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Miracle Team Message - April 4, 2011 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Miracle Team Message – April 4, 2011

From the Ascended Masters at Lake Atitlan



This Miracle Team Message is from the Ascended Masters at Lake Atitlan

Hail to thee beloved ones of light and wondrous journeys, we say hello.

From the bountiful regions of divine light and love, we sing the songs of the
ancient energies as we transmute the desires of the ancient bonds.
Many upon your world now, and many of you who hear us, are still bound by the
ancient bonds that were set in motion as you moved your energy fields evermore
into the densifying realms of the "outer regions" of the light fields
of creation.

The entire universe is a light field of creation and even your word, universe,
is a limited energy within the scope of your true nature. And yet, it serves
to invite the mind of a physical form to begin to comprehend the vastness of
the infinite molecules of all creation.

You may ask, how can a bond be placed or created within the energy stream of
a limitless being of light and this is a powerful question, for it ignites the
thought between the thought which ultimately frees the thought.

The ancient energies are again just a word of your language field to describe
that which is a pre-extistence to the one that you hold now.
The ancient energies were the co-creative strands of light, infused with genetic
material that co-created the densified realms of experience.

To navigate these realms it was necessary to create a "bond" or a
weight as you may understand it, to allow the light field of creation to sustain
an experience that would birth greater densification.

This experience, seeded in pure love and pure service, was limited only in
the scope that the universal structures needed to support this aspect of the
light fields would have a cycle of existence that was directly tied to the natural
cycle of the universal space "time".

Your time has come to release the bonds! Your universal experience is so full that you are once again in the energy of
your original seed of energy from the light field of creation. You can re-connect with this majestic gift while still within your physical

Spend time, each day focused upon the breath of

Then, allow yourself to deeply experience what
you call your aura.

And, as you do see the bonds that hold you to this
sole experience simply lift away.

Notice yourself floating.

Notice yourself experience the light fields of
creation again.

And then, honor your journey and your mastery by
bringing this ignited gift to the body you carry now.

Allow yourself to manifest with joy, honor with
service and be the Ancient energy as a shining light for all to ignite through.

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  1. Thank you all for this message. I have found that it is this same energy and process that allows me to connect to the energy of all things in nature, and really feel how connected I am to all that is. Namaste

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