toward you

Allow your heart to ignite a smile that resonates throughout your entire body
and ignites your face to once again radiate tranquility.

You are Essenah… and we are here with you now and always.

This week’s sentence stem for Miracle Journaling is:

As I allow myself the gift of feeling the universal breeze and the energy of my ignited golden sandals, I remember……..

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