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Miracle Team Message – February 28, 2011 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Miracle Team Message – February 28, 2011

Miracle Message


This week’s Miracle Team Message is from Archangel Zadkiel:

Hello Beloved Ones…Hello!

It is with great joy and reverence that we come to say hello to you today and
to share the revelation of the Sacred Heart energy that is pulsing through you
like a diamond of great light.

All hearts are indeed sacred, and all hearts are ignited with the energy of
the blue jewel as they call out to the reunified stream of Divine Love that
is ever present for you.

So why do we offer the name of Sacred Heart to you today?

We offer this name to you as the beacon of recognition that, once activated
through the sincere energy of attraction, your heart generates the energies
of all miracles!

To ignite a Sacred Heart is to call into your heart the unifying flame of the
trinity energies of Love, Sincerity and Presence.


When you breathe in these energies without defining them, you create a sacred
flame of violet energy that swirls around the heart center igniting it with
the propulsion of Divine light.

This propulsion energy then calls forth from within the Miracle of expression
that can only serve your highest call to being-ness.

This is the energy of the Sacred Heart and the foundation of all Miracles expressed
and all Miracles united.

For the full expression of all miracles is unfolded through a unified field
of loving beings who have come together with love, sincerity and presence. When
the collective Sacred Heart is re-birthed and re-united…all miracles unfold.

Let every moment of your Divine journey call to it the energy of Divine Light
and a Sacred Heart.

And so it is.

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