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Miracle Team Message – April 11, 2011



This message is from the Ascended
Masters of Lake Atitlan:

Beloved children who sail on the stream of divine light and love, we sing to
thee the song of love.

As you embrace the rapidly expanding shifts that are upon your world experience
now, you will discover that the shifts will indeed embrace you. Like a lover who has found their long lost partner, the shifting energies seek to be embraced and loved. Yet, for many they are feared and repelled.

To embrace and love the energy of the shift is to sing the song of love. This
song propels your soul energy to the central core essence of all light and love
and draws the gift of renewed clarity from its connection.

To offer fear and repulsion, confines your soul energy to the central regions
of the physical form. It is unable to propel to the core essence of all light
and continually "refuels" itself from the energy of matter, thereby
becoming more and more aligned with the energy of matter.

Notice the energy that is streaming through your life experience now and simply
witness the location of your soul form. Is it trapped in matter or is it sailing
on the stream of divine light and love gathering renewed clarity.

Perhaps you may discover that you are simply dancing with both energies, and
through this discovery you will break free!

The shift is upon you, this cannot be stopped.

How you embrace it is the choice at hand.

May your divine light guide you and may your partner embrace you.

And so it is.

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