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Miracle Team Message – June 13, 2011

From the Essenah Brethren

We are YOU as YOU are us.[podcast][/podcast]

This Miracle Team Message is from the Essenah Brethren:

Beloved Ones, close your eyes and feel us.
We are here and we are there.
We are the stars and we are the star shine of the universe.
We are the gift and we are the gift makers
We are the light and we are the illumination of all creation.

We are the healers and we are the healed.
We are the oneness and we are the one.
We are the presence and we are present.

We are the inhale and we are the exhale.
We are the peace as we are peaceful.
We are the joy as we are joyous.

We are YOU as YOU are us.
We are the miracle as we are miraculous.

Why do we share this with you today?
So that you may know who you are, and that you may act with this knowing to fulfill the divine destiny before thee.

Remember beloved one, you are not alone, for we are here, and we are there.

This week’s sentence stem for Miracle Journaling is:

I know that I am a miracle when…

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