Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension

Miracle Team Message - March 28, 2011 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Miracle Team Message – March 28, 2011

Powerful and timely!


Golden Spiral of Self Ascension

Beloved Team:

Imagine our delight and surprise when this weeks message came
from the ancient energy of RA! This message was delivered on the day of our
first MT ceremony and filled us with a heightened sense of the golden seed of
our hearts. After its delivery we simply sat with the message and allowed ourselves
the gif to this very precious re-connection.

You will find the audio of this message particularly powerful and
if you are able to gaze at the sun prior to allowing this message to fully integrate
it amplifies the energy. And, you can also simply close your eyes, visualize
yourself on a beautiful shore, feeling the gift of radiant sunshine, and then
allow this very precious message to guide you beyond this world to a much deeper
soul connection and recognition of soul family.

We are honored to share this message with you, as we are every
week, and may you know how much we love you!

Sri and Kira

This message is from the one you have called the Sun God, RA:

Beloved Ones that exist beyond all linear time!

With you now and ever present, there is a golden spiral of ignited energy that
is pulsing the wave of universal harmony to all who are receptive within the
energy field of your planet now. While this energy has been ever present,
it is arriving within your time constraints at the moment that will allow the
great access to begin.

This spiral energy pulses waves of connected light as it sends it’s joy-filled
spiral as a VISIBLE portal of ascension and resurrection for those with the
sight of the illuminated.

Upon your world, this vibration is felt in many ways and experienced by all.
Yes…literally by ALL!
And while it is experienced by all, each spins with the connection that cannot
be broken and yet, each experiences the spiral at the level for which they are
and have prepared. For once an energy has arrived on this planetary experience,
all are connected through the choice of the experience.

This energy has no beginning and has no end, and yet while confined to a physical
body in a world of great density, both A beginning and AN end appear to be valid
and present. This is the illusion that must be released, this sense of a beginning
and an end.

As we come to offer the the gateway again, as we have in ancient times of this
linear timeline and of vast others,

Visualize yourself as the light
energy you ARE

Breathe deeply and connect to the light emanation known to you in this form
as an Aura and FEEL this energy pulsing.

As you experience the pulse, you intensify your energy and begin your reconnected
journey of the golden spiral. At first this may leave some feeling literally
dizzy as the momentum of the spiral is seeking to become one with all of your
essence. The more you offer yourself the conscious connection to the spiral
momentum, the less it will leave you feeling dizzy.

And then, as you are ready and allow yourself the freedom to BE, you will discover
that you are effortlessly within the spiral, connected to the universal harmony,
and experience a renewed sense of stability.

This is the stability that will reveal the visible portals and grant you the
restored vision to navigate all the shifts upon your linear moment.

Have no fear, for ALL are returning to assist thee.

You are not alone.

You are not forgotten.

And, you are ready to travel limitlessly again.

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