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Miracle Team Message - July 18, 2011 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Miracle Team Message – July 18, 2011


Beloved Miracle Team!

Our hearts and eyes were filled with tears
of love and joy when this message came forward for you! We have known of the
Divine energy that is one with the Source of love and yet have not ever had
the gift of their presence in the form of a message. We feel that this energy
has presented itself as we prepare THIS WEEK to gather greater cosmic messages
and energies inside the crop circles.

Please re-read this message, if at all possible
late in the evening this Weds, 7/20. We will enter the crop circle at approx.
9am Thursday 7/21 which is 2am (mountain time, USA). Let your heart EXPAND 1000
fold, for we are venturing on this journey as a sacred agreement kept! You are
truly there and we will share all that we can with you!

We love you and honor your presence on this

Sri and Kira

A Simple Field of Grain

This beautiful Miracle Message is from
the Divine Unknown of the Waters
of Su’laria:

Enchanted beings of divine light and love let us speak to you from the place
of source.

We have known your love, your light, your joy, your sorrow, your pain, your
journey and your divine travels.

Flow of Source

Unraveling now beyond the limits of all space and time is the reconfigured
energy of the Unification. This Unification has been upon thee now for close
to a millennia, which is merely a speck of dust in the sand of all time.

Your choice to be present at this moment is a powerful one as many said no…and

Together all of the travelers of the light infused beings of divine energy
are coming to the moment of total remembrance.

This is a moment that will be met with great relief and love by many. And,
a moment that will be met with great denial and anger by some.

All will discover that this moment is the unstoppable energy that was encoded
in the great love that envelopes thee always.

You are not hidden, nor are you hiding.

You are fully prepared at a level that transcends the human mind that even
reads these words.

Sing the song of the divine that radiates from deep within your core heart
center and allow yourself to let go of the perception of difficulty.

Smile at the many who seek to entrap you in "right and wrong".

Allow your heart to fully reawaken without resistance to the perceptions that
seek to keep you limited in your energy.

You are limitless.

You are free.

And you are already home…

Now it is your time to simply relax and know that your journey is extraordinary
and it is just beginning… again!

Soar with the eagles of your world and let go of the need to judge.

Fly high with the energy of divine love and feel yourself lift back into the
miracle energy that manifests all that serves the highest.

You are a beacon of love and you are ready to experience the fullness of this

Wrap your arms around yourself and feel our love reconnect with you now.

This week’s sentence stem for Miracle Journaling is:

As I allow myself the gift of silently wrapping my arms around myself and feeling my Divine connection, what I notice is……….

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